water polo camp
One of the Romanian figures who have left their mark by Spain, Dorin Costras, will coach BIWPA’s water polo camp in Mallorca. During the time that elapses technically, he will be one of the technicians who will work with the formation of the young athletes. We have the big luck that all BIWPA coaches are top professionals, and are capable of transmitting perfectly our philosophy.
Costras has extensive experience behind him. He has been a professional water polo player and also a regular of the bench, as a coach, from where he has led several Catalan teams like CNAB, Mataro and CE Mediterrani, until in 2013 when he returned to his homeland to lead the historic Oradea.
As a player, he also has an enviable sporting career. Since leaving the C.S. Crisul Oradea in 1989 has worn the cap and bathing suit of different colors. The first was with CN Barcelona, ​​where he started  in 1989 and spent a year, until the following season when he made an appearance in Barceloneta where he remained for three seasons. One of them, being player-coach. He also went through the CN Sabadell, CE Mediterrani and CN Mataro.
But undoubtedly one of the most noteworthy aspects of his long career as an elite athlete, was to be undisputed member of the Romanian water polo team. Between 1978 and 1993, among other international events competed in the 1980 Summer Olympics in Berlin Worlds (1978) and Perth (1991) and all Europeans until 1993.
In short, in the BIWPA water polo camp at Mallorca, the boys and girls who attend will have the opportunity to learn a high technical level, that will help and show you all the secrets that are hidden within this sport. As in a recent interview our co-founder, Yuri Colet said: “Mainly it provides opportunities for people looking to improve, have fun, learn and make friends. The methodology BIWPA is always present in all services, training camps, the camps academia, etc. At the end our goal is to help water polo players be their best!