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Goalkeepers Dani Sullá (Catalunya, Valencia Waterpolo, CN Barcelona) and Ana Copado (Ruby, CE Mediterrani, Montjuïc, Sant Andreu and CN Terrassa) will be with us for the Easter Camp, collaborating with the goalies who will join us. Both with a lot of experience in the goal. Dani has more than fifteen years in Division de Honor and Ana also having great experience to show in her display case with a silver medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
Great news we wanted to share with everyone because we emphasized on previous occasions in training goalkeepers in our Camp. In this 2016 year, we could not go wrong with this peculiar position within water polo.
dani sullaBIWPA has always had a special attachment to goalies. It is not an easy position. Responsibility is high and more when you’re “the last defense against the goal” as Ana Copado says. It is the most individualistic position, “half of the team is the goalkeeper in water polo” we mentioned Dani Sullá, a direct disciple of Jesus Rollan who shaped him in CN Catalunya and does not hide what a privilege it was to grow as goalkeeper with his idol.
The two of them have asked for some statements that Dani Pinedo who we mentioned in our blog alluding to the lack of care given to goalkeepers in Spain. Both agreed on what the keeper of Atlétic Barceloneta said. The lack of staff in most of the clubs leaves many goalkeepers neglected. “80% of the goalkeeper training was not adapted to our needs. In Spain this position has been self-learning “ emphasizes Sullá . For Ana Copado, she mentioned that “except in the selection, it is difficult to find clubs that have a person dedicated to this position.”
For this reason the two goalkeepers encourage goalies to attend the camp and help guide them to find “your style and way of being a keeper” as Dani Sullá says. ana copadoAna Copado says she wants to convey the experience and advice she has gained over twenty years practicing this sport.
So goalkeepers! This Easter you will have two teachers of the three clubs to lend you all the attention of the world and continue to grow as people and athletes. A unique opportunity that can only be found in our water polo camp.

From March 29 to April 4 comes the second edition of Easter Camp of BIWPA in the CAR of Sant Cugat. Only a few spots remain available for one of the best campus modernization International water polo, so if you have not signed up,  do it soon!

As with all our campus, participants will double daily training session and enjoy various master classes led by professionals. This year also our Easter Camp CAR has a special for goalies, led by Dani Lopez Pinedo, and a workshop for coaches basic technique for goalkeepers by Ferran Plana.

Also we will be lucky to inaugurate the campus with a presentation by Pedro Garcia Aguado ‘Toto’, world champion and gold medal in Atlanta ’96, who will speak about values ​​in sport entitled “Journey of Learning”.

As always, the Water Polo Camp Easter has some of the most qualified technicians in our country, which transmit our training methodology for participants to improve their water polo level.


Xavi Balaguer: It takes an entire linked to swimming pools, mainly in the CN Sabadell where he coached the senior team of girls between 2003 and 2007, life was then in charge of the technical direction and the men’s team. His proven experience makes the technical direction of BIWPA campus is in good hands.

Yuri Colet: Formed as a coach in the ranks of CN Sant Andreu, where he became the second in command of André Avallone female absolute angle. For a year he led the team all female Agrupació Esportiva Santa Eulalia and now has started a project in Majorcan land in Soller Gymnàpolis Water Polo Club as technical director and entrenador. Named coach of child Balear team will participate in the mixed championship child Spain.


Dani Gomez: Current technical coordinator and coach categories of CN Ruby with extensive experience in this position. He also worked in the Catalan Swimming Federation as part of the technical staff as coach of the men’s group at the center of modernization Joaquin Blume.

Christian Fernández: Physiotherapist and Osteopath established reputation. His career has always been linked to sport and its relationship with the Spanish waterpolo is a good proof. Served on the staff of Spanish women’s water polo Olympic team silver medalist who proclaimed in past Olympic games in London in 2012. In addition to treating players Spanish water polo team has also helped in his recovery professional players like Juan Chela among others.


Dani Lopez Pinedo: Named best goalkeeper in the last edition of the Final Six, last year was proclaimed, with his team Atlétic Barceloneta European Champion and has won every title possible nationwide. It was part of the Spanish Olympic team at the 2012 London Olympics past in addition to defending the Spanish goal in multiple competitions, highlighting the silver in Rome 2009.

Ana Copado: One of our regular collaborators, was Olympic silver medalist in the last Olympic Games in London 2012 with the Spanish selection. He has represented Spain in various competitions of the highest international level. He began his career in the CN Ruby and after playing on different teams honor division, currently defending the goal of Terrassa Swimming Club.


Anni Espar: Our beloved ambassador needs no introduction. Anni is world champion and Olympic silver medalist Europe. and three-time European champion with his current club CN Sabadell. Also in 2012 was named best European player of the LEN, and was chosen for seven of honor at the London Olympics 2012.

Jaume Teixidó: Although he left the competition as waterpolo player CN Catalunya at age 19, has been refereeing games since 22. Today is one of the best Spanish referees. It is international referee since 2008/09, in this short period of time has arbitrated several final among which the World Female League in 2013 and Beijing last European Championship in Budapest refereed the match for the bronze medal women.

Bret Lathorpe: This American player has been part of the US team in junior and university selection. It was part of the water polo team at the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA), last season’s NCAA has served as Assistant coach for UC Davis, and currently plays in the Agrupació Esportiva Santa Eulalia.