By Xavi Gómez.

This weekend was played in La Jolla (San Diego, CA)  the final of the NCAA National Championship in the United States and that has resulted in the victory of UCLA by a single goal scored within 34 seconds end of the match.

In the Canyonview Aquatic Center and with full stands as usual in the US, two prestigious universities faced, which are at the same time, two of the most portentous brackets on the national scene.

The game was developed as evenly as possible in the absence of a minute to conclude the match, the light reflected a draw to eight goals. In the absence of 34 seconds, the player UCLA Gordon Marshall scored the winning goal for the joy of California stands. The great performance of Junior Danny McClintick -author of four goals-, earned the award for most valuable player of the finals.

Moreover, the defeat of the Trojans against UCLA also had the architect goalkeeper Garret Danner, who made 9 stops versus six in his counterpart at the other end.

Thus, UCLA returns to NCAA champion after his last win in 2004 and it is the ninth times are boosted to the utmost the podium. “It’s one of the best teams where I played, nobody cares who scores the goal or gets the credit. This is what we must do to achieve success, ” settled the MVP of the finals to accredited media. For his part, known USC coach Jovan Vavic admitted that his team was “a step away from victory, but we did not take our chances.”