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easter water polo camp
After the first successful edition in 2015, BIWPA has organized the Easter Camp in Sóller (Majorca) once again led by young hopefuls of the Balearic water polo. 
From March 28 to April 1, more than 25 boys and girls coming from all parts of the world (New Zealand, Scotland, the United States…) and from different clubs of the Balearic Islands. They all participated in this second edition of the camp that took place in the facilities of Son Angelats sports center.
The campus was directed by Yuri Colet, the technical director of Water Polo Club Gymnapolis of Sóller, with skilled coaches in his technical staff such as Dorin Crust, one of the Rumanian figures of water polo, and Alex Pagès, the coach of the Club Gymnapolis.
The days were divided in double training sessions, one in the morning and one in the evening. They were combined with different leisure activities, other fun sports games, and lotteries with awards for all the participants.
Blanca Gil, an elite collaborator
As it has now become tradition in BIWPA camps, in this second edition of the Easter Camp we enjoyed again the participation of an ex-player of Spanish water polo, Blanca Gil. Blanca was considered the world’s best player in three occasions, and she was a member of the Spanish National women’s team that won the silver medal in the European championship in 2008.
Blanca did a special master-class in which she shared experiences and knowledge with all the boys and girls. All the participants did not hesitate to take a photo with the ex-player after their training.
Institutions support
As in previous occasions, this camp was provided with the collaboration of Balearic Swimming Federation and the Town hall of Sóller. These collaborators offered their support to BIWPA helping to develop activities to spread water polo in the Balearic Islands.

 How did you start in waterpolo?

I came from the world of swimming and I took part in it. My brother also did it but he decided to change sports. I followed him.

What do you remember about your beginnings and when you start playing in the national league?

My beginnings were a good step because I only thought about having fun and nothing else (waterpolo hooked me like a drug). The first year that I started playing I stood out in the ascent phase being the best player and the national team called me. It was a very nice stage I will never forget. At club level my first team was the best I had (very modest) and pure companionship.

Your big jump was going to Italy to play. How was this transfer given?

Well, after four years disputing international tournaments with the national team, I was able to choose to play in several teams. And I did not think twice, because at that time it was the best league in the world and my goals were different.

 What are the differences between Spain and Italy?

Well I don´t like to comment on something that for the moment I do not know , 10 years ago I went to Italy and honestly over the years there are things I could not see or experience firsthand in Spain. I can speak about Italy, a very competitive league and in my case a professional league (because I´ve always lived off waterpolo) very hard and serious training which for me was a job and responsibility. I learned a lot in every aspects, tactical, technical…

 With the national team you have been one of the most influential players…  (Brief overview of your career with the national team)

The Spanish team has given me a lot! I have had the opportunity to learn from all the coaches who have gone through the selection. Thanks to them and thanks to all the colleagues who have accompanied me throughout my career, I have been the player I was and am very grateful for that and I value it.

A notorious episode of your career was your frustrated signing with Pro Recco, what had happened and which were the consequences?

Orizzonte, the team where I was playing in that moment, did not give me the desire to go to play with Pro Recco. Orizzonte behaved very badly with me but I have forgiven. The consequences were that I lost a good and excellent contract, but I decided not to stop my career. In five days I took the bags with my husband and I went to play the Greek league with the Olympiakos team. There I had the opportunity to learn a different way of working, although I was not very happy at first because it was not in my plans.

But without any doubt one of the biggest obstacles that you have encountered in your career was the uterine cancer detected in 2009. How did you live that period?

It was a very bad and hard period, but I surprised myself with my reaction, I had to keep doing what I liked and I had to stay in the top.

Recently, you decided to hang your swimsuit, why?

Circumstances of life and changes, the reasons are clear: to dedicate to my family. I suffered 15 years around the world without my parents and my brothers and I could not enjoy them. Now I want to have more time and give more attention to my son and my husband. Being on the highest level and being a mother is like being a superwoman! Life are stages and now is a new one. Although the decision was hard to take, one day it had to end. And now it has come my time!

Now that you are no longer in active, you want to stay linked to waterpolo. What awaits the children who come to your campus in august in Mallorca?

Mainly my goal is that they have fun and learn everything they can, and to stay with the memory of having been a special time and it was worth it. Transmit all what I have learned, I also want to get involved like one of them with the same enthusiasm as when I started.

What do you think about biwpa and in your opinion how can it help waterpolo?

Everyone should support and recognize that biwpa is doing a competent and a quality work. It is helping greatly to international waterpolo. I wish I had had the opportunity in my time to make a campus of this level.  It gives the opportunity for players to have a more complete training and this indirectly helps all clubs.

In BIWPA we are celebrating. In conjunction with the Balear Swimming Federation and with the indispensable collaboration of Blanca Gil, we have developed the first Blanca Gil water polo camp from August 23rd to the 29th at the sports facilities of Son Hugo in Palma de Mallorca. Once one of the best water polo players in the world, she will be with the promising youth of water polo daily to train and form the future men and women players coming from all over the world.

With the usual methodology BIWPA utilizes in all its camps, two training sessions everyday combined with various complementary activities, players attending born between 1997 and 2003 can establish their own pattern of exercise adopted from the most acclaimed athletes.

Blanca Gil will be part of the technical staff and will be an essential pillar, for her long professional career is a very important element. She was named the best female water polo player in the world on four occasions (2005, 2007, 2009 & 2013) and she has played in Spain and Italy where she triumphed achieving great success. Additionally, she was an international player with the national team becoming a benchmark for Spanish athletes.


Thus BIWPA continues the objectives set from its inception with the spread of water polo at the national and international level and the promotion of high-level performance. We are grateful for the close collaboration with the Balear Swimming Federation and their support of water polo. BIWPA returns to Mallorca after the success of the Easter camp on the island.

In short, the boys but the girls especially- given the figure of Blanca Gil- have an incredible opportunity with BIWPA from August 23rd to 29th in Mallorca. If you were born between 1997 and 2003 this is your chance to learn from one of the best Spanish water polo players.

Blanca Gil, BIWPA and the Balear Federation are waiting for you!

From 5 to April 11 BIWPA will be in Sóller (Mallorca) providing a water polo campus with the collaboration of the Balearic Swimming Federation and the City Council of Sóller. With the help of both entities, the promising young water polo born between 1998 and 2003 can train two daily sessions based on the model developed by BIWPA modernization.

This is the first time a campus of this magnitude in the Balearic Islands and therefore BIWPA take their highly skilled technicians to attest to the importance of this campus is performed. In addition to the double sessions and afternoon training Tomorrow the kids will enjoy training sessions related to individual technique that allows them to continue growing in water polo. Under unbeatable waterworks of Sóller, will be the perfect setting for this sport.

As usual, everything the sportsman needs will be provided by BIWPA, including the sports equipment. The technicians in charge of the campus are the most qualified and they credited their experience and training in the field.


Yuri Colet: This young Catalan carries water polo in the blood. Trained as a coach in the ranks of the CN Sant Andreu, where he became the second in command of the senior women’s squad. For a year he led the sports structure of Agrupació Esportiva Santa Eulalia and now has started a project in Majorcan land in Soller Gymnàpolis Water Polo Club as technical director and coach.

Itziar Antón: It was one of the great promises of Madrid waterpolo. He began his career in AR Concepción then turn in Ondarreta, Dos Hermanas, CN Ciutat and the finally she played in  La Latina. She’s been playing a lot of games with the Spanish junior National Team. He has combined his life in the world of sports to academic education, specifically in Psychology So it provides the tools to teach future promises the best of the sport guarantees.


Christian Fernández: Physiotherapist and Osteopath established reputation. His career has always been linked to sport and its relationship with the Spanish waterpolo is a good proof, he was in the Staff of the Spanish National Team when they won silver at London 2012. In addition to treating players Spanish water polo team has also helped in his recovery professional players like Juan Chela among others.

Joan Colomer: It has turned sports training new talent waterpolo. He has participated in other projects such as High Performance coach at the Center for Modernization of the FCN, internal Blume (1999-2005) as part of the technical team of the Spanish National team; and now we are lucky to have him in the BIWPA. He is also a coach at the lower levels of an historic Catalan waterpolo such as Poble Nou who currently plays in Division de Honor.


Blanca Gil: Has played with the Spanish team on numerous occasions, being named best player in the world in 2005, 2007 and 2008. He has played in teams Swimming Club Ciutat, CE Mediterrani and Sabadell, besides the ASD Roma, Olympiacos and Catania.

Poli Baños: this majorcan combines his vocation nurse with her activity as a referee in the National Waterpolo League refereeing in the Division of Honor. She’s now also refeering the junior international competitions.

Bret Lathorpe: This American player has been part of the US team in junior categories and the second senior team. It was part of the water polo team at the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA), and work as an assistant coach for UC Davis, and currently plays in the Agrupació Esportiva Santa Eulalia.