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Winter Academy January 2018

The Winter Academy is launched as an opportunity for external water polo players to experience the BIWPA Academy day-to-day


The BIWPA water polo academy runs from September to June. That is, ten months during which the athletes participate in a program of high-level training, focused on the technical, tactical and physical aspects. But now, a new concept called Winter Academy has popped up.

But the Academy is not just an exclusive experience for internal students. BIWPA also offers the possibility of registering for intensive short programs at the Academy. Through this program, athletes can live the day-to-day of the Academy, with two sessions of daily training and complementary activities, combined with free hours such as tourism or language classes.

Winter Academy 2018, the first of many

The Waterpolo Askartza (Basque Country) technical director, Javi Cortés, and six players from the 16 and under team, have already enjoyed this experience. The seven members of Askartza took part in the Winter Academy 2018, a program that took place during the first week of the year 2018.

The experience consisted of four intense days of training, with more than 6 hours a day of practices at the facilities of the high performance center ‘CAR de Sant Cugat‘. Almost 30 players from both the BIWPA academy and several Catalan and Spanish clubs participated in the Winter Academy. Unlike the camps, the short program consists of high-level training and maximum demand, with the best coaches team led by Quim Colet and also formed by Ferran Pascual, Yuri Colet and Sergi Clols as the physical trainer.

In addition, the athletes also get the chance to correct their body positioning and egg beater with the Walitcam, a high-tech underwater camera that allows the coaches to see above and underneath the water surface.

Besides to the Winter Academy, BIWPA also offers this program during other times of the year, such as the Summer Academy during the month of June. In addition, throughout the ten months that the Academy runs, it is possible to enroll in short programs.

Although our Water Polo Summer Camps ended a couple of weeks ago, many parents and kids have wanted to take the end of the holiday to give us their opinion about their stay at our campus. Our Water Polo Summer Camps have been a success, and we are delighted with the beautiful words that many participants have shared with us. Among all, we have chosen some so you may know about what it’s like to train with BIWPA.

And for those who have not been able to send your impressions, we invite you to make a comment at the bottom of this page, we want to know how was your stay with us!


“You learn a lot of new things very quickly and is a great mix of fun and water polo. The only thing I would change is to spend more time on campus, it has been an unforgettable experience.” Frederik, 16, Denmark.

“Everything in the BIWPA’s Water Polo Summer Camp is high performance, even the coaches.” Rafa, 15, Brazil.

“The workouts have been impressive on a technical level. BIWPA’s Water Polo Summer Camp is pure perfection.” Alberto, 14, Spain.


“Lauren has had a wonderful time on campus. The coaches, boys and girls of the campus and the opportunity to play with older teams has been amazing. It has been a magical experience that Lauren will not forget.” Joan, father, UK.

“I want to thank BIWPA to organize such a wonderful and such a professional and caring experience. Frederik spent the best week of his life, and now only talks about BIWPA, their coaches, Barcelona and water polo. I’m sure this will not be the last time Frederik participates in a BIWPA’s program, and I will share the BIWPA experience on our water polo club as much as I can.” Christian, father, Denmark.

“I want to thank BIWPA staff for the interest and care they’ve taken with Iason and Kimon. Together they have created a friendly atmosphere that has contributed to the success of the campus. Kimon and Iason are already preparing their participation for next year.” Manolis, father, Greece.

“Miquel has come delighted with BIWPA experience, the level of training has been intense (more exercises in the water, longer and at a higher performance) and has loved to see the Spanish women’s water polo.” Antonio Martin, father Spain.

Yuri Colet, founding partner and director of sports at BIWPA, is the new coach of Gymnapolis Waterpolo Sóller (Sóller, Mallorca). The technician will start working at the club on August 5.

Following the success of our Easter Camp, attended by several participants of Gymnapolis Waterpolo Sóller and in which Colet was active as a coach, participants were delighted with the work methodology and training conducted by the technician. The experience of the boys on campus struck Guillem Cabot, President of Waterpolo at the club, who contacted BIWPA to learn more about our training and our methodology.

Following discussions between Guillem Cabot and Cristina Marin, General Manager of BIWPA, BIWPA team visit Gymnapolis Waterpolo Sóller facilities to know the club first hand and analyze what were their technical needs. This analysis identified the key points to improve the performance of the water polo teams at the club and allowed BIWPA to develop a comprehensive program for Waterpolo Gymnapolis Sóller.

After the negotiation period, Marin and Cabot reached an agreement whereby BIWPA will apply the specific program for the club, under the direction of Yuri Colet, who next year will be in charge of implementing a new methodology of work in all club categories.

Yuri Colet is delighted to develop this project and incorporate BIWPA’s methodology in the Mallorcan club. “This is a new step for me as a coach. I’m very excited about this project and can not wait to get to Gymnapolis Waterpolo Sóller to start working with the teams”, he says.

Colet will continue his tasks in BIWPA as program director while he’s in Sóller. From BIWPA we are delighted with this new challenge and wish Yuri good luck in his new adventure!

The Atlètic Barceloneta yesterday was proclaimed Europe champion for the first time in its history by defeating, for a low (6-7), the Radnicki of Serbia in the Final Six. With the victory, the “sailors” become the third Spanish team to win the Champions League after the CN Barcelona (1982) and the CN Catalunya (1995).

The success of these athletes is another example of high-level water polo that Barcelona offers to all teams and players who choose Barcelona as the place to do their Training Camps. In fact, Barcelona and the surrounding area host the largest number of water polo teams in the Honor Division, both male and female teams .

The Final Six, a competition that will also host Barcelona in 2015, took place in the pools Bernat Picornell. These facilities were opened in 1969 to house the European Swimming Championships in 1970 and has since hosted Olympic Games, World and European Championships.

The high level of these facilities and the players who have won this competition is another example of the prestige of the Spanish water polo, which has established itself over the last 25 years. The successes of the Spanish men’s team since the Olympic Games of Barcelona ’92, and the explosion of women’s water polo with the silver medal at London 2012 and gold in Barcelona 2013, demonstrate the high level of water polo in our country.

We want to congratulate Atlètic Barceloneta for the great competition that have been made, to the Martin brothers, Chus and David for the excellent work they’ve done, the MVP Albert Español and, in particular, Felipe Perrone, our campus ambassador, who did a great championship. Congratulations guys! You are already champions of Europe!

Our water polo team training camp program has already started. The SK Neptun, from Sweden, has been the first team who has enjoyed this program.  Since then, we haven’t stopped of receiving new team applications, both national and international.

Today we want to introduce you five American water polo teams that have just confirmed their reservations for a stage of water polo with BIWPA in Barcelona.

These teams are: Rose Bowl Water Polo Club, San Diego Shores Water Polo Club, Agoura High School, Sacred Heart School Atherton  and San Jose State University Spartans.

horario equipos

They will train at the spectacular Montjuïc municipal pools. These pools have hosted water polo and diving competitions during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics  and the 2013 World Swimming  Championships. Furthermore, the facilities are located at the top of Montjuïc hill, so that’s the reason why these pools also offer a breathtaking view of the Barcelona skyline. Definitely they are a fantastic facilities: teams will enjoy the Spanish good weather while they are training in its spectacular outdoor pool.

They will have two daily training sessions, and we have planned for them matches against national water polo teams. Barcelona is the only city in the world with eight high performance water polo teams in its downtown, and fifteen more in the regional area, which is a good opportunity for both to share knowledge between them and test their level.

In their free time they will enjoy touristy activities like visiting Sagrada Familia, walking in Park Güell or the FC Barcelona stadium tour. Others will just prefer other relaxing activities, like enjoying the beach or have a walk around Barcelona.

Each water polo team has customized his stay, including housing conditions, intensity and training sessions, or leisure and tourism tour. We have adapted everything depending on their goals and needs.

So if you also want to do a water polo team training camp with BIWPA, we will be delighted to design a plan for you. You only have to write to, or you can visit our programs hosted on our website. See you in Barcelona!

If you’d like to learn BIWPA´s methodology to help improve water polo players’ level, this is your chance!

Due to the high demand for an internship program at BIWPA, you’ll now be able to learn first hand the development of our methodologies through a one-week internship program during our Summer Camp at the CAR in Sant Cugat.

You’ll be able to learn the ropes in the development of methodologies used by Spanish coaches, of international recognition, that have had an immediate influence on the Spanish water polo training systems.

This methodology started at the Professional Masters in High Performance Team Sports taught by Paco Seirulo, Xesco Espar, Marcelí Massafred, and Joan Solé.

The MBA teaches the theory of integral training applied to team sports and used by Spanish coaches of a diversity of sports, like: Pep Guardiola in soccer, Xavi Pascual in handball, Ignacio Coque in basketball. In water polo, coaches like Rafa Aguilar (Technical Director of the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation), Dani Nart (CN Terrassa), Joan Colomer (BIWPA coach), Betu Fernández (CN Mataró) and Quim Colet (Tecnical Director of the Catalan Swimming Federation) that have introduced this methodology in the last 10 years and that other coaches have followed.

entrenadores internship
This particular methodology represents a different way of thinking where different decisive factors interact, such as: cooperation, oposition and decision-making, to name some, are the specific characteristics of team sports. Any coach that knows this philosophy, very well known in the Spanish water polo, will not only improve your team’s performance but it will also make you different from other coaches that have not learned this philosophy and as a result cannot apply it.

This is your chance to learn first hand how these trainings are thought out, planned and developed!

The only thing you have to do is come to our Summer Camp and sign up for our internship where you’ll work side by side with BIWPA coaches and actually apply everything you are learning as you go.

During these practices you will live the day by day of the tecnicality trainings at the CAR in Sant Cugat and you will work head to head with our coaches, making this, and incredible and unique experience!

Sign up NOW!

Pep Marí, psicólogo deportivo

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