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The HaBaWaBa it is the most important event dedicated to 6 to 13 year-old children coming from all over the world. It involves athletes, coaches, managers, fans and families. The event is aimed at the waterpolo promotion and spread all over the five continents, in connection with clubs and federations.

Club Nataciò Barcelona is the first champion of HaBaWaBa Plus U13. Catalans won every match of the tournament in Lignano Sabbiadoro, even two crucial games, against Ferencvaros (6-3) and Plebiscito Arechi (6-1). Because of those results, Barcelona reached 21 points in G-B1 group, becoming first HaBaWaBa Plus U13 champion.

There was a big celebration for players in the water and fans on the olympic pool stands. Catalans, coached by Nil Martin, were awarded during the closing ceremony of the event.

The names of the HaBaWaBa Plus U13 champions: Pau Vilar, Joan Garcia, Robert Lopez, Marc Valls, Marc Frigola, Abel Ramon, Nacho Barbagallo, Ivan Villanueva, Bruno Viaas, Oscar Artigas, David Ramirez. These last two players were with us in one of our waterpolo camps. We are really happy for them.

HaBaWaBa Plus U13 final ranking

  1. Club Nataciò Barcelona (Esp)
  2. Spunzillo Salerno 03 (Ita)
  3. Ferencvaros (Hun)
  4. Plebiscito Arechi (Ita)
  5. Akademija Cattaro (Mne)
  6. Mentalfitol Szeged (Hun)
  7. Partizan (Srb)
  8. YBL Budapest (Hun)
  9. Alma Nuoto (Ita)
  10. Spunzillo Salerno 04 (Ita)
  11. Etruria (Ita)
  12. Les Aiglons de Nice (Fra)
  13. Rari Nantes Verona (Ita)
  14. Pescara (Ita)
  15. Primorje (Cro)
  16. Como (Ita)

The Club Natació Barcelona celebrates 108 years of its history. It has been a pioneering club and, until recent years, one of the bastions of Spanish and international water polo.

It was Bernard Picornell who introduced water polo in the CNB and in Spain at the beginning of XXth century. The first match played was in 1908 and since then this sport has always been being present on the shores of the Mediterranean.

In the middle of the twenties, the CNB opened the swimming pool of the Escullera (Breakwaters), a symbol of the water polo in Spain and place where the main players of the club originated.

Up to a few years ago, the CNB was a club that dominated this sport in Spain with infinity of national titles that moved it up to the highest level. The clearest example of that time of splendor [glory] is the ancient swimming pool of the club that today is closed to the public, but those who could live great moments in this swimming pool will always remember the great episodes that took place there.

CNB, 1944. / Waterpolo Legends

CNB, 1944. / Waterpolo Legends

The achieved titles and championships [that were won] are collected in the showcase of the CNB, attesting to how big this club has been and where players of big international prestige have served, like Manel Estiarte, who is probably the most famous for being an outstanding player. To beginning of the eighties, it managed to win the continental title beating the team of Spandau 04. Also, in the middle of the nineties they had obtained a LEN Cup, a title that they repeated almost ten years later.

It was perhaps the last big title that they achieved. After this, the economic problems appeared continuously, thus the club is losing competitiveness but keeps hope and enthusiasm as a flag.

So, this year they celebrate 108 years, and from BIWPA we want to wish the club many years more of long life since it is a club that has always met fondly our entity. There our campus participants have always had a place to keep on growing like sportsmen and persons and its categories teams have always proved to be ready – as those of other clubs – to collaborate with the foreign teams that come to us.

From BIWPA we can only show total satisfaction with the direction our summer campus is taking. We haven’t stopped growing and receiving praise from our participants, a success in which our partner brands have played an important and indispensable role, and we believe we should justifiably remark on.


There is nothing to comment on a brand that speaks for itself. Undoubtedly, it’s number 1 in the world in the field of water polo. With material like shirts, caps and top quality balls, they have equipped our campus with prestige, offering a total wellbeing to all our participants.


For another year its contribution has been essential in giving our players strength and proper hydration throughout the day. Above all, the energy bars! A classic to get energy back between sessions.


A loyal brand to BIWPA from our first campus, which always takes care of our water polo players’ hair after hours in the pool. The shampoo and conditioners worked great, our players love you!


One of the best agrifood brands known in the world that formed part of our campus again. In particular, Chocapics these weeks have triumphed. We ran out! A major boon for our boys and girls’ breakfast.



How these snacks will be missed before dinner… Great debut among our partner brands – Quely, with their bread sticks they have been the delight of all attendees.


Another addition this season, essential to refresh all participants during the tremendous heat wave that Barcelona had these days. The Catalan company is a classic nationally, and from BIWPA we are proud to have their cooperation.


The leading company in distribution of homeopathic pharmaceuticals joined our campus this year too. Fundamental to take care of the eyes of our swimmers after sessions, with eyedrops. They all have appreciated its presence.


One of the most representative companies in terms of stationery, like some brands above, debuted with us this summer. With their pens participants could update in their note pads and jot down everything necessary in language classes.


An important part of our campus is outdoors, so that in addition to being refreshing, it has been essential sun protection. Ladival helped us with their sunscreen, especially during training on the beach and at the outdoor pool.

Also noteworthy is the invaluable help of other collaborators throughout these weeks, of which it seems important to mention. We’re talking about the nutritionist Juana González (Alimmenta), our physiotherapist Cristian Fernández and those responsible at the CAR de Sant CugatClub Natació Barcelona and the BCN Sports Hostel.

To all of you, thanks for helping BIWPA to grow!

Our  Water Polo Summer Camp at the Club Natació Barcelona is really close,  so we’ve decided it’s time to meet the coaches.

The campus at the CNB is supervised by Toni Esteller, one of the biggest names in Spanish water polo. Esteller has been coach of the national absolute team, and his career has been linked to the trajectory of the CNB, where he has been for more than 20 years.


We’ll have  Yuri Colet, Joao Cancela, Joel Esteller  and Joan Basté as coaches. Their background’s prove their professional value and their experience, but we want you know them a little more.

THIS IS ME….Yuri Colet, coach


Age: 23
You live in Barcelona
But if you could choose would you live in: Menorca
When I was a child I wanted to become: a Soccer player
Your childhood cartoon: Dragon Ball
A school memory: When I took 100% points in a math exam
Where did you use to seat in class, first or last row? First row, but something changed…
Beach or mountain? Beach
What is your most valuable possession? Family and friends
If you were an animal, you would be: A bird so I could fly, it would be cool .
A book: ‘Play with your heart’ written by Xesco Espar 
A movie: ‘ Running Scared ‘
A music group or singer: ‘Tots and the mythals’
Favorite meal: Gratin macaroni
Favorite drink: Guaraná
A virtue: Patience
A defect: Messy
A fixation: Bitting nails
Your fear: Open sea
You started with the water polo due to: My family, they encouraged me
You’ve played with : C.E. Mediterrani and a year in the A. E. Santa Eulalia.
What you like about training is: The feeling of being part a group of friends which wants to achieve common goals and get collective satisfaction.
If water polo wouldn’t exist, your sport would be: Handball
Cristiano Or Messi? Messi
Another hobby: Bicycle
On TV you watch …: Game of Thrones . But also football , the NBA, and sports channels.
Tip: ” You can always learn “

THIS IS ME…. Joao Cancela, coach


Age: 26
You live in Barcelona
But if you could choose would you live in: There’s still a lot to know about Barcelona
When I was a child I wanted to become: an engineer
Your childhood cartoon: Asterix
A school memory: My friends
Where did you use to seat in class, first or last row? In the middle
Beach or mountain? Beach
What is your most valuable possession? Family
If you were an animal, you would be: A dolphin
A book: ‘“No principio estava o mar” Gonçalo Cadilhe
A movie: “The Drifter”
A music group or singer: John Butler Trio
Favorite meal: Duck rice
Favorite drink: Water
A virtue: Tolerant
A defect: impatient
A fixation: Controlling
Your fear: Reptiles
You started with the water polo due to: I was a swimmer, but it felt lonely, and I changed.
What you like about training is: The friends you make
If water polo wouldn’t exist, your sport would be: Surf
Cristiano Or Messi? Rob Machado
Another hobby: Surf
On TV you watch …: The news
Tip: ”Do what makes you happy, because life is about it!”

THIS IS ME…. Joel Esteller, assistant coach

joelblogAge: 26
You live in Barcelona
But if you could choose would you live in: Barcelona, it’s the best city
When I was a child I wanted to become: a water polo player
Your childhood cartoon: Disney
A school memory: My friends
Where did you use to seat in class, first or last row? Last row
Beach or mountain? Beach
What is your most valuable possession? My family
If you were an animal, you would be: A wolf
A book: ‘‘Play with your heart’ written by Xesco Espar 
A movie: “The Wolf of Wall Street”
A music group or singer: Earth wind & fire/ Michael Jackson
Favorite meal: T-bone steak
Favorite drink: Water
A virtue: Friendly
A defect: Impulsive
A fixation: The sun
Your fear: Injuries
You started with the water polo due to: It was a family tradition
What you like about training is: The peer environment
If water polo wouldn’t exist, your sport would be: Handball
Cristiano Or Messi? Messi (of course)
Another hobby: Music
On TV you watch …: Sports

THIS IS ME…. Joan Basté,  assistant coach


Age: 22
You live in Caldes de Montbuí
But if you could choose would you live in: Hawaii
When I was a child I wanted to become: sportman
Your childhood cartoon: Son Goku
A school memory: The soccer games
Where did you use to seat in class, first or last row? Last row
Beach or mountain? Beach
What is your most valuable possession? Family
If you were an animal, you would be: A tiger
A book: ‘“All my brothers”  Manel Estiarte
A movie: “Shutter Island”
A music group or singer: Bob Marley
Favorite meal: Rice
Favorite drink: Coke
A virtue: Friendly
A defect: Stubborn
A fixation: Make noises with my mouth
Your fear: Losing what I need
You started with the water polo due to: My mum.
What you like about training is: Suffering
If water polo wouldn’t exist, your sport would be: Surf
Cristiano Or Messi? Messi
Another hobby: Surfing
On TV you watch …: The news
Tip: ” If you fight for what you want, you’ll have everything you want!”

After the success of the two weeks of our water polo Easter Camp, BIWPA has prepared a great experience for those who want to improve their level of water polo this summer. In order to do this, we have available two very special Summer Camps!

Both camps maintain Biwpa’s philosophy, sports empowerment through individual athlete development.

This sports program is directed by Biwpa’s coaches, who apply the methodology, the technification, the intensity and rigor that characterizes all of our programs. It is also a perfect opportunity to improve your language skills, as this camp offers the possibility of taking English or Spanish classes for players who wish so.

On one hand, you have the opportunity to sign up at the Water Polo Summer Camp to be held in Club Natació Barcelona (CNB). This campus, which will take place from June 30th to July 13th, is perfect for all those athletes (boys and girls) born between 1998 and 2003 who love the beach. CNB facilities allow this campus to do certain leisure activities related to the beach. Those attending the campus will not only improve their water polo level but they will also enjoy beach sports during their stay on campus. You can find more information here.

©Ferran Pagès

From July 14th to August 10th , we have a Water Polo Summer Camp to be held in the CAR of Sant Cugat. This campus is designed for boys and girls born between 1997 and 2002. In it, the athletes will not only improve their game, but will have the opportunity to live the experience of elite athletes, enjoying facilities of sporting excellence and an unique sporting environment. If you want to know more about this campus, you will find more information here.

The summer camps, available for attendees  in half and full board, are made with the help of Kap7-Turbo and Isostar. It is a unique opportunity to take advantage of the summer, as they enhance sport and  linguistic and cultural immersion, creating friendships and relationships without borders in a playfu , fun and very friendly atmosphere.

If you want to sign up at our Water Polo Summer Camps, you can do so here. And if you have any question, please mail to