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In the previous post we tell you that Anni Espar will be our BIWPA’s Easter Camp 2014 ambassador. But we have more good news: Anni will not be alone in this task, because the recognized water polo player, Felipe Perrone, has also agreed to be our ambassador .

Felipe Perrone (Rio de Janeiro, February 27, 1986 ) is a Spanish-Brazilian water polo player , who’s currently playing with  CNA Barceloneta,  with whom he won his last title to date, the bronze medal at Belgrade 2013 Final Four.

However, Felipe is globally recognized as an international -absolute category- player, in the Spanish national team, with whom Perrone was proclaimed in the 2009 world subchampionships in Rome 2009.

As a member of the Spanish team he has been able to train in the most advanced and specialized facilities: the CAR, the center about we told you in ‘BIWPA Easter Camp in CAR Sant Cugat ‘ post.

With the Spanish selection, he also won two bronze medals, one in the World Championships in Melbourne and another in the el European Water Polo Championships in Belgrade ,  in 2007 and 2006 respectively.

By then, Felipe had already achieved a gold medal in the 2005 Mediterranean Games in Almería, when he was not even 20 years, which was a clear sign of the great Spanish-Brazilian’s talent.

In his resume he also has three silver medals at the 2009 Mediterranean Games Pescara, and the Super Final of the 2006 World League Athens and 2012Amati,was also chosen Ideal 7 all star team in the 2012 London Olympics as the best player of the Spanish league last year.

The Spanish-Brazilian’s talent was perceived around the world during his time as a junior player; he played three junior world championships, two with Brazil -when he was 15 and 17-, and one with Spain with 19 years, with whom he won a bronze medal in Mar del Plata 2006.

Felipe Perrone

Felipe Perrone

It was at that moment, when the player’s career took off with much more force, to become the water polo icon who he is today.

Felipe is highly valued both in Spain and abroad, due to his work, effort and dedication to the sport that he loves. And for that reason, along with his fantastic work on the water -of each individual as well as the team-, Felipe Perrone is an exceptional player with a successful career.

Felipe Perrone and BIWPA’s team have a close relationship, so he dedicate us these kind words: “BIWPA is an opportunity for those players who want to pursue water polo excellence, and trace new paths to get the success”

“Furthermore, BIWPA has much more than a Easter Camp program, they also offer many other programs that are tailored to each player. They even have programs for athletes who want to combine sport with studies during other periods of the year. It is a perfect situation for all young players, those who are hardly fighting for water polo’s future”.

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At BIWPA we could not be more proud and happy for having Felipe Perrone with us: his experience in the CAR, and his passion for water polo, makes him a perfect ambassador for our Easter Camp 2014.