Barcelona Waterpolo Life

Barcelona Waterpolo Life is a lifestyle, a combination of passion for water polo and the city of Barcelona, the home of some of the greatest water polo teams and, of course, some of the world´s most decorated facilities for sports trainings. With the help of our BIWPA team, we plan to make this the best water polo experience of your life.

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The experts time: Coaches academy training and practice

The water polo has grown-up a lot sportingly like it never did. The professionalism have decreased, but there is a lot children that play water polo. In this way, the professionals ...
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Kevin estará en la Kap7 representando Biwpa

BIWPA at the KAP7 International Tournament

On February 11th and 12th, the eighth edition of the prestigious Kap7 International Water Polo Tournament will take place in Irvine, California. This is a landmark event in American water ...
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de california a barcelona

From California to Barcelona: Ally & Sean tell us about their experience in Biwpa

Allyson Hansen (23 years old, from San Francisco) and Sean Grab (also 23 years old, from South Pasadena) arrived to Barcelona at the beginning of September and they are currently playing water ...
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Zack LaGrange: “BIWPA has made my experience everything that it is”

Zack LaGrange (19 years old, San Diego) arrived in Barcelona on September 7th and he is currently playing water polo at CN Rubí.

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