no te pierdas nuestros campus de waterpolo

Ferran Plana, graduate of Physical Education from INEF BCN, technician at the Catalan Swimming Federation of 8 years, head of the men’s group at the training center and professor of the Coache’s School of of the Catalan Swimming Federation, is currently the technical director and men’s head coach of the CN Sant Feliu team.

Dr. Yurema Sabio, trainer at theCatalana Swimming Federation of 6 years, head of the Talent Detection program and assistant coach of the Technification Center as well as a teacher at the Coache’s School of of the Catalan Swimming Federation, is currently Assistant Researcher at the Director of the Functional Molecular Biology’s office at the University of California Davis.

Both, with their substantial professional experience, have worked under the supervision of Quim Colet and have trained young people from 14 to 17 years old at CAR of Sant Cugat in technification programs and today express their opinion about the benefits of our Biwpa waterpolo camps.


The experts’ opinions

Ferran Plana, Technical Director & Head Coach CN Sant Feliu

“Each complementary activity that the kids practice daily is very positive. The campus is perfect for the global development of the kids. In addition to being able to go more in depth about things that they don’t experience day to day (individual technique depending on the athlete, lack in some areas, very specialized situations…), the social field (many relationships are made, some friends, collaboration with different technicians and professionals such as tutors, coaches …) and the personal autonomy (coordinate the different schedules they have, take care of free time, enjoy work and rest …) take more importance. In short, many of the areas of child integrity are developed through sport (which is the most important educational tool) and the great work done in the campus. I one hundred percent recommended!”

Yurema Sabio, Assistant Researcher at University of California Davis

I think that de Summer Camp is a very good option for athletes who want to mainly improve the technical aspects of our sport in an excellent environment, with experienced coaches, many resources and the latest technology for sports. Besides enjoying water polo, you can meet people and make friends from all over the world, practice and study English, Spanish, and Catalan, and visit one of the best cities in the world.