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Team Training Camps

Up to 18 teams (in 16 different training camps) chose BIWPA and Barcelona to carry out customized water polo camps in 2017, also known as ‘team training camps‘. But the number of teams is not the only thing that stands out. More than ten countries had a presence in last year’s team camps.

This eagerness to go abroad and attract teams from all over the world to Barcelona –one of the epicenters of global water polo–, is one of the aspects that BIWPA strives for day by day. And the number of team training camps organized in 2017 perfectly reflects this international focus to which the International Academy is committed.

The United States, with four teams, has been the country with the most significant presence, followed by Holland with two and Belgium, also with two. The rest of the teams have been from a different country each, with the important presence of countries as varied as the Philippines, New Zealand or Canada.

Although this is a program specifically designed for tailor-made training, it goes beyond what is strictly water polo. BIWPA offers well-rounded experience that combines personalized training, scrimmages with local teams, as well as the possibility to enjoy tourism and gastronomy in an unbeatable setting like Barcelona.

Right below, there’s a recap of the team training camps of 2017. BIWPA closed 2017 with a total of 16 team training camps, 18 teams and 11 different countries.

The ‘team training camps’ of 2017, in images


INDESCAT selected BIWPA as a finalist in the internationalization category

Barcelona International Water Polo Academy has been doing a great job toward the international impact of the company. This great job was finally recognized in the 5th edition of the Business and Sports Awards. INDESCAT, the Catalan cluster of the sports industry, awarded prizes in four different categories: entrepreneurship, partnership, innovation and internationalization.

The awards were delivered at the Barcelona School of Business of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), with roughly 180 people from the sports, business and institutional sectors. It is the first time that BIWPA has a presence at the event organized by INDESCAT, which is a clear sign of the expansion and growth that the company has experienced throughout its almost four years of existence. The clear vocation of BIWPA to reach an international audience has been reflected in the large number of nationalities and foreign clubs that have taken part in its activities.

A clear example of BIWPA’s international presence is the Academy, which year after year has been increasing both the number of athletes and the diversity of their nationalities. The United States is the country that provides more participants, though there are also water polo players coming from other countries such as Brazil, New Zealand or Scotland. At the same time, the Academy team has been participating in the Chatzitheodorou international tournament in Vouliagmeni (Greece) for two years and will move to the USA in February to play the Kap7 Tournament.

It is precisely in the North America where BIWPA has a great influence. American colleges and high schools such as UC Davis, CC United, Los Altos or Foothill have come to Barcelona to participate in team training camps. In addition, BIWPA has organized clinics in California and has been present in the Junior Olympics, the largest age group water polo tournament in the USA.

Camps and tournaments, also with an international vocation

Camps are also one of the projects with foreign participation. Whether it’s winter, Easter or summer, BIWPA organizes camps in the best facilities of Barcelona such as the high performance center CAR de Sant Cugat or Club Natació Barcelona. More than 70% of the participating boys and girls on camps come from other countries.

Also in the tournaments BIWPA attracts foreign teams. Teams from countries such as Italy, Hungary, France, Russia, the United States, England, Holland and, of course, the rest of Spain have participated in both the Barcelona International Turbo Cup and Beach Water Polo in Palamós.


This is the video with which BIWPA was presented to the INDESCAT awards:

HaBaWaBa Spain 2018

The participants of HaBaWaBa Spain will have the chance to attend the European Championships for free


Can you imagine taking part in the flagship water polo tournament for children aged 6 to 12 in the context of the European Water Polo Championships? Coincidences exist and Barcelona is the city where they will become a reality. HaBaWaBa Spain 2018 arrives with force in its first edition in Barcelona, ​​which will extend from July 17th through July 22nd.

After 10 successful editions in Italy and several more in Greece and North America, it is now the turn for Spain. The tournament 10U and 12U will coincide with the celebration of the first phase of the 33rd European LEN European Water Polo Championships, unifying the two events in two of the most iconic pools in Barcelona, ​​located at the magical mountain of Montjuïc .

The Municipal Olympic pool will host HaBaWaBa Spain, while the stars of the European national teams will play in the Bernat Picornell pool. The two locations are just 10 minutes away and connected by the same goal: stirring up passions among water polo fans of all kinds, regardless of their age, level or origin.

The venue for the 12U children’s tournament, inaugurated for the Barcelona 92 ​​Olympic Games, has impressive stands, two pools that can hold up to 5 games at once and unique views of the city’s skyline. In addition, the young participants, upon registration, will have access to the European Championships.

The competition will last 4 days during which 420 games will be played. For this first edition in Barcelona, ​​the prospective aspirations are high: 64 teams, countries from all over the world, 832 children and more than 1,000 attendees are expected. On the other hand, 8 men’s national teams and 6 women’s national teams are already qualified for the European Championships. The rest of the teams, until reaching 16 and 12 respectively, will be decided in the Pre-Europeans that will begin in February 2018.

HaBaWaBa Spain 2018

HaBaWaBa Barcelona 2018

The well-known water polo festival for kids HaBaWaBa will be hosted in Barcelona in July 2018, at the Olympic Montjuïc Municipal Pool

A couple of months ago, Waterpolo Development, the association that owns the HaBaWaBa brand, and the Spanish Swimming Federation (RFEN), came to a collaboration agreement to bring the HaBaWaBa festival to Spain. Both parties formed this partnership with a clear objective: the promotion of water polo in Spain at the earliest ages. In addition, the RFEN wants to turn Barcelona into the epicenter of European water polo during the 2018 summer.

The 33rd LEN European Championships will take place at the Picornell Olympic Pool and HaBaWaBa, the most well-known water polo festival for 10U and 12U kids, will be located very close at the same Montjuïc Mountain. The two events will happen simultaneously, which will increase the number of people present in both pools.

In order to make this project come true, the RFEN and Waterpolo Development have trusted in Barcelona International Water Polo Academy (BIWPA) for the planning and organization of it. HaBaWaBa is one of the water polo tournaments for kids with more visibility and scalability in the world.

BIWPA was founded in 2014 as a project of excellence and quality to form young water polo players at all athletic, human and intellectual levels. Nowadays, it is much more than that. BIWPA has also organized training camps for teams all over the world, camps for kids and tournaments. The company is already working closely with the Organizing Comittee of the European Championships to make HaBaWaBa Barcelona 2018 a great success and a potential precedent for future editions of the festival across Spain.

After having been organized a multiple times in Greece and Montreal, the festival born in Italy arrives to Barcelona with a unique edition that has big expectations. In fact, there are plenty of reasons that lead us to think that it will be a complete success.

Both swimming pools are conveniently located at the Montjuic mountain, which will facilitate the attendance to both events. In addition, Barcelona is one of the cities that attracts more tourists in the world. Finally, the brand HaBaWaBa is one of the most powerful and consolidated in the water polo world, and it is growing more and more every year: 132 teams took part in the last edition of the festival in Italy.


HaBaWaBa Barcelona 2018

Left to right: Felipe Perrone, Bea Ortiz, Cristina Marín (BIWPA), Àngel Moliner (WP2018BCN), Clara Espar, Anni Espar, Enric Bertrán (president Catalan Swimming Federation), and Daniel López Pinedo, supporting HaBaWaBa Barcelona from Beach Polo Palamos.

18 teams, 4 countries and 4 days of non-stop water polo in an Olympic facility with a view of Barcelona

The iconic Montjuïc municipal swimming pool hosted for second year the 2nd edition of the Barcelona International Turbo Cup, a great setting where youths can show all their potential in water polo. Local teams, as well as other European teams coming from England, Italy, and Hungary participated in a tournament that comes in very handy to get ready for the start of the season. Besides, three teams with players from different parts of the world took part in the Turbo Cup as BIWPA teams. One of the main attractions of this year’s edition was the women’s category, with 6 teams.

Ferencvaros TC repeated as winners for second time. In the final, they faced Club Natació Barcelona, a squad diminished by the dropouts of players with commitments with the national team. CNB was able to defeat Ferencvaros TC before the final by 4-8, in a match marked by the harshness of the Hungarian team.


CN Sant Feliu and Exeter WP, 1st and 2nd place / PFotoàlbums

In the final, the final outcome was different and CNB paid for the lack of substitutes. The Catalan team played the whole tournament with 1 and 2 changes. In the final, it had to play more than one quarter with only one change. The Catalans ended up succumbing to the Hungarians, who clinched the final by 9-8. BIWPA Yellow team formed by members of several campus organized by BIWPA, beat NC Monza by 7-8, with a last-minute goal, and finished in 3rd place.

In the female category, Exeter Water Polo played an immaculate tournament, without conceding a single point on the way to the final. However, CN Sant Feliu managed to beat the English team in the penalty shootout, after a thrilling game and an endless series of penalties. In the end, 10 (15) – 10 (16) for Sant Feliu. In the bronze match, CN Catalunya defeated Dunaujvaros FVE (9-11), after having previously lost against the Hungarians (10-7). Dunaujvaros ended in a very meritorious 4th place, taking into account that they had some players of 10 years old.

Two players from CNB, regardless of losing the final, were awarded MVP and best goalkeeper of the tournament: the leftie Guillem Frigola and Unai Aguirre. As for the women’s category, Exeter’s goalkeeper Sophie Jackson was named best goalie, while Nadia Fernández, CN Sant Feliu player, was awarded the MVP trophy.

The countdown to the 3rd Turbo Cup has already started. Stay tuned!

Link to pictures:



Passion for Beach Polo takes over the beach of Palamós


The tournament, organized by Barcelona International Water Polo Academy in cooperation with the local government, took place in Palamós (playa Grande) during the first three days of September. 16 teams from 5 different countries (Spain, United States, Holland, France and Russia) took part in a very international first edition of the Beach Polo.

The field was made of inflatables and measured 15×20 meters. It was located very close to the seashore, making water polo more dynamic and visual. The innovative modality of water polo brought to the beach a lot of people. A great number of passers-by stopped to ask about Beach Polo, and some of them stayed to watch the games. Local media outlets such as TV Costa Brava, as well as TV3, came to Palamós to cover the event.

The city government is very happy with the organization. According to the councilor of Tourism and Economic Promotion of the city government, Emili Colls, they intend to host more editions in the next years. BIWPA is also very satisfied with the tournament and intends to bring more water polo-beach to Palamós.

People cheering up during the All-Star game / Rogier van Veen

The All-Star game, which took place on Saturday evening, gathered a great crowd at the beach. Water polo stars such as Felipe Perrone or Daniel López Pinedo, as well as the three World runners-up in Budapest, Anni Espar, Clara Espar, and Bea Ortiz, took part in the friendly game. Members of all the teams and other people that were in Palamós at that moment took a seat and witnessed the exciting game. Some important figures from the Catalan and Spanish Swimming Federations also watched the game. 

In terms of the competition, Club Natació Catalunya ended first place after beating The Seamen in the final (8-11). Los Macros finished in the 3rd place after defeating ACH Los Facilones (18-20). Sergi Clols (CNC) was named MVP, while Cameron Ravanbach (The Seamen) finished the tournament as the best goalkeeper.

Beach Polo Stars

López Pinedo y Felipe Perrone, enemigos por un día / Rogier van Veen


Powerade, Coca Cola and Estrella Damm, among others, are some of the collaborators


Less than one month before the first edition of the Beach Polo Costa Brava kicks off in Palamós, there is already a large presence of brands and institutions that will collaborate during the three days of competition.

The local government of Palamós, as part of the promotion of sporting events, has become a great ally for Barcelona International Water Polo Academy (BIWPA) in the organization and preparation of the tournament. With the focus on the revitalization of Palamós with aquatic sports, the local government has showed a great interest in the Beach Polo, making all the communications fluid and effective between both parts.

As for the beverages, The Coca Cola Company will collaborate with several of its brands, being Powerade the main product, since it is a sporting event. Apart from the Powerade hydration drink, the brand will also be present with several marquees and other merchandising materials such as banners, bar tops or refrigerators. In addition, there will also be other products of the company such as Coca Cola or Fanta.

The other biggest partner in the Beach Polo is the Catalan company Damm, which will contribute with two types of products. On the one hand, its flagship drink, Estrella Damm beer. On the other hand, water, which will be provided through its brand Veri. The company based in Barcelona will also collaborate with some merchandising and furniture for the competition area and the bar.

Another remarkable Catalan brand, Freixenet, will play an important role in the Beach Polo with two different kinds of products. Cava Mini Black for the bar and Cava Freixenet Ice for the awards ceremony on Sunday 3.

Quely, regular on the BIWPA camps, will also be present in the Beach Polo with breadsticks. Another company that will take care of the snacks is the famous Frit Ravich, which will collaborate with chips. In addition, La Fleca de l’Empordà, one of the best bakeries in Costa Brava, will provide different kinds of products for breakfast. Athletes, staff and volunteers will get croissants, brioches and ‘ensaimadas’, among others, early in the morning.

Since the tournament will be played in the sea, there’s a high chance that the athletes have problems with the salty water on their eyes. Thus, Boiron will supply Euphralia eye drops, just like it did during the BIWPA camps.

The world leading brand for water polo, Turbo, will have a stand with BIWPA apparel such as swimwear, the official T-shirt of the event and other items that will be available for purchase.

The United States, Spain, Holland, Russia, Italy, and France. These are the nationalities that are currently represented in the first edition of the Beach Polo tournament that will take place in Palamós, located in the Catalan coast. An unbeatable place for a tournament that has everything to be a complete success.

BIWPA is in charge of the organization, along with the local government of Palamós and the iconic Trias Hotel. Beach Polo will last from September 1st until the 3rd and there are still places available for last-minute teams. In addition, BIWPA has already signed several partnerships with plenty of high-profile brands such as Coca Cola, Estrella Damm, Turbo, Vodafone or Freixenet, which will provide products throughout the 3 days.

Teams from all over the globe will be participating in the tournament. UC Davis (U.S.), ZPC Wiekslag (Holland), Verona (Italy), Moscow State University (Russia) and Lyon Rhône Water Polo (France) are the international teams that have signed up so far. From Spain, there are teams from Eibar, Barcelona, Vigo and the Basque Country.

Besides, there will also be a team formed by a mix of Spanish and American players that embodies the essence of this tournament: Players from around the world sharing the passion for the sport that we all love.

Untitled design

Before, he will rejoin BIWPA with the Camps and other projects in the U.S.

BIWPA co-founder Yuri Colet landed in Barcelona on Thursday 8 to be presented as the new coach of the Poble Nou senior team. He will also take charge of the 12 to 13-year old category. After 3 years in Soller (Mallorca), where he has been managing the technical management of the water polo section, Yuri Colet couldn’t turn down the opportunity to come back to his home city. Apart from joining the Poble Nou family, Colet will also return to the BIWPAcademy as head coach.

Before the regular season kicks off, though, Quim Colet and Yuri Colet, along with Sarah Lizotte, the American player currently in CN Mediterrani, will lead the Summer Water Polo Camps in Barcelona, with still places available. In mid-July, the three of them will travel to the West Coast of the United States to impart a three-day Clinic in San Diego from the 18th to the 20th, a few days before the Junior Olympics. The Clinic will focus on the technical improvement of young players with the help of the Watlicam Waterline Camera, which offers a real-time performance analysis of athletes below and above the water. A unique tool that will turn the experience into something unforgettable.

BIWPA will also be present in the Junior Olympics–the largest age group water polo tournament in the USA–with a stand in the village. The two Colets and Lizotte will be representing BIWPA during the two sessions of the tournament, from the 22nd to the 25th (males) and from the 27th to the 30th of July (females). The Junior Olympics are a great event for BIWPA to enhance its Academy based in Barcelona, which has very strong ties with the Barcelona Campus of the North-American ES International School. It will also allow BIWPA to recruit American youngsters interested in improving water polo and education in the wonderful city of Barcelona, Spain.




MALAVIKA GUBBI, Water polo coach and referee in Bangalore, India

My internship at BIWPA has been one of the most valuable experiences. It has broadened my knowledge of the different skills, techniques and also the approaches which are important for the development of players and teams. The internship has given me a comprehensive knowledge, confidence and experience to be a better coach.

I was  fortunate to be able to visit many clubs and watch their training sessions and matches during the internship. Quim Colet and Yuri Colet are great mentors and coaches and were always willing to share their knowledge and expertise. The constant support from all the BIWPA staff also made the internship a wonderful experience.

Malavika foto BIWPA 1

EDORTA URIARTE, player at Deportivo Bilbao

For me it has been a great help to be able to participate in this internship. I can’t think of a more ideal place to learn to develop trainers than one of the capitals of the world of waterpolo, Barcelona. In addition to taking theoretical classes with people who have trained teams of the highest levels, I have been able to make it to practice thanks to the training sessions that were held at the camp and camp coaches helped me a lot to leave me a small group to myself, so this way I could apply lessons I learned although at first it cost me a little. Also because it is an international camp, I have been able to meet coaches from different corners of the world and learn their training methodologies. On top of all of this, my stay was complete with afternoons with the boys and girls of the camp so I have been able to make great friendships. It has been a great experience and I hope to go to the camp in Easter or summer to be able to learn more about water polo!

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