MALAVIKA GUBBI, Water polo coach and referee in Bangalore, India

My internship at BIWPA has been one of the most valuable experiences. It has broadened my knowledge of the different skills, techniques and also the approaches which are important for the development of players and teams. The internship has given me a comprehensive knowledge, confidence and experience to be a better coach.

I was  fortunate to be able to visit many clubs and watch their training sessions and matches during the internship. Quim Colet and Yuri Colet are great mentors and coaches and were always willing to share their knowledge and expertise. The constant support from all the BIWPA staff also made the internship a wonderful experience.

Malavika foto BIWPA 1

EDORTA URIARTE, player at Deportivo Bilbao

For me it has been a great help to be able to participate in this internship. I can’t think of a more ideal place to learn to develop trainers than one of the capitals of the world of waterpolo, Barcelona. In addition to taking theoretical classes with people who have trained teams of the highest levels, I have been able to make it to practice thanks to the training sessions that were held at the camp and camp coaches helped me a lot to leave me a small group to myself, so this way I could apply lessons I learned although at first it cost me a little. Also because it is an international camp, I have been able to meet coaches from different corners of the world and learn their training methodologies. On top of all of this, my stay was complete with afternoons with the boys and girls of the camp so I have been able to make great friendships. It has been a great experience and I hope to go to the camp in Easter or summer to be able to learn more about water polo!

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