Barcelona Waterpolo Life

Barcelona Waterpolo Life is a lifestyle, a combination of passion for water polo and the city of Barcelona, the home of some of the greatest water polo teams and, of course, some of the world´s most decorated facilities for sports trainings. With the help of our BIWPA team, we plan to make this the best water polo experience of your life.

Llega el primer biwpa beach polo a la costa brava

BIWPA Beach Polo in Costa Brava: Sun, fun, and tons of water polo

BIWPA will organize for the next September the first edition of the Beach Polo Palamos tournament in Costa Brava. It is well known that a water polo tournament on the ...
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no te pierdas nuestros campus de waterpolo

Our camps: Excellence with multiculturism as a flag (II)

Ferran Plana, graduate of Physical Education from INEF BCN, technician at the Catalan Swimming Federation of 8 years, head of the men's group at the training center and professor of ...
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campus multiculturalidad de waterpolo en barceloba

Our camps: Excellence with multiculturism as a flag

The water polo campuses at BIWPA are special. Gathering players from all over the world that share the same passion is one of the best experiences you can ...
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coaches academy biwpa

The experts time: Coaches academy training and practice

The water polo has grown-up a lot sportingly like it never did. The professionalism have decreased, but there is a lot children that play water polo. In this way, the professionals ...
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