On February 11th and 12th, the eighth edition of the prestigious Kap7 International Water Polo Tournament will take place in Irvine, California. This is a landmark event in American water polo that gathers together the best players in the country.

Two hundred teams will participate in this edition; an impressive number that can only be reached by this tournament, which has been named an “American giant,” on more than one occasion by coach of the US national team, Dejan Udovicic. BIWPA will be presented at this tournament by our friend and water polo expert, Kevin Peat. Throughout his successful career, Kevin has been a player, a coach and has worked in other water polo related positions. We will use this tournament as an opportunity to follow the path we set at Junior Olympics, with the aim to let North America know what BIWPA is and show them how we can help develop both their sports and their studies.

The Kap7 Tournament only takes place in the United States, not only because of the large number of participating clubs, but also for the opportunity to hold a high performance competition on the national stage. It is also a perfect platform for players to demonstrate their skills and attract the attention of college coaches. Some of the water polo players who are lucky enough to meet us will have the incredible opportunity to experience living in Barcelona, training at BIWPAcademy, competing in what is perhaps the best league in the world for their age group, and studying in ES International School, in one of the cities that can be named a Mecca of this sport: Barcelona.

So, once again, BIWPA will travel across the Atlantic Ocean in order to participate in a spectacular event where we will undoubtedly receive a warm welcome, just as we did at the Junior Olympics.