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Although our Water Polo Summer Camps ended a couple of weeks ago, many parents and kids have wanted to take the end of the holiday to give us their opinion about their stay at our campus. Our Water Polo Summer Camps have been a success, and we are delighted with the beautiful words that many participants have shared with us. Among all, we have chosen some so you may know about what it’s like to train with BIWPA.

And for those who have not been able to send your impressions, we invite you to make a comment at the bottom of this page, we want to know how was your stay with us!


“You learn a lot of new things very quickly and is a great mix of fun and water polo. The only thing I would change is to spend more time on campus, it has been an unforgettable experience.” Frederik, 16, Denmark.

“Everything in the BIWPA’s Water Polo Summer Camp is high performance, even the coaches.” Rafa, 15, Brazil.

“The workouts have been impressive on a technical level. BIWPA’s Water Polo Summer Camp is pure perfection.” Alberto, 14, Spain.


“Lauren has had a wonderful time on campus. The coaches, boys and girls of the campus and the opportunity to play with older teams has been amazing. It has been a magical experience that Lauren will not forget.” Joan, father, UK.

“I want to thank BIWPA to organize such a wonderful and such a professional and caring experience. Frederik spent the best week of his life, and now only talks about BIWPA, their coaches, Barcelona and water polo. I’m sure this will not be the last time Frederik participates in a BIWPA’s program, and I will share the BIWPA experience on our water polo club as much as I can.” Christian, father, Denmark.

“I want to thank BIWPA staff for the interest and care they’ve taken with Iason and Kimon. Together they have created a friendly atmosphere that has contributed to the success of the campus. Kimon and Iason are already preparing their participation for next year.” Manolis, father, Greece.

“Miquel has come delighted with BIWPA experience, the level of training has been intense (more exercises in the water, longer and at a higher performance) and has loved to see the Spanish women’s water polo.” Antonio Martin, father Spain.

Our Easter Camp 2014  has finished with a great success. Athletes, children and their parents have told us their impressions after their participation in our Easter Camp 2014. Of all, we’ve chosen some to give you an idea about how was the first water polo camp at BIWPA.

Let’s start with the elite athletes who have join us. Felipe Perrone, Anni Espar and Anna Copado attended the campus and offered various water polo master classes to our guys.

‘During these days I could see how the children have learned the different concepts with ease. This proves that this campus is very positive for their sport growing. I think all parents can be sure of their children have had contact with the high level water polo, as well as they have built friendships and experiences that they will remember forever ‘- Felipe Perrone, international player with the Spanish team, and Easter Camp 2014 ambassador. –

‘Biwpa’s camp is a unique opportunity to train in the environment where the best athletes in the world train. Train at CAR makes children understand what means to have a top-level sport daily routine and life. For me it was great to join the kids in the water. I thoroughly enjoyed helping them to improve their tactics. I loved their enthusiasm. ‘ -Annie Espar, water polo world champion with the Spanish team and Easter Camp 2014 ambassador. –

‘The idea of the academy was very interesting, but see how it really works was great. Being part of the Easter Camp was a great experience, and I was pleasantly surprised to see so many female presence. I want to highlight the illusion of boys and girls, and also all the work and the passion that the organization and the coaches have had to develop the programs and training session. ‘ -Anna Copado, Olympic Games medalist in London-


Parents of the children enrolled in the Easter Camp also were very satisfied. We have received numerous calls and e-mails to congratulate us.

Our son Antxon, has completely enjoyed the campus, and it has been profitable for him. He made friends, has practiced English and now he boasts with his teammates about the trainings with the Spanish team players. He wants to apply what they learn in the next game of Waterpolo’– Iñaki, father, Basque Country. –

‘The experience had been unforgettable for Toni. Mi son has been delight with the training method, the coaches, the facilities, etc. He explained that Mr. Perrone was very friendly with the kids, something to be welcomed in someone as popular and important in the water polo world. He also told me that a sports store opened on a Saturday just for the campus guys. What a treat! -Tina, mother, Majorca. –

‘The facilities are excellent for athletes development, whatever their specialty is. All athletes would dream with them. We feel as very positive complement the conferences included in the program; especially the talks about feeding, the values ​​to be pursued and also about the idea that it is possible to combine your studies with an intensive sport routine.’ – Jose Mª, father, Canary Island. –

‘We loved the organization: the kids are all day doing activities and achieving great friends. Also, they return at home happy because they have been in contact with professional water polo players and because they have learned and improved their level of the sport that they love ‘. -Tere, mother, Valencia. –

‘Sara won the prize for Most Valuble Player this weekend at the San Diego Cup. Her team won silver, or second place. I want to thank her wonderful BIWPA coaches of CAR. Her experience shows the wonderful effect they have had on her confidence and her water polo skills.’ -Jessie, mother, California.-


And at last, but not least, the testimony of the real protagonists: our boys and girls.

‘I’ve learned a lot of technique and tactics through the three coaches: Joan Colomer, Xavi Balaguer, and Yuri Colet . The method was very interesting because in the afternoon sessions we applied what we had seen that morning in lectures and videos ‘. -Jan, Catalonia, 13 years old.-

‘The campus was great, and the CAR facilities are amazing. I enjoyed knowing and communicating with children from other countries, it was funny . If what you want is to learn more about water polo and improve your level, I would definitely recommend it .’ -Aris , Greece , 16 years old –

‘The relationship with mates was great, and we are still in touch, we have a good friendship. I especially liked the meetings with professional players. Training with Felipe Perrone was amazing. He was very friendly at all times . He taught us and we learned so much , I loved to meet him. ‘– Luis , Valencia, 17 years old-

In general, the comments, e-mails and calls are for congratulate or thank us. We also want to thank you all who have been part of the first BIWPA Easter Camp. Without you, It would not have been possible.

And if you didn’t come, remember that there are many other BIWPA programs waiting for you. And also, we’ll have two  Water Polo Summer Camps this year.  We hope to see you there!