Sergej Charin organizado por el KVP Novaky

BIWPA’s team, composed of players from the Academy and other clubs from Spain, won the Sergej Charin of KVP Novaky Memorial Tournament held in Slovakia last week.


Once again, a squad led by Quim Colet returns to climb to the top of the podium. After the tournament held in Greece last October, where BIWPA had a great performance, it was the second time that BIWPA attended an international tournament. On this occasion, Quim Colet and David Alled – trainer of Molins de Rei – the team was composed mainly of members from Catalan teams, some of which are part of the Academy, along with two Andalusian players, one Basque and the other Mallorcan.


After a perfect performance in the group phase, they arose as the team to beat in the tournament. They dominated in the quarter-finals and did the same in the semifinals against the historic FTC Ferencvaros Vizilabda and found themselves in the final against another legendary Slovak water polo team, KVP Novaky. The last step to attain the medal of champions was the most difficult. Before the public, Quim Colet’s players managed to take a tight 10-11 lead against the locals and amidst the applause of the audience, met their objective.


The truth is, medals aside, the fact that BIWPA can successfully lead players coming from all corners of Spain is very positive. Many players cannot access an international experience this rewarding with their respective clubs. This opportunity is unique.


Quim Colet has much to do with this initiative. Since he assumed the position of technical director of Barcelona International Water Polo Academy, the increase of interest in the international world of water polo was more than evident. It is not surprising that thanks to his deep knowledge of water polo and its detailed history, clubs, federations and even FINA has been in contact with him for advisement.