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Florida Water Polo Camp

The Florida International Water Polo Camp will take place in Gainesville from July 1 – 12 with the best of both European and American water polo

In the year of its 5th anniversary, Barcelona International Water Polo Academy (BIWPA) will organize for the first time a water polo camp in the US in conjunction with Gator Water Polo and with the support of the University of Florida, USA Water Polo and RF Learning.

BIWPA’s coaching staff will move to Gainesville, Florida, from July 1 to 12, leading a camp that will take place in two sessions, from July 1 – 5 and 8 – 12. For the athletes staying between the two sessions, the camp will offer tourist and cultural activities in the Florida area.

The work of the technique, individual tactics and decision-making will be the central aspects of a camp where athletes from all over the world will be able to share their passion for water polo while having a great time. The camp is open to players from around the world between 12 and 18 years old and will take place at the Dwight H. Hunter (Northeast) 50-meter outdoor pool. Undoubtedly, a unique opportunity to upgrade your game and meet athletes from around the world in an incredible international experience.

Campers will stay at the Holiday Inn University center hotel, located next to the University of Florida and just a 5-minute drive from the pool.

The best staff

The coaches from BIWPA will be headed by its Academy’s Sports Director and current head coach of CN Sabadell, Quim Colet. Colet was assistant coach of the Spanish national team at the Beijing and London Olympics and head coach of the junior national team, winning one gold and two silver medals.

The coaching team will be completed by Ferran Pascual, current player and coach of CN Rubi and the BIWPA Academy; Sarah Lizotte, American player, captain of CE Spain’s top division team Mediterrani; and Yuri Colet, current head coach at CN Poble Nou and the BIWPA Academy. The University of Florida head men’s water polo coach., David Huelsman, will also be part of the staff.

There are already athletes signed up from seven different countries around the world- from Europe (Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Czech Republic) to Australia and South Africa, as well as North America (USA and Canada). Registration is still open for both sessions.

Clinic for coaches running alongside

BIWPA will offer throughout the two weeks of camp a clinic designed for coaches, mainly aimed at coaches from the Florida area and bordering states. The clinic will offer the possibility to club coaches to attend the camp with a group of players from their team and learn the best from European water polo training methodology.

Before, he will rejoin BIWPA with the Camps and other projects in the U.S.

BIWPA co-founder Yuri Colet landed in Barcelona on Thursday 8 to be presented as the new coach of the Poble Nou senior team. He will also take charge of the 12 to 13-year old category. After 3 years in Soller (Mallorca), where he has been managing the technical management of the water polo section, Yuri Colet couldn’t turn down the opportunity to come back to his home city. Apart from joining the Poble Nou family, Colet will also return to the BIWPAcademy as head coach.

Before the regular season kicks off, though, Quim Colet and Yuri Colet, along with Sarah Lizotte, the American player currently in CN Mediterrani, will lead the Summer Water Polo Camps in Barcelona, with still places available. In mid-July, the three of them will travel to the West Coast of the United States to impart a three-day Clinic in San Diego from the 18th to the 20th, a few days before the Junior Olympics. The Clinic will focus on the technical improvement of young players with the help of the Watlicam Waterline Camera, which offers a real-time performance analysis of athletes below and above the water. A unique tool that will turn the experience into something unforgettable.

BIWPA will also be present in the Junior Olympics–the largest age group water polo tournament in the USA–with a stand in the village. The two Colets and Lizotte will be representing BIWPA during the two sessions of the tournament, from the 22nd to the 25th (males) and from the 27th to the 30th of July (females). The Junior Olympics are a great event for BIWPA to enhance its Academy based in Barcelona, which has very strong ties with the Barcelona Campus of the North-American ES International School. It will also allow BIWPA to recruit American youngsters interested in improving water polo and education in the wonderful city of Barcelona, Spain.




no te pierdas nuestros campus de waterpolo

Ferran Plana, graduate of Physical Education from INEF BCN, technician at the Catalan Swimming Federation of 8 years, head of the men’s group at the training center and professor of the Coache’s School of of the Catalan Swimming Federation, is currently the technical director and men’s head coach of the CN Sant Feliu team.

Dr. Yurema Sabio, trainer at theCatalana Swimming Federation of 6 years, head of the Talent Detection program and assistant coach of the Technification Center as well as a teacher at the Coache’s School of of the Catalan Swimming Federation, is currently Assistant Researcher at the Director of the Functional Molecular Biology’s office at the University of California Davis.

Both, with their substantial professional experience, have worked under the supervision of Quim Colet and have trained young people from 14 to 17 years old at CAR of Sant Cugat in technification programs and today express their opinion about the benefits of our Biwpa waterpolo camps.


The experts’ opinions

Ferran Plana, Technical Director & Head Coach CN Sant Feliu

“Each complementary activity that the kids practice daily is very positive. The campus is perfect for the global development of the kids. In addition to being able to go more in depth about things that they don’t experience day to day (individual technique depending on the athlete, lack in some areas, very specialized situations…), the social field (many relationships are made, some friends, collaboration with different technicians and professionals such as tutors, coaches …) and the personal autonomy (coordinate the different schedules they have, take care of free time, enjoy work and rest …) take more importance. In short, many of the areas of child integrity are developed through sport (which is the most important educational tool) and the great work done in the campus. I one hundred percent recommended!”

Yurema Sabio, Assistant Researcher at University of California Davis

I think that de Summer Camp is a very good option for athletes who want to mainly improve the technical aspects of our sport in an excellent environment, with experienced coaches, many resources and the latest technology for sports. Besides enjoying water polo, you can meet people and make friends from all over the world, practice and study English, Spanish, and Catalan, and visit one of the best cities in the world.

campus multiculturalidad de waterpolo en barceloba

The water polo campuses at BIWPA are special. Gathering players from all over the world that share the same passion is one of the best experiences you can have in your life.

It is curious, but for all of us at BIWPA, over time we observe how the friendships that have started out in the water of our water polo campuses continue to strengthen with the passage of time. Living together, encouraging one another in training, sharing the same interests, practicing English … through all of this, participants benefit from very positive results from our campuses that then have an immediate impact on their return home. Not only when it comes to sports, but also their social and personal lives. Beyond the human aspects, at BIWPA we emphasize the sports excellence that involves participating in our water polo campuses.

With a technical team with experience this perfect combination offers all the interests that the player in question must dominate and improve to achieve their goals. We use all the human and technological resources that we have and put them at the service of the participants. In this way, they can identify the postural or technical mistakes that they are making and correct them immediately.

To conclude, according to others who know our project and whose sports’ careers speak for themselves, they will not only corroborate what we have already said, but also add to what BIWPA campus can offer and how the participants will have a unique experience with immediate benefits.

The experts’ opinions

Toni Esteller, Technical Director & Head Coach CN Barcelona (Barcelona) 

“The waterpolo campus offers a lot of possibilities for development and waterpolo education for the players. On the one hand, it is a kind of a master class condensed to a few days and it will improve the technical and tactic knowledge of the waterpolo player, and also work on specific game positions with specialist trainers. On the other hand, the campus is the ideal place to combine waterpolo with a variety of parallel activities like academic or leisure activities or other physical activities. Also, you can break your routine with leisure and discover other waterpolo realities.

Obviously is an opportunity to meet new people and extend your circle of friends, and you can even repeat the experience in the future and recommend it to other players.”

André Avallone, Technical Director & Head Coach SESI (Brasil)

“The Summer Camps place a lot of importance on the waterpolo player. You have the opportunity to have the experience of learning from others coaches, being able to play with others players and understanding and valuing all of the work.”

In our water polo camp in Rading from the 14th to 20th of August you have a chance to improve your Water Polo skills in a fun and testing environment. at BIWPA, we understand the importance for development of players for the future, for this reason we have organised our first camp of water polo in England.

The camp will take place in Reading, near London, and participants will stay at the spectacular Bradfield College. A unique location in the heart of England where young hopefuls, aged 12 to 16 years, will have everything you need without having to leave the premises.

 Throughout the week participants will have the opportunity to train hard to help improve their tactical and technical water polo skills. At the camp using our methodology we will aim to teach the participants about all aspects of water polo to help them improve as much as possible in the week.

 There will also be a special coach coming with us for the camp: Ciara Gibson from CN Mataro. She is born to English parents but has lived in Catalonia since childhood. She played with Britain at the 2012 Summer Olympics and this season made history with her team to win the first trophies for the club, the Copa de la Reina against CN Sabadell and LEN Trophy against the powerful, Greek Vougliameni.

Accompanied by our co-founder Yuri Colet, the only possibility is to improve your skills for further progress in water polo. This week provides participants with a wealth of experience from all the coaches, that will help their development greatly.

 And if you have never visited London, we offer the opportunity to spend a whole day in this glorious city.

One of the features of our camps is the large number of companies that care about the world of sport and that wish to contribute to each of our initiatives that involves young people desiring to improve.

In the camps that we have organized this Easter Vacation in Barcelona and Mallorca we have much to be grateful for to all the companies that have helped us by donating their products.

Brands linked to the sport

The relation between BIWPA and the Turbo brand is one of the most consolidated, since the beginning we have been provided with their support and collaboration in all our camps. For us it is very important that all of our participants have the chance to use some of the leading products in the world of swimming and water polo, like Turbo.

Further, Isostar, a company specializing in sports nutrition, has provided its products to our young water polo players in all the camps. From isotonic drinks to energy bars providing a faster recovery of the mind and body after their trainings.

Veri is another company that has given us their support. By providing us with their natural mineral water and offering the proper hydration of athletes, they are strengthening their tie between sport and health.

New collaborators in 2016

This year we also have 2 new collaborators: Danone and Nocilla. Both brining much happiness to our athletes at snack time. The kids enjoyed vanilla and chocolate flavors of Danet, Actimel, and Nocilla Sticks.

These are the small details that give our camps an extra edge and more importantly it is something that the participants are very grateful for. The young athletes who have repeated our camps have mentioned the importance of these brands and their products.

In this moment we want to mention all of the companies that have taken part: Turbo, Isostar, BiC, Quely, Veri, Danone, Nocilla and Laboratories Stada, to whom we are very grateful that they have put their trust in us.

For us, a company supports a sport like water polo is more of an incentive for us to keep on working towards the advancement of this sport and people who shape it.

Lastly, we want to thank our contributors once again for their help and we hope that we can continue to collaborate with you in the future. We believe that with your support there is more opportunity for success of our young water polo athletes.


easter water polo camp
After the first successful edition in 2015, BIWPA has organized the Easter Camp in Sóller (Majorca) once again led by young hopefuls of the Balearic water polo. 
From March 28 to April 1, more than 25 boys and girls coming from all parts of the world (New Zealand, Scotland, the United States…) and from different clubs of the Balearic Islands. They all participated in this second edition of the camp that took place in the facilities of Son Angelats sports center.
The campus was directed by Yuri Colet, the technical director of Water Polo Club Gymnapolis of Sóller, with skilled coaches in his technical staff such as Dorin Crust, one of the Rumanian figures of water polo, and Alex Pagès, the coach of the Club Gymnapolis.
The days were divided in double training sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening. They were combined with different leisure activities, other fun sports games, and lotteries with awards for all the participants.
Blanca Gil, an elite collaborator
As it has now become tradition in BIWPA camps, in this second edition of the Easter Camp we enjoyed again the participation of an ex-player of Spanish water polo, Blanca Gil. Blanca was considered the world’s best player in three occasions, and she was a member of the Spanish National women’s team that won the silver medal in the European championship in 2008.
Blanca did a special master-class in which she shared experiences and knowledge with all the boys and girls. All the participants did not hesitate to take a photo with the ex-player after their training.
Institutions support
As in previous occasions, this camp was provided with the collaboration of Balearic Swimming Federation and the Town hall of Sóller. These collaborators offered their support to BIWPA helping to develop activities to spread water polo in the Balearic Islands.

BIWPA Easter camp finishes with successful participation one more year. More than 25 boys and girls from 11 to 16 years old came during their Easter vacations to the 3rd edition of the Camp that BIWPA organizes every year.

Coming from New Zealand, United States, Ireland, Mexico, Canada, England… the young water polo players enjoyed the best sports facilities in Barcelona at CAR of Sant Cugat, where they lived and trained together with other athletes for 5 days of the Camp.

Training and Fun

During this week, campers participated in 2 daily training sessions of technical and tactical work, and water polo games during the afternoon. All of the activities were directed and supervised by a great team of coaches: Xavi Balaguer, Enric Arnella, Sarah Lizotte, Ferran Pascual and Yuri Colet.

But BIWPA Camps are much more than just water polo and one of our objectives is that the campers have an unforgettable experience. A part from the trainings, the participants enjoyed different activities like soccer, volleyball, basketball which were supervised by Camp monitors: Guillem Campeny and Eric Colet.

High level Master Classes

One of the best aspects about the BIWPA camp is the huge number of worldly water polo professionals that collaborate with us, sharing their experiences and expertise with the campers. This offers great prestige to our program.

This year the young water polo players had the opportunity to train next to Ana Copado, Clara Espar, Dani Sullà, Josh Stiling, David Stiling and Joel Esteller, they all took part in different master classes and brought unique aspects of water polo.

In addition of the water polo player’s master classes, there was also the presence of Christian Fernandez, Physical therapist of the Spanish National Team, and Gonçal Zegri, water polo referee.

Sponsors Support 

We also want to mention the collaborators that not only supported this Camp but pervious BIWPA Camps. From here we want to thank Turbo, Danone, Nocilla, Isostar, BIC, Quely and Veri, for all of the products that they provided us.


We´ve talked with Marwan Riad, who was with us in our water polo camp. He is a nice guy and loves water polo.

Marwan Riad is an athlete who has participated in our 2015 Summer camp who is from Slovenia and lives in Cairo, Egypt. Marwan has improved tremendously since BIWPA as he says “My Playing style has developed magnificently since BIWPA. Water Polo has been my passion for the past 4 years… I fell in love with this game”. Marwan will be competing in the national tournament, which he says “We will hopefully win”. Marwan and his team competed in the international tournament in Cegled, Hungry, which they placed third in an intense semi-final, with the other team only winning by one goal”. He has mentioned that after BIWPA “I have developed better skills in the Centre forward position”. 

This is great to hear that Marwan has taken the skills we have taught him and is using them in order to be a better player. Marwan has high hopes and dreams as he would like “to make the Egyptian National Team and get a scholarship to a University in the UK or US to pursue my dreams”. It is amazing and admirable the dedication Marwan has for the sport, as he mentions “I train daily because if I don’t, I feel like my day has been wasted”. We hope to see Marwan back at BIWPA to further develop his talent within water polo and help him make his dreams come true.


About BIWPA:

Barcelona Waterpolo Life is a lifestyle, is the passion for water polo and the city of Barcelona, the home of some of the greatest water polo teams and, of course, a place where you can find the most prepared facilities for training this sport. Thanks to BIWPA tutorship, this will become the best water polo experience of your life.

water polo camp
One of the Romanian figures who have left their mark by Spain, Dorin Costras, will coach BIWPA’s water polo camp in Mallorca. During the time that elapses technically, he will be one of the technicians who will work with the formation of the young athletes. We have the big luck that all BIWPA coaches are top professionals, and are capable of transmitting perfectly our philosophy.
Costras has extensive experience behind him. He has been a professional water polo player and also a regular of the bench, as a coach, from where he has led several Catalan teams like CNAB, Mataro and CE Mediterrani, until in 2013 when he returned to his homeland to lead the historic Oradea.
As a player, he also has an enviable sporting career. Since leaving the C.S. Crisul Oradea in 1989 has worn the cap and bathing suit of different colors. The first was with CN Barcelona, ​​where he started  in 1989 and spent a year, until the following season when he made an appearance in Barceloneta where he remained for three seasons. One of them, being player-coach. He also went through the CN Sabadell, CE Mediterrani and CN Mataro.
But undoubtedly one of the most noteworthy aspects of his long career as an elite athlete, was to be undisputed member of the Romanian water polo team. Between 1978 and 1993, among other international events competed in the 1980 Summer Olympics in Berlin Worlds (1978) and Perth (1991) and all Europeans until 1993.
In short, in the BIWPA water polo camp at Mallorca, the boys and girls who attend will have the opportunity to learn a high technical level, that will help and show you all the secrets that are hidden within this sport. As in a recent interview our co-founder, Yuri Colet said: “Mainly it provides opportunities for people looking to improve, have fun, learn and make friends. The methodology BIWPA is always present in all services, training camps, the camps academia, etc. At the end our goal is to help water polo players be their best!