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The sports practice during the years of High School  are very important. For many students it can be the only way to enter the university across a sports scholarship. It is necessary to emphasize that, in spite of the fact that the sports offered in the High School is very varied, the sport king is the Football. Nonetheless we must mention that the waterpolo in the  west coast is a sport that in the last years it has acquired great relevancy and this way it is demonstrated by the last edition of the Junior Olympic Games celebrated in Irvine, California, last August of 2013 where near 10.000 athletes  took part in the competition.

The  High School categories are three: the beginners or “Novice” generally composed by students of the first year of High School (9th graders, also called “Freshman”), the Junior Varsity (9th  and 10th, ” Freshman and Sophomore “) and the Varsity (11th  and 12th graders, called ” Junior and Senior “). The ” Senior year ” is the moment in which the different universities contact the pupils and athletes to offer them his program. It is important to emphasize that because this fact marks even the year of beginning to the education. Many parents decide to postpone the entry of his children to Kindergarten (P-5) one year or to make them repeat this year in order that during the years of High School they are much more mature, physically speaking.

The pre-season of water polo in the High School begins in August. They are three weeks, called ” The Hell Week ” where the athletes train daily in two meetings; in the morning and evening. The pre-season serves the trainers to be able the level that his sportsmen have and be able like that to form three athletic groups appropriatly. Different friendly matches take place “scrimmage” and tilts that allow that the equipment should put in practice everything learned during the pre-season. The official season or league begins with the school course and finishes at the end of November, for Thanksgiving. After the season of High School, every player decides with what Club it wants to play. In the area of The Jolla, both most requested clubs are San Diego Shores and Del Mar.

Once finished the league the equipments face to the CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) a tilt that is celebrated in California from beginning of 20th century in which there competes the High School that they have qualified. This year the CIF is celebrated in the headquarters of The Jolla High School between 13 and on November 23 marking  the end of the wàter polo school season.

Barcelona, home of elite sport since the 1992 Olympic Games, is an eminently sports city, both for practicing and enjoying high level sporting events. Barcelona is also a city with a huge work of art that contains some of the biggest attractions of Europe.

  1. The High Performance Water Polo has a long history in Catalonia, especially in Barcelona which currently has over 15 teams competing in Spanish National Top leagues at different levels.
  2. Barcelona is a Mediterranean city. The sea provides the city with a special light, warmth and passion, all them tempered by the sense of the wisdom of its inhabitants.
  3. Barcelona has the largest pool of Water Polo male and female athletes, who have achieved medals in almost all major championships.
  4. The history of Barcelona, being the Gothic Quarter one of its maximum exponents, is one of its main strengths and attractions. It has one of the largest and best preserved medieval quarters across Europe with palaces, cathedrals, and stories of Counts and Countesses. Do you know that St. George is the patron of the city?
  5. Just at 20 minutes from Barcelona, and connected by public transportation all day long, there is the San Cugat High Performance Centre – CAR from its acronym in Spanish -, one of the best elite sport centers in the world, where our water polo improves day by day, thanks to the revolutionary training methodology developed there.
  6. Barcelona has eight beaches in the city itself, easy accessible either by walking, underground or bus. Should you come to Barcelona and you like sports, make sure not limit yourself to a sunbath. In the best Californian or Carioca styles, you can practice sea water polo, beach soccer, rollerblading, cycling or just running.
  7. Barcelona has the largest number of male and female Water Polo teams in the top Spanish National League. Come and enjoy an exciting game!
  8. Barcelona has been the host city of a number of outstanding artists, Gaudi among them. His wit and Eusebi Güell’s patronage, contributed to the cusp of the global map of modernist architecture, not to be missed.
  9. The key strength of Water Polo in Barcelona is the large amount of skilled and internationally known coaches. As a result, Catalan clubs dominate the Spanish Water Polo leagues at all ages, from 10U to the absolute teams.
  10. Barcelona has held a number of Water Polo competitions at the highest level, such as World Championships 2003 and 2013, with a very successful organization. In short, Water Polo and Barcelona will soon have other challenges ahead: the organization of the 2014 and 2015 Water Polo Final Six, the most relevant championship at European level.

The Atlètic Barceloneta and his new technician Chus Martin have the premiere in this Champions with a victory opposite to one of the favorites of the competition, the Croatian team, Primorje Rijeka. The result was of 8-7, and it reflects clearly the keynote of a close game where the difference of goals was never superior to two and the Barceloneta was always overhead except in the last quarter that Primorje Rijeka managed to put on a goal ahead, but the defense and an immeasurable Dani Pinedo allowed the partial one 2-0 final with two goals of the Argentinian Gonzalo Echenique, who finished with the out victory of the sailor team.

The CN Atletic Barceloneta in the year of his centenary, will organize the Final Six de la Champions of Water Polo by what the team already is classified, even this way and in spite of not having a great competence in the Spanish League, they demonstrated to be a highly competitive team and very difficult to beat in house.

To emphasize that more than thousand persons who existed in San Sebastià’s pool were supporting their team through, and the game don’t defraud their expectations, already what lived through the emotion until the end and both water polo teams showed a water polo of quality.

The Spanish women’s water polo team has made a great debut in the World League after his match in Chelyabinsk . The Miki Oca’s girls won the combined Russian by 13-11.

With this victory , Spain scored the first points of the season against one of the toughest teams of the group. The players rellied in the second half after trailing 7-4 in the second quarter , with partial (3:1) (4:3) (2:4) (2:5) .

The Russian team was who expelled from the semifinals to the Spanishin selection the last edition of the tournament and were the only team capable of winning in the last world championship.

The victory came with the goals of : Maica Garcia (3 ) , Jenny Pareja (3 ), Laura Lopez (2) , Pili Peña ( 1) , Andrea Blas ( 1) , Anni Espar ( 1) , Laura Vincente ( 1) , Bea Ortiz ( 1).

On September 16th La Jolla Vikings played the first water polo Varsity game of the High School Season on their home pool, the Coggan Family Aquatic Complex. They did not have any problem to beat Fallbrook High School Warriors by 17 to 3. For the locals, Cole Martínez, with a total of four goals,      was the leading scorer. The partial’s average in the seven minutes four quarters were: 3-1, 1-0, 7-0 and 3-1.


El Waterpolo femenino Español está que se sale. Si en el 2012 se coronaba subcampeona olímpica y en el 2011 se colgaban la mee cdalla de Campeonas del Mundo junior U20 y también bronce en el Europeo U17, este año ha sido Campeón del Mundo absoluto y subcampeón del Mundo Junior U20, además de ser otra vez campeón de Europa dlubs con el C.N. Sabadell. Increíble el historial de uno de los deportes más jóvenes de nuestra casa!!

Todo ello cimentado en una metodología de entrenamiento y aplicación de las nuevas tecnologías aplicadas al deporte, llevada acabo por los técnicos de clubs y que tiene su máximo exponente en el Centro de Tecnificación de Barcelona, ubicado en las instalaciones del CAR de Sant Cugat, de donde se nutren llas selecciones junior y juvenil, y por supuesto también la selección absoluta de Micky Oca.


No hay palabras para poder describir lo que se vivió la noche del 2 de agosto en las piscinas Picornell de Barcelona. La selección femenina de waterpolo, con 8 jugadoras surgidas de clubs catalanes y habiendo realizado un periodo de formación de 4 años en el centro de Tecnificación de la Federación Catalana de Natación en el CAR de Sant Cugat, se han proclamado campeonas del Mundo!!!! Las chicas de Miki Oca jugaron la final contra Australia a quien vencieron con solvencia y seguridad con un 8 a 6 final. Laura Ester, se llevo el premio de mejor portera y Jennifer Pareja, MVP!!!

Las ibéricas sabían que una final del Mundial en Barcelona no se les podía escapar. Era un juramento secreto que se habían hecho entre ellas, no se podía escapar. Y con la naturalidad del que sabe lo que tiene que hacer, poco a poco fueron marcando el ritmo del partido, avanzándose en los primeros minutos por 2 a 0 y llegando al final del 1r periodo con un 1 a 2 para España. El equipo fue delante en el marcador en todo momento con parciales de 2-3, 1-1 y 2-2 al final. Quizás el punto álgido o como suele denominar Pepe Brasco, psico momment!! Fue en el minuto 3.06 del cuarto periodo cuando el equipo recibió un penalti en contra con un resultado de 5 a 8, el partido pudo cambiar por completo en ese momento, pero Laura Ester paró el lanzamiento de penalti y ahí se decidió el partido. Poco a poco y sin perder los nervios y con las cosas muy claras con la dirección magistral de Miki Oca, el equipo fue haciendo camino hacia su objetivo, hasta llegar al final y proclamarse Campeonas del Mundo.