campus multiculturalidad de waterpolo en barceloba

The water polo campuses at BIWPA are special. Gathering players from all over the world that share the same passion is one of the best experiences you can have in your life.

It is curious, but for all of us at BIWPA, over time we observe how the friendships that have started out in the water of our water polo campuses continue to strengthen with the passage of time. Living together, encouraging one another in training, sharing the same interests, practicing English … through all of this, participants benefit from very positive results from our campuses that then have an immediate impact on their return home. Not only when it comes to sports, but also their social and personal lives. Beyond the human aspects, at BIWPA we emphasize the sports excellence that involves participating in our water polo campuses.

With a technical team with experience this perfect combination offers all the interests that the player in question must dominate and improve to achieve their goals. We use all the human and technological resources that we have and put them at the service of the participants. In this way, they can identify the postural or technical mistakes that they are making and correct them immediately.

To conclude, according to others who know our project and whose sports’ careers speak for themselves, they will not only corroborate what we have already said, but also add to what BIWPA campus can offer and how the participants will have a unique experience with immediate benefits.

The experts’ opinions

Toni Esteller, Technical Director & Head Coach CN Barcelona (Barcelona) 

“The waterpolo campus offers a lot of possibilities for development and waterpolo education for the players. On the one hand, it is a kind of a master class condensed to a few days and it will improve the technical and tactic knowledge of the waterpolo player, and also work on specific game positions with specialist trainers. On the other hand, the campus is the ideal place to combine waterpolo with a variety of parallel activities like academic or leisure activities or other physical activities. Also, you can break your routine with leisure and discover other waterpolo realities.

Obviously is an opportunity to meet new people and extend your circle of friends, and you can even repeat the experience in the future and recommend it to other players.”

André Avallone, Technical Director & Head Coach SESI (Brasil)

“The Summer Camps place a lot of importance on the waterpolo player. You have the opportunity to have the experience of learning from others coaches, being able to play with others players and understanding and valuing all of the work.”