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By Xabi Gómez.

The next April, days 7,8 and 9 will mark the first time in Euskadi waterpolo campuses thanks to the collaboration of BIWPA and the Basque Swimming Federation. During those days players will have double training session to deepen or improve the knowledge already acquired through our coaches Xavi BIWPA Balaguer, Joan Albella and timely collaboration of Luis Reigadas. In addition, the clinic will attend a national referee to guide young people in the rules and facilitate their understanding. Also be noted that during two days the players on the advice of the physiotherapist Nerea Gomez to learn how to perform pre- and post-exercise stretching in water.


Xavi Balaguer: It takes an entire linked to swimming pools, mainly in the CN Sabadell where he coached the senior team of girls between 2003 and 2007 and was subsequently set by the male life. His proven experience makes the technical direction of BIWPA campus is in good hands.

Joan Albella: forged as a player in the quarry of CN Olot, soon went to the bench after his retirement. After a period in the quarry of the Club, received the offer of Askartza Waterpolo where for five seasons is the Technical Director and also coach of Euskal Herria.


Luis Reigadas: The current coach of Maristak, Basque club that competes in Euskal Herria leagues and a connoisseur of waterpolo in Bizkaia. Their work will be complemented by Balaguer address and Albella.

Nerea Gomez: Graduated in Physiotherapy and Master Posturology Ramón Llull University of Barcelona. His family is linked to the sport for years. His brother is water polo player and his father on a regular calls for the Spanish team in the medical device. Its function will be oriented to the postural education and primary education stretches a water polo player must perform.

As it is established, the technical team will be part BIWPA on the campus of Leioa has considerable experience in the field will undoubtedly help young players in their progression through training of technical improvement of BIWPA. All technical luxury box is wishing that date arrives for the campus.

On April 7th, 8th and 9th  BIWPA‘ll be Leioa (Bizkaia) offering a clinic for boys and girls born between 1996 and 2003 with the invaluable assistance of the Basque Swimming Federation. Over three days, waterpolo players interested in attending the campus may have the opportunity to train concentrated in two daily sessions led by coach Xavi Balaguer and Joan Albella. Both have an experienced and accredited profile background in the sport.

The clinic will take place in the pool Askartza in Leioa and, for those who wish may stay at the residence Atalaia Claret in the center.


It will highlight the main technical gestures at the individual level and also be fitted with a specialist goalkeeping coach. To balance and level groups, the participants will be divided into age clínic to better learning.

In addition to video sessions and lectures, BIWPA provide all the needs of the future promises of waterpolo and full equipping of BIWPA, now classic in our campus.


Prices have been designed taking into account the sensitive time faced by many families and, therefore, range between 350 and 260 euros depending on whether young people remain or not in residence therefore understand that the Basques players, having your home close, wishing to stay overnight in their homes.

In short, BIWPA comes to Bilbao for future promises of the sport to concentrate and enjoy this sport at its best. Training hard, making new friends and improving or settling the previously learned concepts.


By Xabi Gómez

From January 2nd to 11th BIWPA offers a water polo clinic for boys and girls around the world. The intensive training will take place on the premises of CAR in Sant Cugat (Barcelona) under the direction of our BIWPA  technicians .



Xavi Balaguer. He has been his entire life linked to swimming pools, mainly in the CN Sabadell where he coached the senior team of girls between 2003 and 2007 and was subsequently set for the male team. His proven experience makes the technical direction of BIWPA’s campus is in good hands.

Yuri Colet. This young Catalan has water polo in his blood. Trained as a coach in the ranks of the CN Sant Andreu, where he became the second in command of the senior women’s squad. For a year he led the sports structure of Agrupació Esportiva Santa Eulalia and now has started a project in Majorca in Gymnàpolis Soller Water Polo Club.


Iñaki Zabalza. After his experience as a professional player where he played for Waterpolo Navarra Honor Division, took over the women’s senior team UPNA where he reaped good results. A year ago decided to start a new phase in Peru where it has been commissioned to design a solid plan for water polo in the Andean region.

Miguel Cidoncha. The Californian player trained at the prestigious UCLA combining studies and sports. It was from there that he decided to make the jump to Spain where he played in the CN Sant Andreu de la Division de Honor. He continued combining studies and sports after obtaining a master in Sociology at the University of Barcelona.



Christian Fernández. Physiotherapist and Osteopath established reputation. His career has always been linked to sport and its relationship with the Spanish water polo is a good proof. In addition to treating players Spanish water polo team has also helped in his recovery professional players like Juan Chela among others.

Ferran Plana. Degree in Physics and specialized in swimming section Education, has been linked to the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation and the Catalan Federation. Since 2014 directs the structure of Sant Feliu of the First Division where he is reaping great results.


Gonçal Zegri. Degree in psychology and water polo referee. Your contribution will be key to better understand the intricacies of the game from the arbitral perspective.

Anni Espar. One of the most decorated players of recent times in Spain. Is part of the generation that so many successes are providing national water polo. Although youth has been enshrined as one of the most decisive, thanks to which players earned an athletic scholarship to the United States in 2012 where he played with the USC Trojans proclaimed champion of the NCAA. Silver and gold at London 2012 in the Barcelona World 2013 and gold in the 2014 European Budapest A treat to have her on our campus BIWPA.