Llega el primer biwpa beach polo a la costa brava

BIWPA will organize for the next September the first edition of the Beach Polo Palamos tournament in Costa Brava.

It is well known that a water polo tournament on the seaside is not a new activity. Our sport has born and evolved by the sea for many years. But in the last decade there is a new way to understand Beach Polo.

It has now become a mixture of fun, competition and good ambiance. It’s another way of understanding vacation and tourism from purely a water polo perspective. Only the fans of this sport can understand the atmosphere that surrounds these events.

Aware of this opportunity, BIWPA has worked hard over these past years to start this project. This year, we finally got it. With the support of Palamos municipality, on the Catalan Costa Brava, waterpolo lovers will finally have the first taste of what in the next few years will be one of the most important tournaments on the shores of the Mediterranean.

The tournament will be open to males and females. In fact, there are already 7 teams enrolled; two of them coming from the United States and another pair from Holland. So with 5 months until the start of the tournament, everything is going as planned.

The rules are simple beyond arbitrary issues. Each team must participate with a minimum of ten players on a field of 15 x 11.5 meters and they will play at least five matches without counting qualifying shocks.

All with the guarantee of quality of BIWPA, good weather in Costa Brava, and the calm that the Mediterranean water offers, suitable for this type of tournament for its lack of waves.

You can find all of the information available on our website.