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The United States, Spain, Holland, Russia, Italy, and France. These are the nationalities that are currently represented in the first edition of the Beach Polo tournament that will take place in Palamós, located in the Catalan coast. An unbeatable place for a tournament that has everything to be a complete success.

BIWPA is in charge of the organization, along with the local government of Palamós and the iconic Trias Hotel. Beach Polo will last from September 1st until the 3rd and there are still places available for last-minute teams. In addition, BIWPA has already signed several partnerships with plenty of high-profile brands such as Coca Cola, Estrella Damm, Turbo, Vodafone or Freixenet, which will provide products throughout the 3 days.

Teams from all over the globe will be participating in the tournament. UC Davis (U.S.), ZPC Wiekslag (Holland), Verona (Italy), Moscow State University (Russia) and Lyon Rhône Water Polo (France) are the international teams that have signed up so far. From Spain, there are teams from Eibar, Barcelona, Vigo and the Basque Country.

Besides, there will also be a team formed by a mix of Spanish and American players that embodies the essence of this tournament: Players from around the world sharing the passion for the sport that we all love.

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Before, he will rejoin BIWPA with the Camps and other projects in the U.S.

BIWPA co-founder Yuri Colet landed in Barcelona on Thursday 8 to be presented as the new coach of the Poble Nou senior team. He will also take charge of the 12 to 13-year old category. After 3 years in Soller (Mallorca), where he has been managing the technical management of the water polo section, Yuri Colet couldn’t turn down the opportunity to come back to his home city. Apart from joining the Poble Nou family, Colet will also return to the BIWPAcademy as head coach.

Before the regular season kicks off, though, Quim Colet and Yuri Colet, along with Sarah Lizotte, the American player currently in CN Mediterrani, will lead the Summer Water Polo Camps in Barcelona, with still places available. In mid-July, the three of them will travel to the West Coast of the United States to impart a three-day Clinic in San Diego from the 18th to the 20th, a few days before the Junior Olympics. The Clinic will focus on the technical improvement of young players with the help of the Watlicam Waterline Camera, which offers a real-time performance analysis of athletes below and above the water. A unique tool that will turn the experience into something unforgettable.

BIWPA will also be present in the Junior Olympics–the largest age group water polo tournament in the USA–with a stand in the village. The two Colets and Lizotte will be representing BIWPA during the two sessions of the tournament, from the 22nd to the 25th (males) and from the 27th to the 30th of July (females). The Junior Olympics are a great event for BIWPA to enhance its Academy based in Barcelona, which has very strong ties with the Barcelona Campus of the North-American ES International School. It will also allow BIWPA to recruit American youngsters interested in improving water polo and education in the wonderful city of Barcelona, Spain.




MALAVIKA GUBBI, Water polo coach and referee in Bangalore, India

My internship at BIWPA has been one of the most valuable experiences. It has broadened my knowledge of the different skills, techniques and also the approaches which are important for the development of players and teams. The internship has given me a comprehensive knowledge, confidence and experience to be a better coach.

I was  fortunate to be able to visit many clubs and watch their training sessions and matches during the internship. Quim Colet and Yuri Colet are great mentors and coaches and were always willing to share their knowledge and expertise. The constant support from all the BIWPA staff also made the internship a wonderful experience.

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EDORTA URIARTE, player at Deportivo Bilbao

For me it has been a great help to be able to participate in this internship. I can’t think of a more ideal place to learn to develop trainers than one of the capitals of the world of waterpolo, Barcelona. In addition to taking theoretical classes with people who have trained teams of the highest levels, I have been able to make it to practice thanks to the training sessions that were held at the camp and camp coaches helped me a lot to leave me a small group to myself, so this way I could apply lessons I learned although at first it cost me a little. Also because it is an international camp, I have been able to meet coaches from different corners of the world and learn their training methodologies. On top of all of this, my stay was complete with afternoons with the boys and girls of the camp so I have been able to make great friendships. It has been a great experience and I hope to go to the camp in Easter or summer to be able to learn more about water polo!

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Sergej Charin organizado por el KVP Novaky

BIWPA’s team, composed of players from the Academy and other clubs from Spain, won the Sergej Charin of KVP Novaky Memorial Tournament held in Slovakia last week.


Once again, a squad led by Quim Colet returns to climb to the top of the podium. After the tournament held in Greece last October, where BIWPA had a great performance, it was the second time that BIWPA attended an international tournament. On this occasion, Quim Colet and David Alled – trainer of Molins de Rei – the team was composed mainly of members from Catalan teams, some of which are part of the Academy, along with two Andalusian players, one Basque and the other Mallorcan.


After a perfect performance in the group phase, they arose as the team to beat in the tournament. They dominated in the quarter-finals and did the same in the semifinals against the historic FTC Ferencvaros Vizilabda and found themselves in the final against another legendary Slovak water polo team, KVP Novaky. The last step to attain the medal of champions was the most difficult. Before the public, Quim Colet’s players managed to take a tight 10-11 lead against the locals and amidst the applause of the audience, met their objective.


The truth is, medals aside, the fact that BIWPA can successfully lead players coming from all corners of Spain is very positive. Many players cannot access an international experience this rewarding with their respective clubs. This opportunity is unique.


Quim Colet has much to do with this initiative. Since he assumed the position of technical director of Barcelona International Water Polo Academy, the increase of interest in the international world of water polo was more than evident. It is not surprising that thanks to his deep knowledge of water polo and its detailed history, clubs, federations and even FINA has been in contact with him for advisement.


Llega el primer biwpa beach polo a la costa brava

BIWPA will organize for the next September the first edition of the Beach Polo Palamos tournament in Costa Brava.

It is well known that a water polo tournament on the seaside is not a new activity. Our sport has born and evolved by the sea for many years. But in the last decade there is a new way to understand Beach Polo.

It has now become a mixture of fun, competition and good ambiance. It’s another way of understanding vacation and tourism from purely a water polo perspective. Only the fans of this sport can understand the atmosphere that surrounds these events.

Aware of this opportunity, BIWPA has worked hard over these past years to start this project. This year, we finally got it. With the support of Palamos municipality, on the Catalan Costa Brava, waterpolo lovers will finally have the first taste of what in the next few years will be one of the most important tournaments on the shores of the Mediterranean.

The tournament will be open to males and females. In fact, there are already 7 teams enrolled; two of them coming from the United States and another pair from Holland. So with 5 months until the start of the tournament, everything is going as planned.

The rules are simple beyond arbitrary issues. Each team must participate with a minimum of ten players on a field of 15 x 11.5 meters and they will play at least five matches without counting qualifying shocks.

All with the guarantee of quality of BIWPA, good weather in Costa Brava, and the calm that the Mediterranean water offers, suitable for this type of tournament for its lack of waves.

You can find all of the information available on our website.

no te pierdas nuestros campus de waterpolo

Ferran Plana, graduate of Physical Education from INEF BCN, technician at the Catalan Swimming Federation of 8 years, head of the men’s group at the training center and professor of the Coache’s School of of the Catalan Swimming Federation, is currently the technical director and men’s head coach of the CN Sant Feliu team.

Dr. Yurema Sabio, trainer at theCatalana Swimming Federation of 6 years, head of the Talent Detection program and assistant coach of the Technification Center as well as a teacher at the Coache’s School of of the Catalan Swimming Federation, is currently Assistant Researcher at the Director of the Functional Molecular Biology’s office at the University of California Davis.

Both, with their substantial professional experience, have worked under the supervision of Quim Colet and have trained young people from 14 to 17 years old at CAR of Sant Cugat in technification programs and today express their opinion about the benefits of our Biwpa waterpolo camps.


The experts’ opinions

Ferran Plana, Technical Director & Head Coach CN Sant Feliu

“Each complementary activity that the kids practice daily is very positive. The campus is perfect for the global development of the kids. In addition to being able to go more in depth about things that they don’t experience day to day (individual technique depending on the athlete, lack in some areas, very specialized situations…), the social field (many relationships are made, some friends, collaboration with different technicians and professionals such as tutors, coaches …) and the personal autonomy (coordinate the different schedules they have, take care of free time, enjoy work and rest …) take more importance. In short, many of the areas of child integrity are developed through sport (which is the most important educational tool) and the great work done in the campus. I one hundred percent recommended!”

Yurema Sabio, Assistant Researcher at University of California Davis

I think that de Summer Camp is a very good option for athletes who want to mainly improve the technical aspects of our sport in an excellent environment, with experienced coaches, many resources and the latest technology for sports. Besides enjoying water polo, you can meet people and make friends from all over the world, practice and study English, Spanish, and Catalan, and visit one of the best cities in the world.

campus multiculturalidad de waterpolo en barceloba

The water polo campuses at BIWPA are special. Gathering players from all over the world that share the same passion is one of the best experiences you can have in your life.

It is curious, but for all of us at BIWPA, over time we observe how the friendships that have started out in the water of our water polo campuses continue to strengthen with the passage of time. Living together, encouraging one another in training, sharing the same interests, practicing English … through all of this, participants benefit from very positive results from our campuses that then have an immediate impact on their return home. Not only when it comes to sports, but also their social and personal lives. Beyond the human aspects, at BIWPA we emphasize the sports excellence that involves participating in our water polo campuses.

With a technical team with experience this perfect combination offers all the interests that the player in question must dominate and improve to achieve their goals. We use all the human and technological resources that we have and put them at the service of the participants. In this way, they can identify the postural or technical mistakes that they are making and correct them immediately.

To conclude, according to others who know our project and whose sports’ careers speak for themselves, they will not only corroborate what we have already said, but also add to what BIWPA campus can offer and how the participants will have a unique experience with immediate benefits.

The experts’ opinions

Toni Esteller, Technical Director & Head Coach CN Barcelona (Barcelona) 

“The waterpolo campus offers a lot of possibilities for development and waterpolo education for the players. On the one hand, it is a kind of a master class condensed to a few days and it will improve the technical and tactic knowledge of the waterpolo player, and also work on specific game positions with specialist trainers. On the other hand, the campus is the ideal place to combine waterpolo with a variety of parallel activities like academic or leisure activities or other physical activities. Also, you can break your routine with leisure and discover other waterpolo realities.

Obviously is an opportunity to meet new people and extend your circle of friends, and you can even repeat the experience in the future and recommend it to other players.”

André Avallone, Technical Director & Head Coach SESI (Brasil)

“The Summer Camps place a lot of importance on the waterpolo player. You have the opportunity to have the experience of learning from others coaches, being able to play with others players and understanding and valuing all of the work.”

coaches academy biwpa

The water polo has grown-up a lot sportingly like it never did. The professionalism have decreased, but there is a lot children that play water polo.

In this way, the professionals take an important role in the formation of young promises.But sometimes, for different reasons, the coaches do not have the precise technical knowledge. That is a problem when they trying to teach the little ones all the technical and tactical stuff that they should control according to their age. It is obvious that it is not the same to run a young team than an absolute one. That is why training must be adapted in all cases. Furthermore, there are a lot of restless coaches with this aspect. The most fortunate have friends or acquaintances who can illustrate them. But in other cases, there is a lack of literature on the subject and there is no access to sources of technical knowledge.

Aware of this problem, at BIWPA we have tried to fill this gap in the training of technicians. Since some time ago, we have been working closely with sports educators from different parts in the world. Everyone shares the same: love for this sport and the desire to progress in their knowledge to apply them to their place of origin. We could go much further on this topic and try to make it clear who is reading this what we can do and how we can help in this regard. But is better that those who have passed through our Coaches Academy offer a testimony of what it has meant for them to come to us.


Farzam Soraya: Involving in BIWPA summer camps is a great experience for both players and water polo coach interns. Everything is in a very nice schedule and all people are very friendly like you know them for years! You do not need to have any concern, just enjoy the high performance quality and feel at home!  


Farshid Haghighi: I just loved CAR centre and the coach interns course. I wish to have the chance for repeating it next summer and have a closer cooperation. I liked the teaching structure and what players learned in term of personal techniques and team tactics at class and in pool. It is ideal for coaches and young players. 


Dale Evangelista: Hello, my name is Dale Evangelista, former Team captain of the Philppine waterpolo team, now one of the coaches of the national waterpolo team and in charge for national youth development program for Philippine Waterpolo, I attended The BIWPA Internship program last summer of July 2016 to enhance my knowledge and skills as a coach, because we know it will help us improve and be better in imparting correct way of coaching the sport, True enough after coming back to my country we transfer the technology or what we call the skills we learn in Barcelona to our players, and our players improve faster and the result is stunning, in line with the result we have last Asian Champs, we at the team are planning to go back and learn more and hoping to be on top  team again in South East Asia.


Iñigo Ochoa: I could define it as something more than sport experience. A unique experience that I would recommend to every water polo lover of this and that difficult as it seems makes you progress technically, tactically and physically in just few days. An incredible staff that makes it easier to understand all the training proposals. It is a pleasure have enjoyed the facilities, coaches and students. Experience will be repeated as soon as possible.


Vicente Tirado: I am really glad I signed up for the Internship for coaches at the Sant Cugat CAR. Under one week BIWPA was able to offer me the following: Daily theoretical classes with the following content: how to plan and manage your trainings, tactical aspects of the sport, technique exercises for all the positions, video analysis, etc. Work side by side with experienced coaches during all the trainings of the camp. Attendance to the tutorials given by the several special guests that were invited to the club (profesional players, physical trainers, etc) and much more…. Being able to have the balance between the theory and the practical side of the program is what makes this internship so broad and complete. In addition to this, living in the CAR, makes you experience the same atmosphere that elit waterpolo athletes do when in preparation for important tournaments.

On February 11th and 12th, the eighth edition of the prestigious Kap7 International Water Polo Tournament will take place in Irvine, California. This is a landmark event in American water polo that gathers together the best players in the country.

Two hundred teams will participate in this edition; an impressive number that can only be reached by this tournament, which has been named an “American giant,” on more than one occasion by coach of the US national team, Dejan Udovicic. BIWPA will be presented at this tournament by our friend and water polo expert, Kevin Peat. Throughout his successful career, Kevin has been a player, a coach and has worked in other water polo related positions. We will use this tournament as an opportunity to follow the path we set at Junior Olympics, with the aim to let North America know what BIWPA is and show them how we can help develop both their sports and their studies.

The Kap7 Tournament only takes place in the United States, not only because of the large number of participating clubs, but also for the opportunity to hold a high performance competition on the national stage. It is also a perfect platform for players to demonstrate their skills and attract the attention of college coaches. Some of the water polo players who are lucky enough to meet us will have the incredible opportunity to experience living in Barcelona, training at BIWPAcademy, competing in what is perhaps the best league in the world for their age group, and studying in ES International School, in one of the cities that can be named a Mecca of this sport: Barcelona.

So, once again, BIWPA will travel across the Atlantic Ocean in order to participate in a spectacular event where we will undoubtedly receive a warm welcome, just as we did at the Junior Olympics.

de california a barcelona

Allyson Hansen (23 years old, from San Francisco) and Sean Grab (also 23 years old, from South Pasadena) arrived to Barcelona at the beginning of September and they are currently playing water polo at CN Rubí.

  • How has your experience been so far?

Ally: So far my experience here has been incredible. My team in Rubi has helped me to feel very welcome here and they have treated me like family. The city of Barcelona is so beautiful and so full of culture. I am very happy to be here.

Sean: The experience here so far has been great. Barcelona is a beautiful city, with wonderful places and people. I have been particularly lucky to play with a great group of people in Rubí. They have made me feel at home, and helped make my move to Spain very easy and enjoyable.

  • Why did you choose Barcelona? 

Ally: I chose to come to Barcelona because I wanted to become a better water polo player and because of the many opportunities that there are here to play high level water polo outside of the United States. A coach from back home, Dan Leyson (head coach of the UC Davis Men’s water polo tem), who played for Barceloneta under coach Quim Colet during the 1990s, had such an amazing experience here & he highly recommended that I take advantage of this opportunity as well. Dan & Quim (along with BIWPA) were the people who helped make this opportunity possible for me.

Sean: To be honest, I had been searching for a team to play with for a while. So when my coach from UC Davis, Daniel Leyson and Quim Colet offered me an opportunity to play with Rubí in Division de Honor, I was excited for the opportunity. Having traveled to Barcelona the past summer to train with UC Davis, I knew immediately that the chance to play in Barcelona again, was an experience I couldn’t say no to. I am very excited to be back in Spain, and playing in one of the most competitive leagues in the world.

  • How is training and playing water polo in Barcelona?

Ally: Water polo is very different here than it is back in the US. The game is a lot more physical and there are not as many calls made by the officials. They really let you play it out over here, which I like. I feel like I have had to do a lot of learning and adjusting, but it has given me a different perspective and new appreciation for the sport. I am so impressed with how much raw talent there is here in Spain.

Sean: It is definitely a different experience from training in the United States. However, I am enjoying it very much. The style of play is much different, as well as the officiating. There is much more physicality to the game that they don’t allow in the states. The thing I like most, is the environment at the games. In the United states, you never have 100 or more people at a game. Here it is normal to have that many people or more, and that brings an energy to the game and the team that is incredible.

It is all still very surreal. Having the opportunity to play in such a beautiful place with such a great group of guys. It is something I am very thankful for, and especially to Daniel Leyson (UCDMWP), and Quim Colet and his BIWPA colleagues for finding me this opportunity.

  • How do you think this experience can help you?

Ally: I think this experience will not only help me to become a better water polo player but also a better person. Since being here not only have I gotten to continue playing water polo but I have also started learning Spanish, exploring Barcelona, creating memories that will last me a lifetime, and gaining new knowledge and skills about water polo that I can bring with me back to the United States.

Sean: I obviously think as a player I will grow, especially being able to play at such a high level of competition, but it will also help me as a person. Having the experience of being with different people in a different place is always something I’ve embraced, and it has always been a positive experience for me. It will provide me more opportunities, and build more friendships that I will appreciate for the rest of my life.

  • Why would you recommend it?

Ally: I would recommend this experience to other water polo players in the Unite States who are looking to improve their game and who want to continue playing at a high level, as well as to those who want to experience a new place & a new culture.

Sean: I would recommend playing in Barcelona for many reasons. The first of which is, you get to live in Barcelona! I also think there is a cultural experience here that you cannot have anywhere else. The people are incredibly friendly, welcoming, and will always show you a good time. Finally, the water polo itself is such a fun and challenging experience, that anyone looking to play overseas should definitely consider the option of playing in Barcelona.