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BIWPA Tournaments 2020

There will be new editions of Beach Polo, Turbo Cup and Masters Cup next year

BIWPA will organize three major tournaments in 2020. Beach Water Polo Costa Brava (fourth edition), Barcelona International Turbo Cup (5th edition) and a completely renewed Barcelona Masters Cup (third edition), with new dates and location.

The three events will be held between the last week of August and the first two weeks of September, in all cases dates close to the beginning of the preseason for water polo teams in Spain.

Beach Polo | Sun, water polo and party


The first will be the Beach Water Polo Costa Brava. The reference beach water polo tournament will take place for the fourth consecutive year in Palamós (Girona), in the famous Catalan Costa Brava, from August 28th to 30th, for men, women and coed teams over 16. 

This fourth edition comes with several new features. BIWPA has incorporated a registration option without accommodation, for those teams that have residence near by. In addition, the two hotel options have dropped in price, with the aim of achieving a more massive event and welcoming more than the 20 teams that came last August.

The All-Star game will take place on Saturday, while the two dinners with party will also happen on the first two nights (Friday and Saturday).

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Turbo Cup | A high-level preseason tournament

The week after Beach Polo will be the Turbo Cup’s turn, which will celebrate its fifth anniversary. Since it was born, it was presented as an ideal tournament for the preseason, aimed at 18U men’s teams and senior women’s teams. The truth is that the event has maintained its essence all these years: presence of international and national teams, the participation of some high-level teams and the guarantee of a minimum of 7-8 matches (real time) for all teams.

The Turbo Cup will take place once again in the Montjuic Municipal pool, undoubtedly one of the event’s main attractions. The Olympic facility will host the competition from September 3rd to 6th.

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Masters Cup | The best masters water polo is back

After the great success of the first edition of the Barcelona Masters Cup last June at CN Barcelona, ​​with 21 teams from 9 countries, the event has new dates and venue. The new location will be the Montjuic Municipal pool, which will host the tournament from September 11th to 13th with three different age groups: +30, +40 and +50 men, women or coed. 

For this second edition, the organization will set up two playing fields in the 33-meter pool, while there will be a village area with music, chill-out zone and bar service around the diving pool.

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The Platja Gran in Palamós hosts, from August 30 to September 1, a new edition of the international beach water polo tournament.

An All-Star game will take place on Saturday evening with the best player of each team and the Spanish international Felipe Perrone.

About twenty teams from seven different countries will participate in the event: Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Iran and Italy.

Unveiling 3rd Beach Water Polo Costa Brava

Family picture at the presentation of the 3rd Beach Water Polo Costa Brava

Palamós is ready for a new edition of the Beach Water Polo Costa Brava, the beach water polo tournament organized by the Barcelona International Water Polo Academy (BIWPA) with the support of the City Council of Palamós.

The event will take place from August 30 to September 1 on the Catalan Costa Brava and will host a total of 20 teams from 7 European countries. The ‘Beach Polo’ will welcome several combined Catalan teams such as the Club Natació Barcelona, ​​the Club Natació Catalunya or the UE Horta, teams from the rest of Spain as CD Fortuna or Urbat IKE from the Basque Country and a total of 11 foreign teams, with the significant presence of 5 french teams.

The event has already become a classic to close the summer season in Palamós.

Felipe Perrone, a very special guest

As every year, on the second day of competition, on Saturday 31 at 19h, will take place the All-Star game, featuring one player from each team and Felipe Perrone, one of the best players on the planet and silver medalist in the last World Championships.

This year the event is held just after the beach water polo has been become an official discipline in the Gwangju Swimming World Championships this past summer.

A more dynamic water polo

The beach water polo is a variant of the water polo that offers a more dynamic spectacle in a smaller field and fewer players (5 instead of 7). It is an ideal format to promote the sport in smaller fields of play and focusing on fun with pre- and after-match entertainment.

As it happened in the previous edition, there will be two inflatable fields of play, the competition area right in front and a village area with music and bar service for the general public. All teams will enjoy dinner and party right after the competition finishes both on Friday and Saturday.

3rd Beach Water Polo Costa Brava

Passion for Beach Polo takes over the beach of Palamós


The tournament, organized by Barcelona International Water Polo Academy in cooperation with the local government, took place in Palamós (playa Grande) during the first three days of September. 16 teams from 5 different countries (Spain, United States, Holland, France and Russia) took part in a very international first edition of the Beach Polo.

The field was made of inflatables and measured 15×20 meters. It was located very close to the seashore, making water polo more dynamic and visual. The innovative modality of water polo brought to the beach a lot of people. A great number of passers-by stopped to ask about Beach Polo, and some of them stayed to watch the games. Local media outlets such as TV Costa Brava, as well as TV3, came to Palamós to cover the event.

The city government is very happy with the organization. According to the councilor of Tourism and Economic Promotion of the city government, Emili Colls, they intend to host more editions in the next years. BIWPA is also very satisfied with the tournament and intends to bring more water polo-beach to Palamós.

People cheering up during the All-Star game / Rogier van Veen

The All-Star game, which took place on Saturday evening, gathered a great crowd at the beach. Water polo stars such as Felipe Perrone or Daniel López Pinedo, as well as the three World runners-up in Budapest, Anni Espar, Clara Espar, and Bea Ortiz, took part in the friendly game. Members of all the teams and other people that were in Palamós at that moment took a seat and witnessed the exciting game. Some important figures from the Catalan and Spanish Swimming Federations also watched the game. 

In terms of the competition, Club Natació Catalunya ended first place after beating The Seamen in the final (8-11). Los Macros finished in the 3rd place after defeating ACH Los Facilones (18-20). Sergi Clols (CNC) was named MVP, while Cameron Ravanbach (The Seamen) finished the tournament as the best goalkeeper.

Beach Polo Stars

López Pinedo y Felipe Perrone, enemigos por un día / Rogier van Veen


Powerade, Coca Cola and Estrella Damm, among others, are some of the collaborators


Less than one month before the first edition of the Beach Polo Costa Brava kicks off in Palamós, there is already a large presence of brands and institutions that will collaborate during the three days of competition.

The local government of Palamós, as part of the promotion of sporting events, has become a great ally for Barcelona International Water Polo Academy (BIWPA) in the organization and preparation of the tournament. With the focus on the revitalization of Palamós with aquatic sports, the local government has showed a great interest in the Beach Polo, making all the communications fluid and effective between both parts.

As for the beverages, The Coca Cola Company will collaborate with several of its brands, being Powerade the main product, since it is a sporting event. Apart from the Powerade hydration drink, the brand will also be present with several marquees and other merchandising materials such as banners, bar tops or refrigerators. In addition, there will also be other products of the company such as Coca Cola or Fanta.

The other biggest partner in the Beach Polo is the Catalan company Damm, which will contribute with two types of products. On the one hand, its flagship drink, Estrella Damm beer. On the other hand, water, which will be provided through its brand Veri. The company based in Barcelona will also collaborate with some merchandising and furniture for the competition area and the bar.

Another remarkable Catalan brand, Freixenet, will play an important role in the Beach Polo with two different kinds of products. Cava Mini Black for the bar and Cava Freixenet Ice for the awards ceremony on Sunday 3.

Quely, regular on the BIWPA camps, will also be present in the Beach Polo with breadsticks. Another company that will take care of the snacks is the famous Frit Ravich, which will collaborate with chips. In addition, La Fleca de l’Empordà, one of the best bakeries in Costa Brava, will provide different kinds of products for breakfast. Athletes, staff and volunteers will get croissants, brioches and ‘ensaimadas’, among others, early in the morning.

Since the tournament will be played in the sea, there’s a high chance that the athletes have problems with the salty water on their eyes. Thus, Boiron will supply Euphralia eye drops, just like it did during the BIWPA camps.

The world leading brand for water polo, Turbo, will have a stand with BIWPA apparel such as swimwear, the official T-shirt of the event and other items that will be available for purchase.

One month prior to the start, the Beach Polo has almost 20 teams registered and a remarkable international presence

The first edition of the beach-water polo tournament Beach Polo Costa Brava was presented last Friday (July 28th) in Palamós beach “Platja Gran”. Members of the city council and local media outlets attended the event in which Cristina Marín, General Manager of BIWPA, and Joel Esteller, coordinator of the tournament, presented the Beach Polo and talked about the details of it. The mayor of Palamós, Lluís Puig, stressed the importance of hosting an event of such characteristics for the development and the economy of the city.

One month ahead of the kick off, almost twenty teams have already signed up. Roughly half of them are coming from different countries, such as the United States, the Netherlands, Italy, France and Russia. There are also teams from other regions in Spain like the Basque Country and Galicia. Finally, some of the squads are formed by a mix of different players currently playing in Catalonia or Spain and even a team mixed with Spanish and American players.There will be a squad formed by players of Club Natació Barcelona, Spanish top division team.

Beach Polo Team

BIWPA and Palamós, joining hands for the Beach Polo

The venue will have two different areas. The first area will be located right in front of the sea and the water polo arena. From this area, the referees and BIWPA coordinators will take care of everything related to the competition and the games. Next to it, there will be another marquee with different kinds of drinks for the participants.

The second area will be situated in the back, where BIWPA will place different marquees for the cafeteria and another zone with merchandising, with the presence of brands that support the event such as Turbo, Powerade, Coca Cola, Estrella Damm, Boirón, Freixenet or Frit Ravich. In the middle of the two main areas, there will be a chill-out zone with tables, chairs, sun umbrellas and music for the athletes to rest or hang out.

The tournament will last 3 days, from September 1 (Friday) to September 3 (Sunday). On Saturday, different top water polo players will come as guests. Felipe Perrone, one of the best water polo players of the moment, will come over in Palamós. Besides, the three world runners-up in Budapest, Anni Espar, Clara Espar, and Bea Ortiz, will also visit us.

The schedule will be released in the next weeks, when the inscriptions close.

Teams registered so far:
  • UC Davis: two women’s teams (U.S.)
  • Lyon Rhone Water Polo (France)
  • Paris Aquatic (France)
  • Verona (Italy)
  • Moscu State University (Russia)
  • ZPC Wiekslag: men’s and women’s team (The Netherlands)
  • Z&PC Watervlo (The Netherlands)
  • Catalan team
  • Catalan team
  • Club Natació Barcelona (Catalonia)
  • AESE (Catalonia)
  • Eibarko Urbat I.K.E.: men’s and women’s team (Spain)
  • Real Club Náutico de Vigo (Spain)
  • C.D. Fortuna K.E. (Spain)
  • Mixed Spanish and American team