By Xabi Gómez.

The Club Esportivo Hebraica from  Sao Paulo will be in Barcelona this week and will be advised of BIWPA throughout their stay in the city. The Brazilian team has been with the junior category but also has two cadets to take the opportunity to know the city and train with the best possible means. Just landed on Sunday, they could enjoy the opportunities offered by Barcelona and, as spectators attended the match between FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. An unforgettable experience for these promises of Brazilian water polo.


Their presence in Catalonia is divided into two parts. First, they will be in the CAR of Sant Cugat supervised at all times by our technical BIWPA Dani Gómez. During the morning sessions will be geared to learning through videos and later with sessions of individual vehicles by stages of the game. Always under the methodology commonly used BIWPA on their campuses. In the evenings, in the same facilities of CAR, the kids can put into practice the knowledge they acquire through various matches with local teams like Rubi and Sant Feliu.

In the second phase of their stay, the Brazilian team will travel to Barcelona where seize own morning to visit the city and discover the many cultural intricacies that hides Barcelona. In the afternoon, they played games with children’s teams CN Barcelona, Horta and Poble Nou. Definitely a unique experience for all the kids who can ‘compete’ and improve their individual and collective game in his native country, it would be difficult to reproduce.


Hebraica Sao Paulo, a peculiar history

This club has a striking historical journey. Born in the 50s thanks to the Jewish community, hence its name in the Brazilian city due to the existing social discontent then on youth. They were at first, 400 members who bought the land where the first foundations of a building that today houses a multitude of sports disciplines would rise.

Originally, it was a meeting place for Jews of the town, where they offered a social and recreational space to its members. Society grew rapidly soaring highs being recognized for its role in the community and especially among the young. The decade since the sixties, helped the Club, as well as offering various social initiatives, promote the sport more competitive level, eventually leading to a prestigious club whose athletes have been winners at national and international level.