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By Joan Colomer, BIWPA coach.

All of our training programs, from our water polo camps to Team Training Camps, through our Full and Short Water Polo Program, are based on a specific training methodology  for maximum performance. Today we will tell you a little more about the BIWPA‘s training methodology.

Our trainings are based on the methodology applied in team sports, where to get the most out of the player and the team, we create the ability to solve the specific problems facing it during competition, training through situations as similar the competitive event. This is asking that his actions are made ​​with the involvement of different factors mixtures and simultaneously.

This specific methodology that allows us to approach the peak performance through a simulation as close as possible to competition, is what we call “Integrated Workout”. For comprehensive training understand all those simplified game situations through which we try to develop technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects that are required in the competition.


This integrated training concept is based on the physiology of sport which demonstrates that ADJUSTMENTS (a result of training) are specific to the type of training performed, and the intensity with which we trained.

As already stated, the main objective of training is to bring integrated conditions of competition to the practice of training. This structuring of the work is what fits most the players. There are other objectives, that may be secondary, among which we highlight the possibilities: give variety to the physical working environment and technical learning under conditions of fatigue.

To achieve the first objective, to train in conditions close to the competition, you have to be really precise. There preferential relations and integration of training should follow some guidelines which can extract this concept the most. These three preference relations refer to dual three groupings:

• Strength and technique.
• Reaction rate and individual tactics.
• Resistance and gameplay.

Game actions respond to more or less standardized biomechanical parameters are conditioned by factors (conditional, motor, informational, psychological, environmental equipment) and require constant adaptation to the changing situation.Most times the correct perception of reality and the decisions that the player adopts, will make profitable or not the implementation of the technical and tactical action.

Therefore, when assessing the training content we will consider exercise to be carried out from three points of view:
1. Perceptual.
2. Resolution.
3. Execution.


There isn’t an exact formula to achieve athletic success. However, many of the great water polo champions share a common denominator: the High Performance Centre of Sant Cugat (Centro de Alto Rendimiento de Sant Cugat, CAR).

The CAR was established in 1987, shortly before of the arrival of the Olympics in Barcelona, in the year 92. ¿And which is CAR’s goal? To be a specialized training center for Spanish athletes who play Sports -considered- minority.

With this leitmotif, and 25 years later, the CAR has become a benchmark as high performance centre internationally. More specifically it has been, and it is currently, essential to promote water sports, especially synchronized swimming and water polo.

Much of the CAR Sant Cugat’s prestige comes from its modern and customized training methodologies. It also has the most advanced facilities and a 360º staff for the athletes. All the staff members work with a single goal: enhancing the natural talent of each player to achieve the excellence, and simultaneously, to optimize his contribution to the team which he or she belongs.

For this reason, the CAR has recently opened a new module which include, among other facilities, 3 pools that cover all the needs for a High Performance training. This pools also incorporate the latest audiovisual and sound technology systems (also underwater systems), to analyze the specific technical and tactical training aspects of each player.

Now BIWPA (Barcelona International Water Polo Academy) gives you the opportunity to live the experience of training in the same resort where Anni Espar or Felipe Perrone has trained.


Anni Espar

Biwpa hosts the first Easter Camp designed by and for water polo players. Easter Camp is a golden opportunity for those who want to enjoy a different vacation during the Easter period, participating in a unique water polo camp, with players from different countries and adding the infinite attractions that just a city as Barcelona can offer.

There are different dates for Easter holidays, depending on the country or the region that you’re from, so BIWPA offers 2 different options:

• April, from the 14th till 20th

• April, from the 21st till 27th

BIWPA uses a cutting-edge training method that improves water polo player skills (individual technique and tactics), and it also includes emotional development and mental strength training.

These methods will be conducted by professionals with proven experience at national and international level; the camp will take place in one of the best European facilities, and our two ambassadors will also visit the Easter Camp, Anni Espar and Felipe Perrone .


Felipe Perrone

Registration is now open and the feedback has been very positive. As soon as preparations for the campus advance, we will tell you everything that happens in this blog, on our Facebook and on Twitter.

Until then, and if you want to know more details, we invite you to take a look at the BIWPA’s web, particularly at Easter Camp program .

This way you will understand that Easter Camp is not another campus over water polo, it’s the opportunity to develop the technical skills of water polo for a week, and in the best environment that you can imagine.