The LEN Champions League is here. The most important clubs appointment will take place in Budapest (Hungary), specifically in the legendary pool of Alfred Hajos in the Margarita Island.

In this same place, two years ago, the woman Spanish national team became European champion. Our ambassadress Anni Espar was there and keeps an indelible memory of this event.

The six best teams of the moment will fight for taking the reign that nowadays and since last year Pro Recco has, when they won in Barcelona their eighth European cup. Besides the Italian team, the next teams will contest in the 2016 Final Six: ZF-Eger (Hungary), Jug Dubrovnik (Croatia), Szolnoki Dózsa-Közgép (Hungary), Olympiakos (Greece) and our representative the CNAB.

All the teams have the intention of become the European champion. The great rival, as every year since the arrival of Volpi to the Italian club is Pro Recco, composed by a completely All Star world team. With top players like Sukno, Tempesti, Mandic, Bodegas, etc.

But this time, the organizers want that the Final Six can be a massive event, for that reason, this time the pool will have its maximum capacity, even more than the European championship in 2014. It is calculated from the organization that the pool will have an approximate capacity of 6.000 locations without counting the media and the VIP locations.

Besides, the fans that will move will be numerous. In the case of Olympiakos, there are hundreds of tickets for the greek fans that with no doubt, will fill the stands with atmosphere and its unconditional support. They hope to repeat the success in 2002 when they raised the trophy in the Margarita Island for the first time.

From BIWPA, we want to send the best wishes to CNAB and specially to one of our best collaborators: Dani López Pinedo. But also we want to wish good luck to our BIWPA ambassadors Felipe Perrone and Xavi Garcia.