Agreement BIWPA-CNSF

As of season 2019/20, all the international athletes from the Academy will compete with the different age groups of CN Sant Feliu

The BIWPAcademy and Club Natació Sant Feliu (CNSF) have reached an agreement for all the Academy international athletes to compete and train with CN Sant Feliu. BIWPA’s Sports Director, Quim Colet, and the president of CNSF, Jorge del Ojo, have formalized the agreement a little less than a month to start the 2019/20 season in the Catalan water polo competition.

The Academy student athletes will continue training every morning with their own coaching staff and with all the international and local players, as usual, but their experience with a local club will be with CNSF, a club team located in the Barcelona area with more than 50 years of history.

The agreement represents a step forward in the sports growth of the Academy players, since it will make it easier to the coach to keep track of the individual improvement of each player with their club team. 

Quim Colet (BIWPA Sports Director) and Jorge del Ojo (CNSF President)

Quim Colet (BIWPA Sports Director) and Jorge del Ojo (CNSF President) | Photo credit: CNSF

Quim Colet think it’s a very positive agreement:

“We want to work together the youth categories with common objectives and with the beautiful combination between the local players of CNSF and the international ones that BIWPA can contribute. It is a personal as well as sports and technical enrichment for both parties and a way to internationalize the great work that is done with the clubs in Catalonia through CN Sant Feliu”.

Fran Torres, one of the new coaches of the Academy technical team, is also coaching different age groups at Sant Feliu and will be the perfect link between the morning training sessions at BIWPA and practices with the club in the afternoon.

The Academy players that will join CNSF will build up different age categories as the infantil (14u), cadet (16u), and juvenil B (18u). Additionally, as part of the agreement, BIWPA will sponsor the juvenil B (18u), which will be named BIWPA Academy/CN Sant Feliu B.

The relationship between BIWPA and CNSF is oriented mainly to work with the young athletes. Thus, BIWPA will encourage players from CN Sant Feliu to be part of combined teams to participate in international tournaments, such as the KAP7 Tournament in California, in which the BIWPAcademy has already participated once.


Cover photo: José Luis Fernández (CNSF Water polo chairperson), Jordi Blasco (CNSF Vice president) Quim Colet (BIWPA Sports Director), and Jorge del Ojo (CNSF President) | Photo credit: CNSF