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Our water polo team training camp program has already started. The SK Neptun, from Sweden, has been the first team who has enjoyed this program.  Since then, we haven’t stopped of receiving new team applications, both national and international.

Today we want to introduce you five American water polo teams that have just confirmed their reservations for a stage of water polo with BIWPA in Barcelona.

These teams are: Rose Bowl Water Polo Club, San Diego Shores Water Polo Club, Agoura High School, Sacred Heart School Atherton  and San Jose State University Spartans.

horario equipos

They will train at the spectacular Montjuïc municipal pools. These pools have hosted water polo and diving competitions during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics  and the 2013 World Swimming  Championships. Furthermore, the facilities are located at the top of Montjuïc hill, so that’s the reason why these pools also offer a breathtaking view of the Barcelona skyline. Definitely they are a fantastic facilities: teams will enjoy the Spanish good weather while they are training in its spectacular outdoor pool.

They will have two daily training sessions, and we have planned for them matches against national water polo teams. Barcelona is the only city in the world with eight high performance water polo teams in its downtown, and fifteen more in the regional area, which is a good opportunity for both to share knowledge between them and test their level.

In their free time they will enjoy touristy activities like visiting Sagrada Familia, walking in Park Güell or the FC Barcelona stadium tour. Others will just prefer other relaxing activities, like enjoying the beach or have a walk around Barcelona.

Each water polo team has customized his stay, including housing conditions, intensity and training sessions, or leisure and tourism tour. We have adapted everything depending on their goals and needs.

So if you also want to do a water polo team training camp with BIWPA, we will be delighted to design a plan for you. You only have to write to, or you can visit our programs hosted on our website. See you in Barcelona!

The sports practice during the years of High School  are very important. For many students it can be the only way to enter the university across a sports scholarship. It is necessary to emphasize that, in spite of the fact that the sports offered in the High School is very varied, the sport king is the Football. Nonetheless we must mention that the waterpolo in the  west coast is a sport that in the last years it has acquired great relevancy and this way it is demonstrated by the last edition of the Junior Olympic Games celebrated in Irvine, California, last August of 2013 where near 10.000 athletes  took part in the competition.

The  High School categories are three: the beginners or “Novice” generally composed by students of the first year of High School (9th graders, also called “Freshman”), the Junior Varsity (9th  and 10th, ” Freshman and Sophomore “) and the Varsity (11th  and 12th graders, called ” Junior and Senior “). The ” Senior year ” is the moment in which the different universities contact the pupils and athletes to offer them his program. It is important to emphasize that because this fact marks even the year of beginning to the education. Many parents decide to postpone the entry of his children to Kindergarten (P-5) one year or to make them repeat this year in order that during the years of High School they are much more mature, physically speaking.

The pre-season of water polo in the High School begins in August. They are three weeks, called ” The Hell Week ” where the athletes train daily in two meetings; in the morning and evening. The pre-season serves the trainers to be able the level that his sportsmen have and be able like that to form three athletic groups appropriatly. Different friendly matches take place “scrimmage” and tilts that allow that the equipment should put in practice everything learned during the pre-season. The official season or league begins with the school course and finishes at the end of November, for Thanksgiving. After the season of High School, every player decides with what Club it wants to play. In the area of The Jolla, both most requested clubs are San Diego Shores and Del Mar.

Once finished the league the equipments face to the CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) a tilt that is celebrated in California from beginning of 20th century in which there competes the High School that they have qualified. This year the CIF is celebrated in the headquarters of The Jolla High School between 13 and on November 23 marking  the end of the wàter polo school season.