From the 6th to the 9th of September 2018

  • 6th – from 08:30h a 20:00h, matches
  • 7th – from 08:30h a 20:00h, matches
  • 8th – from 08:30h a 20:00h, matches
  • 9th – from 08:30h a 14:30h, matches

After the last game, the closing and award ceremony will be held


  • The tournament will be at international level and will be open to water polo men and woman teams from all over the world, from 18U (those who were born in 2000 onward).
  • The registration in the tournament will be held by enrollment. Each team must register a minimum of 13 players, in addition to 3 staff (coaches/representatives).
  • The minimum number of matches played by each team in the torunament will be 6.
  • The playing field is 25×20 meters.


The tournament will take place in the Olympic facilities BCN92 Water Polo & Diving: Montjuïc Municipal Pool.


The period of registration begins onNovember 1st, and will be closed at the moment that all 12 men teams and 8 women teams have been registered. Therefore, rigorous order of booking will be followed.

The registration process will be done through our registration form. It’s essential to include a passport photo of each participant/trainer/delegate in order to perform personalized accreditations.

It’s also essential to include an Excel file with 3 columns. In the first column, the name of the club, in the second, the first and last name of the player/coach/delegate, and in the third one, the name of the passport size photo file, EXACTLY THE SAME as the photo file.

The participation and involvement fee is 300€ per team and must be paid at the moment of enrollment.

  • Payments should be transferred to the following account:

BanK: Banc Sabadell IBAN: ES38 00810208960001500656 SWIFT: BSABESBB

Non-payment of all the registration fees before May 30th will lead to the automatic exclusion from the tournament.


The accomodation for all teams will be full board & choosing between these options:

  • 4 nights
  • Full week, 6 nights: includes team training camp with Catalan teams, pre-tournament + participation in the tournament
Hotel ****

Hotel ****

  • 4 nights – 440€/ person (double room or triple room)
  • Breakfast at the same hotel.
  • Lunch: at the Montjuïc Municipal Pool
  • Dinner: at the restaurant beside the hotel

Pere Tarrés Foundation

Pere Tarrés Foundation

  • 4 nights – 340€/ person (room for 6-8 people)
  • 4 nights – 400€/person (double room "only coaches")
  • Full week - 510€/person
  • Breakfast & dinner: at the Foundation
  • Lunch: at the Montjuïc Municipal Pool


  • TEAM TRAINING CAMP: the days before the tournament we offer the possibility of training against Catalan teams.The cost per day (2 sessions) would be 120€ per team. If you want only one single daily workout, the price would be 75€
  • The organization will provide a free bus service to those teams who would be staying at the Pere Tarres Foundation or at the Hotel,in order to facilitate the displacements between pools and accommodations during tournament days.
  • The transfer service from the airport-hotel & hotel-airport will cost 120€ per journey (one way).
  • All tournament players will recieve a welcome pack.

You can download the dossier: BCN Internacional Turbo Cup (PDF)

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Allergies or nutritional needs: If any of the players or team members have any food allergy or special nutrition needs, please contact the organization at: