water polo academy

Could you imagine having the opportunity to live in Barcelona and train water polo with some of the best coaches? This is what all our Academy students are doing thanks to BIWPA. Our young athletes come from all around the world with the same goal: to improve their water polo skills while enjoying a new cultural experience far from their home.

· Alison Doherty, 13 years old (California, USA)

“Ever since my first day at BIWPA Academy I feel like I’ve been improving my skills a lot. My goals are to improve my water polo skills and at the same time my ability to speak and understand Spanish and Catalan fluently”

I love this experience here in Barcelona. I’m here with my mom and my sister Kelly and I wish I could stay here forever; it’s amazing, I love it so much!”

· Kelly Doherty, 16 years old (California, USA)

“My goals are to improve as a player; as a more technical player and be able to read offense and defense. Just to improve all around. By now I feel like I’ve definitely improved my water polo skills

“I am really enjoying this experience. It’s a different lifestyle from the United States and I really enjoy everything about it”

· Eleni Kokinos, 17 years old (California, USA)

“My main two goals are to get on the ODP team which is the American Olympic Development team and to hopefully play water polo in college”

“I think that my swimming has improved the most. Since I’m a fairly slow swimmer and now I’m actually beginning to progress in that aspect, so it’s been very positive”

“I’ve made lots of friends in the Blume residence and I really enjoy my time going to school here. I really enjoy having the freedom to go out and explore Barcelona