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From March 29 to April 4 comes the second edition of Easter Camp of BIWPA in the CAR of Sant Cugat. Only a few spots remain available for one of the best campus modernization International water polo, so if you have not signed up,  do it soon!

As with all our campus, participants will double daily training session and enjoy various master classes led by professionals. This year also our Easter Camp CAR has a special for goalies, led by Dani Lopez Pinedo, and a workshop for coaches basic technique for goalkeepers by Ferran Plana.

Also we will be lucky to inaugurate the campus with a presentation by Pedro Garcia Aguado ‘Toto’, world champion and gold medal in Atlanta ’96, who will speak about values ​​in sport entitled «Journey of Learning».

As always, the Water Polo Camp Easter has some of the most qualified technicians in our country, which transmit our training methodology for participants to improve their water polo level.


Xavi Balaguer: It takes an entire linked to swimming pools, mainly in the CN Sabadell where he coached the senior team of girls between 2003 and 2007, life was then in charge of the technical direction and the men’s team. His proven experience makes the technical direction of BIWPA campus is in good hands.

Yuri Colet: Formed as a coach in the ranks of CN Sant Andreu, where he became the second in command of André Avallone female absolute angle. For a year he led the team all female Agrupació Esportiva Santa Eulalia and now has started a project in Majorcan land in Soller Gymnàpolis Water Polo Club as technical director and entrenador. Named coach of child Balear team will participate in the mixed championship child Spain.


Dani Gomez: Current technical coordinator and coach categories of CN Ruby with extensive experience in this position. He also worked in the Catalan Swimming Federation as part of the technical staff as coach of the men’s group at the center of modernization Joaquin Blume.

Christian Fernández: Physiotherapist and Osteopath established reputation. His career has always been linked to sport and its relationship with the Spanish waterpolo is a good proof. Served on the staff of Spanish women’s water polo Olympic team silver medalist who proclaimed in past Olympic games in London in 2012. In addition to treating players Spanish water polo team has also helped in his recovery professional players like Juan Chela among others.


Dani Lopez Pinedo: Named best goalkeeper in the last edition of the Final Six, last year was proclaimed, with his team Atlétic Barceloneta European Champion and has won every title possible nationwide. It was part of the Spanish Olympic team at the 2012 London Olympics past in addition to defending the Spanish goal in multiple competitions, highlighting the silver in Rome 2009.

Ana Copado: One of our regular collaborators, was Olympic silver medalist in the last Olympic Games in London 2012 with the Spanish selection. He has represented Spain in various competitions of the highest international level. He began his career in the CN Ruby and after playing on different teams honor division, currently defending the goal of Terrassa Swimming Club.


Anni Espar: Our beloved ambassador needs no introduction. Anni is world champion and Olympic silver medalist Europe. and three-time European champion with his current club CN Sabadell. Also in 2012 was named best European player of the LEN, and was chosen for seven of honor at the London Olympics 2012.

Jaume Teixidó: Although he left the competition as waterpolo player CN Catalunya at age 19, has been refereeing games since 22. Today is one of the best Spanish referees. It is international referee since 2008/09, in this short period of time has arbitrated several final among which the World Female League in 2013 and Beijing last European Championship in Budapest refereed the match for the bronze medal women.

Bret Lathorpe: This American player has been part of the US team in junior and university selection. It was part of the water polo team at the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA), last season’s NCAA has served as Assistant coach for UC Davis, and currently plays in the Agrupació Esportiva Santa Eulalia.

By Emma Briones

Jan Vernet (23/08/2000), is a young water polo player from CN Poblenou that, like other young players worldwide, has participated in BIWPA programs. Jan is so passionate about water polo that talking to him is facing a water polo encyclopedia in a 14yo boy. But there’s more,  Jan combines water polo with his studies in the IEA Oriol Martorell, one of the few Spanish schools in which students divide their time between compulsory education and learning an artistic discipline – the music in his case- at the highest level.

I started playing polo when I was five. At first, it was football and waterpolo, but football bored me too much. I saw that in waterpolo there’s more gameplay, and that was what captivated me and took me to continue with all the enthusiasm in the world.

And you also did music.

I started music at the Music School of Sant Andreu, wanted to percussion, but no spaces. And finally I ended up playing the euphonium. Then in third grade I entered the CEPSA Oriol Martorell, but I was lucky. It is the only school in Catalonia that combines music and dance, and allows you to combine it well.

Decided to devote more time to the music.

It was unconsciously. I was little, and at that time, although we had very good coaches, we did not require much in water polo.


And if you had to decide now, music or water polo?

When I started and I began to know everyone water polo, it was like finding paradise. And then I discovered that there was a CAR, and my jaw dropped. Since then, my challenge is to get the highest quality and technique in all respects, to reach the elite water polo. Not only the division of honor, but also play the Champions League. Play a selection is my dream.

If you were offered a scholarship to be in the CAR, then you would not mind changing institute.

Not at all. Even if you were lucky you could even combine it with music. But if no luck, my goal is and will be the sport, especially water polo.

Then when you finish school, what’s next?

I’d do anything related to sports, journalism and psychology, I love sports psychology.


I think it’s very important because it helps to understand the sport. I had a problem because I did not like the instrument, and I paid obsessing over the waterpolo. Just then,  the Catalan team called me. But I pushed myself so much that I screwed up. That helped me learn even more water polo.


How did you managed it?

For starters, I changed my instrument. Now I play the trumpet, which I love because it is an instrument that feel all colors of music, it helped me relax. Also, I noticed Felipe Perrone, who is very calm and always plays with his head.

Would you like them to call you again?

I would love to. At that time I could not take the call, also had players who outweighed me. Now I would like to give me another chance to learn more, I have a more open mind and I could adapt better to the game.

You talked about Felipe Perrone, what other players call your attention?

I do not have favorites, but I try to learn from the best of each player. Right now I’ve noticed a lot in Miguel Gasulla (1996), a new player in the water polo’s elite. Also Svilen Piralkov, which was a beast of a player. I also fixed in Varga brothers, Pietro Figlioli … I could tell you a lot.

You are an encyclopedia of water polo.
I try to have the best knowledge of water polo, because I love. Whether at home or on the bus, when I have some free time after homework, my head is in the water polo.

That’s why you end up in BIWPA campus.

It’s pretty cool. From early in the morning, you see the videos and then apply it in the water … It’s a very important job that I love. The coaches are amazing (Joan Colomer, Xavi Balaguer, Yuri Colet …) have much experience and technique, and taught me a lot. In addition, BIWPA invites referees, players, sports psychologists … You learn everything because it is very complete.

Two training sessions a day …

If you like water polo, you have to sacrifice, and if you have the opportunity to participate in a campus so you have to maximize. If you sacrifice a lot, water polo will give you back.

Por Xabi Gómez

Del 2 al 11 de enero BIWPA ofrecerá un clínic de waterpolo para los chicos y chicas de todo el mundo. Los entrenamientos intensivos de tecnificación tendrán lugar en las instalaciones del CAR de Sant Cugat (Barcelona) bajo la dirección de nuestros técnicos BIWPA.



Xavi Balaguer. Lleva toda una vida ligada a las piscinas, principalmente en el CN Sabadell donde fue entrenador del equipo absoluto de chicas entre 2003 y 2007 y, posteriormente, se hizo cargo del conjunto masculino. Su acreditada experiencia hace que la dirección técnica del campus BIWPA esté en buenas manos.

Yuri Colet. Este joven catalán lleva el waterpolo en la sangre. Formado como entrenador en las categorías inferiores del CN Sant Andreu, donde llegó a ser el segundo de abordo de la escuadra absoluta femenina. Durante un año dirigió la estructura deportiva de la Agrupació Esportiva Santa Eulàlia y, actualmente, ha iniciado un proyecto en tierras mallorquinas en el Gymnàpolis Soller Water Polo Club.


Iñaki Zabalza. Tras su experiencia como jugador profesional donde militó en el Waterpolo Navarra de División de Honor, se hizo cargo del equipo absoluto femenino de la UPNA donde cosechó buenos resultados. Hace un año decidió comenzar una nueva etapa en Perú donde se ha encargado de proyectar un sólido plan para el polo acuático en la región andina.

Miguel Cidoncha. El jugador californiano se formó en la prestigiosa universidad de UCLA combinando estudios y deporte. Fue desde ahí donde decidió dar el salto a España donde militó en el CN Sant Andreu de la División de Honor. Siguió compaginando estudios y deportes tras obtener un master en Sociología en la Universidad de Barcelona.



Christian Fernández. Fisioterapeuta y osteópata de acreditada reputación. Su vida profesional siempre ha estado ligada al deporte y su relación con el waterpolo español es una buena prueba de ello. Además de tratar a los jugadores de la selección española de waterpolo, también ha ayudado en su recuperación a tenistas profesionales como Juan Chela entre otros.

Ferran Plana. Licenciado en Educación Física y especializado en la sección de natación, ha estado ligado a la Real Federación Española de Natación y a la Federación Catalana. Desde el 2014 dirige la estructura del Sant Feliu de la Primera División donde está cosechando grandes resultados.


Gonçal Zegri. Licenciado en psicología y árbitro de waterpolo. Su aportación será clave para comprender mejor los entresijos del juego desde la perspectiva arbitral.

Anni Espar. Una de las jugadores más laureadas de los últimos tiempos en España. Es parte de la generación que tantos éxitos están brindando al waterpolo nacional. A pesar de juventud, se ha consagrado como una de las jugadores más determinantes, gracias a lo cual, obtuvo una beca deportiva a Estados Unidos en 2012 donde jugó con el USC Trojans proclamándose campeona de la NCAA. Plata en Londres 2012 y oro en el Mundial de Barcelona 2013 y oro en el Europeo de Budapest 2014. Todo un lujo contar con ella en nuestro campus de BIWPA.