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Thanks to a global partnership between BIWPA and the Dutch Swimming Federation, four international Dutch water polo players will play this season in the Spanish water polo league. This agreement between the Dutch federation and BIWPA also includes sports consultancy services, participation of Dutch sports groups in our Team Training Camps and promoting BIWPA in Holland.

The first players involved in this project are Jorn Winkelhorst and Ruud van der Horst (players at Club Natació Barcelona) and Jesse Koopman and Sebastiaan van Mil (Club Natació Sabadell players). The four athletes, who will meet in a match on Saturday at 12: 45h at CNB, are pioneers in this initiative, in which BIWPA has advised them on the best options to play water polo in Spain.


Although the dutch players have recently arrived here, and they have just started the league, the evaluation of this experience is positive. Jon Winkelhorst, CNB player, says that “the level of coaching and competition is very high, it is a pleasure to train every day at this level.” His teammates are very happy with the arrival of  the Dutch internationals, “it’s a way to professionalize our teams,” adds Joel Esteller, CNB player.


This agreement between the Dutch Federation and BIWPA will bring two groups of Dutch water polo players to Barcelona the next few weeks to make a Team Training Camp. But this is just the beginning in this collaboration, which will be expanded in the coming years thanks to the inclusion of the Dutch internationals in the Spanish Division of Honor and more Dutch teams to our Team Training Camps.

The collaboration is open to new initiatives and  BIWPA will do everything possible to promote this agreement, which benefits both the Dutch and the Spanish water polo.

Joel Esteller, BIWPA coach & contributor, and player in Club Natació Barcelona has been chosen the best Catalan college athlete 2013-2014.

This award, given by Esport Català Universitari, which organizes Catalan university championships,  recognizes the brilliant career of the athlete and the results obtained during the year. Esteller, currently studying Business & Management at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, has received this award thanks to its high water polo level and winning the  Catalonian University  Waterpolo Championships.


This is a very special award, as in the Catalan university compete 3,500 students from 12 Catalan universities participating in 14 different sports. At the event, which took place this morning at the Universitat de Vic, Esteller was thrilled to receive this award. “It is a recognition not only for me but also for water polo, and I feel very honored to receive this award,” said the player.

BIWPA wants to congratulate Joel for this recognition of his sporting career last year, and is hopefully the first of many.

The Greek team has won the gold at the European Junior Championship that has taken place in Ostia, Italy. After beating Italy 6-7 in the final, the Greek players return home as Europe champions, repeating the title already won the European U17 in Istanbul, 2013.

At the end of the tournament, Eleftheria Plevritou, one of the players combined Greek, has won the  MVP title, while teammate Chrysuola Diamantopoulou, was chosen best goalkeeper.

The Spanish team, after losing to Greece in the semifinals, got to take the bronze against the powerful Hungarian team. The “little warriors” show their possibilites after beating Hungary 6-7 in a match in which they knew perfectly how to execute the forward defense to drown the Hungarian releases.


Xavi Pérez, female junior team coach, is more than satisfied with a “well worked” medal. Perez says “the game against Greece was very hard, but we faced them even though they were better,” he also adds that the attitude of the young players against Hungary brought to Spain this medal.

BIWPA wants to congratulate both teams for the great work done in the tournament. We hope our “little warriors” keep giving us such good news adding more titles to their resume.

The Spanish women’s water polo team has achieved the bronze medal in the World Cup which was held in Khanty Mansyisk (Russia) after beating China (7-5). Miki Oca‘s girls, with new faces given the low champions of Europe for some rest, have won the first medal in the history of Spanish women’s water polo in a World Cup.

The “warriors” have managed to remain competitive in a competition that began with a big win over Singapore (34-3), and continued with a 12-5 against China. Although they lost to Russia (7-6), were ranked first group, crossing to South Africa in the quarterfinals (12-2).

However, when meeting Australia in the semifinal they lost 8-2, leaving themselves with no option to the gold medal. In the consolation final they clearly imposed the Chinese (7-5), with a great performance by Anni Espar, BIWPA ambassadress, who scored four goals.

Again Miki Oca’s girls make history with the first medal at a World Cup and after becoming champions of Europe, demonstrating the high level of women’s water polo in Spain.

The Spanish national team has been on the verge of winning the Junior World Cup after an spectacular tournament where they finished as world runners. The team, led by David Martin and seconded by Mario Garcia and Marcel·li Masafred, they won the silver in the Junior World Cup in Istanbul, after losing on penalties to Hungary (5-3), in a final that had finished with 5 -5 on the scoreboard.

David Martin’s team reached the final after beating the quarterfinals and semifinals on penalties against Montenegro and Serbia respectively. Hungary, the current runner, led the first quarter of the final, but the Spaniards managed to reach the break with a 2-3 in their favor. The third quarter began with Spanish goal but magyar reaction was swift and catch up again ending the period with the result 3-4.

In the last quarter Spain could sentence but did not, and the Magyars arrived at 5-4 in the absence of 4 minutes remaining. A little more than 1 minute to the end, Borja Fenoy tied the game for Spain, and in the last minute, Micky Linares relented the final attempt of the Hungarian Magyar rejecting launch. Borja Fenoy launched again, but hit the crossbar with the goal that would have given victory to the Spanish team. They all reached penalties, but this time was elusive for the interests of David Martin’s team.

This team leaves Istanbul with silver after signing an excellent championship, with clear evidence of the value of Spanish water polo. This is due in large part to the great work of technification that has been done in the centers of technification, especially by the Catalan Federation in the CAR of Sant Cugat, where throughout the year make their workouts most components of the  new World silver medalist, led by Quim Colet and trained by Ferran Plana.

To the full technical staff led by David Martin and the rest of technicians who make up this huge gear, our sincere congratulations on the great work, and especially Roger Tahull, named MVP of the 2014 World Youth.

For the first time in its history, the Spanish women’s water polo team has been proclaimed European champion after defeating the Dutch team 10-5 in the final of the European Competition in Budapest.

The current world champions, who also took silver at London 2012, have achieved their first continental title after staying with silver in the European in Malaga 2008.

The Spanish team won the final with a partial 3-3, 2-0, 2-2 and 3-0. In the first quarter, the Dutch went ahead twice, but thanks to Maica Garcia and Andrea Blas, the “warriors” responded with goals in the 2 meter buoy, position they usually occupy, forming the best pair of buoys today. In the second quarter Anni Espar, BIWPA Ambassadress, changed paths with two crossed shots, the second of numerical superiority, coming to rest with a 5-3 lead.

In the third quarter, Miki Oca‘s team reached ahead 7-4 thanks to the work of Andrea Blas in her area and a setback kick of Maica Garcia from six yards. The final quarter became an offensive and defensive recital of the warriors, who scored twice (Roser Tarrago, Maica Garcia), leaving the final 10-5 that gave the gold to Spain.

BIWPA wants to congratulate  Miki Oca’s “warriors” for  this new victory and Miki himself and all his staff. It is a great moment for the Spanish women’s water polo, but we know that is just the beginning, as the “warriors” make up a team that has only changed a name in three years, with an average age of just 23 years. There are still many more wins to come. Congratulations girls!

Yuri Colet, founding partner and director of sports at BIWPA, is the new coach of Gymnapolis Waterpolo Sóller (Sóller, Mallorca). The technician will start working at the club on August 5.

Following the success of our Easter Camp, attended by several participants of Gymnapolis Waterpolo Sóller and in which Colet was active as a coach, participants were delighted with the work methodology and training conducted by the technician. The experience of the boys on campus struck Guillem Cabot, President of Waterpolo at the club, who contacted BIWPA to learn more about our training and our methodology.

Following discussions between Guillem Cabot and Cristina Marin, General Manager of BIWPA, BIWPA team visit Gymnapolis Waterpolo Sóller facilities to know the club first hand and analyze what were their technical needs. This analysis identified the key points to improve the performance of the water polo teams at the club and allowed BIWPA to develop a comprehensive program for Waterpolo Gymnapolis Sóller.

After the negotiation period, Marin and Cabot reached an agreement whereby BIWPA will apply the specific program for the club, under the direction of Yuri Colet, who next year will be in charge of implementing a new methodology of work in all club categories.

Yuri Colet is delighted to develop this project and incorporate BIWPA’s methodology in the Mallorcan club. “This is a new step for me as a coach. I’m very excited about this project and can not wait to get to Gymnapolis Waterpolo Sóller to start working with the teams”, he says.

Colet will continue his tasks in BIWPA as program director while he’s in Sóller. From BIWPA we are delighted with this new challenge and wish Yuri good luck in his new adventure!

Better safe than sorry. With this idea, we have invited Christian Fernandez, a renowned sports physiotherapist and osteopath who works with the Spanish National Water polo team since 2005.

With him, the Spanish women water polo team won the silver medal at the Olympic Games in London 2012, and also they won the gold medal at the World Swimming Championships in Barcelona in 2013.

christian fernandez fisioterapeuta

During this campus Christian is giving a Master Class series in which he will explain what a sports physiotherapist is, his place in the team and how he can help. In fact, most young water polo players are unaware of the importance of the sport physiotherapist in high performance sport.

Also, all participants will discover the enormous importance of a good warm up to prevent injuries, one of the most important things for our young athletes, and improve our performance.

But the theory is not everything, and after the Master Class, the boys and girls of our Water Polo Summer Camps will take it to the pool, with a warm up run by Christian, so they can integrate these warm up routines.

christian fernandez fisioterapeuta

If you want to enjoy high-performance water polo and the Master Class of our campus, there are still some places available, you can register here.

Great sponsors for the Easter Camp 2014

Only a few days before we start with the Easter Camp 2014, we want to thank our sponsors for their confidence and commitment to BIWPA. These companies not only believe in this project, but also in us. We are convinced that, thanks to their collaboration and involvement, the Easter Camp 2014 will be a success.

Turbo was created more than half a century ago by the Masso family, and today is one of the leading brands of sports equipment.
Their specialty  is water polo and swimming sporting equipment and products, which they do coddling its design, functionality and quality.

For that, and for quite some time, Turbo products are used by record holders and worldwide international teams.

In 1977, Isostar created the first ‘sports drink’ and since then, they have worked to meet the nutritional needs of athletes. Isostar team has the best experts and top athletes to design products that help athletes to excel and achieve their goals, whatever their level or specialty is.

Isostar is present in the routines and diets of millions of athletes, and it is the nutritional benchmark in more than thirty countries on the five continents.

Punt Fresc  is a Catalan food company which work is based on the benefits and variety of the Mediterranean diet. It started as a family business in 1957, selling fruit and vegetables in the Catalan markets. For its success, it became a Wholesale. And after some time, they decided to open its first street stores. Their commitment has always been maintaining the quality level of the market food, but move it to the supermarkets to bring people a easier way to buy it.

In 2001 Punt Fresc brand was finally born, and now it’s an unquestionable synonymous with freshness, tasty, healthy and comfort.

Vodafone is one of the leading telecom companies in Spain. Born as Airtel in 1994, in 1995 they launched its 2G mobile service; a revolution at the time. In 2001 the company was renamed Vodafone as part of the international Vodafone group, one of the ten largest companies in the world today.

Vodafone has been a pioneer in telecommunications, the first company  in Spain with a 4G network. Always staying true to the same motto: ‘We want to improve the lives of people, these being more and more connected in a mobile world. “


As you may already know, BIWPA‘s intensive Easter Camp will be held in the CAR Sant Cugat (Barcelona) facility during the holidays of the 2014 Easter.

In previous publications, we have spoken about the benefits that the BIWPA Easter Camp has to offer, as trainings are held in one of the most technologically advanced training facilities in the world.

Anni Espar and Felipe Perrone, icons within the international water polo community, have accepted to be our ambassadors of the Easter Camp.

The purpose behind this new post is to inform you about the content of the BIWPA training sessions, to deepen your understanding of our organisation, and have you meet the technical team directing its development.

Lets start by introducing our training systems directed by the excellent facilities, staff, and methodology.

WP Easter Camp 2014

Methodology and Philosophy

At BIWPA, we apply a methodology with real results: a renowned integrated training. The objective is to put players in the same conditions that would arise in their competition. This means exposing them to real-life game situations where they learn to respond and react in successful ways.

In essence, integrated training incorporates real game situations into a training session that not only recreates them physically but psychologically.

In fact, this methodology has already been applied by coaches and trainers of team sports in Barcelona; trainers Paco Seirul·lo, Valero Rivera, Xesco Espar, Pep Guardiola, Marcel.lí Massafret or Rafael Aguilar .

These competitive simulations – more or less complex-, allow the player to increase their response time and physical and mental fluidity in the water. Obviously, the level of difficulty in these simulations will increase depending on the different factors involved and their interaction.

In addition, training situations are varied and evolve from exercises and analytical situations, to more global situations.

This methodology will allow us to discover, improve and develop, technical, tactical, physical and psychological elements of the game so that each player can enhance their contribution to the team. At the same time, it allows the player to optimise their individual skills, while improving fitness.

To understand the overall philosophy of the BIWPA methodology you must understand that it is based on the ‘integral training’, but which also applies another crucial concept: the name ’the momentary action of a player’.

The ‘moment of the act’, is a way of understanding the collective sport through the player. The moment of action is what could be considered as reaction – technique and tactic – of a player, facing a given situation (x) in the water.

It is known that within the process of a player’s reaction, three phases are distinguished: perception and analysis; decision making; and finally, execution.

It is a combination of psychological and physical factors that generates a player’s action with more or less success.

BIWPA’s system is very aware of these three phases (individually and collectively), and develops them through different levels of difficulty, both in simulations, as in the rest of the sessions we offer.

Water polo femeni

Program and Technical Team

With regards to the daily routine, the first day will realise tests to coordinate participants and organize them into groups by playing ability, not by age.

All the athletes of BIWPA’s Easter Camp, each day will have: 2 hours specifically dedicated to water polo; 1 hour of dry land fitness and anatomical adaptation; and 1 session of video regarding their technical development.

In addition, there will be specific water polo sessions aimed at different aspects of the game: defense; positional attack; counter attack and counter attack defines; and man up and man down.

The success of this all encompassing program offered by BIWPA would not be possible without the team – capital letters – that will develop and direct it. The team is formed by: Xavi Balaguer, Technical Director of the camp; Joan Colomer, trainer; and Yuri Colet, 2nd coach. Let’s learn a little more about them!

Xavi Balaguer, our Director technical Easter Camp, grew up in the División of Honor, first playing in professional Catalan clubs. He passed through the CN Sabadell, CN Sant Feliu or Waterpolo UAB; the same teams that then would develop his technical career – since the beginning of the 1990s.

easter camp

Xavi Balaguer

As a coach with CN Sabadell, Xavi Balaguer has: 3 titles of women’s League, two cups from Copa de la Reina, a title of runner-up in the Copa del Rey and the other in the Supercopa of Spain, both with the men. In addition Balaguer has trained a multitude of international water polo players.

Already in developed technically, it laid the foundation of the current womens team who later became European champions, winning in 2011, constituting the first female League Champions of the Spanish water polo.

Balaguer explains his vision of the Easter Camp: ‘ the water polo Easter Camp is an innovative addition that helps fill a gap in our water polo development as a country. It has the best resources, both human and infrastructure. It is an exciting project. During the first day we will test the players abilities in order to divide them into training groups and adapt the technical tasks to be carried out on the basis of the level and not at the age. I want to bring my experience and expertise to this project’.

In addition, we have, Joan Colomer, a trainer who became the technical director of the Federació Catalana de Natació. Colomer is engraved in the CN Premia‘s history as the coach who led several lower division groups into division of honor (93-99 seasons i 2007-2012).

Joan Colomer Easter Camp

Joan Colomer

Joan Colomer is well known trainer known for spotting some of the greatest talents in water polo. He has participated in other projects as a high performance coach in the technical center of the FCN, in the residence Blume (1999-2005); and now we are fortunate to have him in at the 2014 BIWPA Easter Camp. Joan commented that: ‘ BIWPA is a way to bring innovative ideas into our sport and allows you to cultivate and develop great players. It is great to see such progress ‘.

Currently, Yuri Colet is the coach of the team of the youth women’s water polo team in A. E. Santa Eulalia. He played water polo in the categories of EC Mediterrani and has now fully dedicated his expertise to the teaching of water polo. Short over twenty years old, his responsible character and profound knowledge of the game has already lead him to a team like the the womens team of Club Natació Sant Andreu, where he was assistant coach (2010-2013 seasons). At Sant Andreu, he coached the categories Cadet and juvenile female.

Yuri Colet waterpolo

Yuri Colet

The level of demand and the Yuri’s dedication to the sport are contrasted with his youth; but with experience now accumulating, Colet represents a great and valuable technical reinforcement, for the coach and all participants.

Yuri states, ‘ I’ve been a player and I know the game. Now I am highly familiar with all aquatics training and I don’t think that there is anything that comes close to the Easter Camp. Its singular. For me, it will be a good opportunity to see other players and to reaffirm myself as a technician. I know good players when I see them and I am just excited to teach what I love more than anything: water polo.

Easter Camp 2014 has all the resources to be an exceptional camp: excellent facilities, cutting-edge methodologies and a great, great, team.

Balaguer, Colomer and Colet form a perfect equilateral triangle perfect; they are a disciplined, versatile and make up a talented technical team.

So good news for all the community, Easter Camp 2014: the participation of these professionals is a taste of the level that the camp can offer along with its strong commitment to training a new generation of water polo.