joel esteller

How was the idea of organizing an international tournament?

I have worked with BIWPA since the inception of its Summer Camps in 2014 and 2015, but the ideas and projects never stopped and in September 2016, I proposed my intention to carry out any of the projects that had been raised in our meetings Cristina Marin general manager. Soon the idea of ​​an international water polo tournament that I raised to Cristina became more than just an idea for me.

Youth is not a common category in tournaments …

One of the keys to successfully realize the project was the age of the participants. Youth is not a common category in national and international tournaments. However, it is a very interesting age to promote and develop as it is the last age group before the move to the senior level. It is always a highly motivated group that has no peer tournaments where level can be measured and can test themselves.

So far it’s been a successful call with teams in England, Italy, France and of course Catalunya …

The first reports published regarding the tournament created a lot of interest and team registering for the tournament have come from cities all over Europe. Players, coaches and delegates continue to send requests for information and most are enthusiastic about the project. Barcelona is a city with a strong power of attraction for both sporting and tourism. The BCN International Turbo Cup will be a spectacle.

The dates are suitable for teams can reach a little more ground balls season …

Another positive aspect is the timing, in September after the period of summer vacation, players participating in the tournament BCN Turbo Cup come to the competition just before the start of the league competition, is the ideal way to start the season.

What you will find participants?

The tournament will be held from 9 to 11 September, with five games being played at the municipal swimming pool Montjuic, one of the most symbolic parts of the city. The aim is to create an environment not only for sports but also maximum comfort, so players can share and enjoy their experiences.

What does it mean to you on a personal level take care of this tournament?

Personally directing this project is an ambitious challenge for me, water polo is my passion, and to organize this competition allows me to enjoy the atmosphere involving sixteen teams playing and sharing the experience of an international competition. Great European water polo powers such as Hungary and Italy will be represented among other countries. With all these different communities, the tournament is assured to be a sporting success. We are also mulling various options that will enhance the good atmosphere in the pool. It is a good chance to come for the inaugural tournament and to make the most of the three days in Barcelona.