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Barcelona is one of the most important cities when talking about water polo. It has been the host to the Olympic Games (1992), Worlds (2003 and 2013), European Cups (2014 and 2015 Final Six) and will host the European Championships in 2018. The city also contains very excellent facilities that allow athletes to develop into their full potential. We could highlight all of the terrific aspects of the city, but the list is endless so we will only refer to a few:
  • High Performance Center of Sant Cugat CAR 
This is the birthplace of the Spanish Olympics. Because of there facilities, they have harvested some of the most well known Olympic sport legends. With a lot of sweat and tears these prestigious athletes have reached the highest level in their respected sports.
  • Blume
If the CAR is the cradle, Joaquin Blume of Barcelona is the residence and genesis of Spanish water polo and all of its successes. The golden generation of great deeds has brought them international success for which they are known today.
  • Municipal pools of Montjuic
These pools are indescribable. They overlook all of Barcelona and they are the the usual venue for major events that the city hosts. With the beautiful views of Barcelona, great facilities and athletic attraction these pools have been proclaimed world champions of Europe.
But this is does not contain the facilities and in the city and its surroundings where many teams participate in friendly matches and trainings in order to improve the competitiveness of the sport.
Therefore, for those athletes who have contacted BIWPA, Barcelona offers multiple opportunities. Since 2014, nearly 20 teams from around the world have used Barcelona International Waterpolo Academy to prepare for a major event or simply to progress as a team through competition.
And the opportunity BIWPA offers in this area is unmatched. Barcelona has seen teams from Sweden, United States, Netherlands, Australia, Portugal, France … and many have come back to enjoy this experience once more.
Of course there is a special collaboration with the many different Catalan clubs that reside in this area. This collaboration has allowed teams that have come through BIWPA to play against these remarkable clubs.
Finally, sports aside, there are countless opportunities offered in one of the most important cities in the world. Overlooking the Mediterranean, as it has always been throughout its history, Barcelona has many things to see: jewels of Modernism and contemporary architecture, markets, treasures of the ancient Roman and medieval town …
Barcelona Gauí

Barcelona Gauí

From BIWPA we can only show total satisfaction with the direction our summer campus is taking. We haven’t stopped growing and receiving praise from our participants, a success in which our partner brands have played an important and indispensable role, and we believe we should justifiably remark on.


There is nothing to comment on a brand that speaks for itself. Undoubtedly, it’s number 1 in the world in the field of water polo. With material like shirts, caps and top quality balls, they have equipped our campus with prestige, offering a total wellbeing to all our participants.


For another year its contribution has been essential in giving our players strength and proper hydration throughout the day. Above all, the energy bars! A classic to get energy back between sessions.


A loyal brand to BIWPA from our first campus, which always takes care of our water polo players’ hair after hours in the pool. The shampoo and conditioners worked great, our players love you!


One of the best agrifood brands known in the world that formed part of our campus again. In particular, Chocapics these weeks have triumphed. We ran out! A major boon for our boys and girls’ breakfast.



How these snacks will be missed before dinner… Great debut among our partner brands – Quely, with their bread sticks they have been the delight of all attendees.


Another addition this season, essential to refresh all participants during the tremendous heat wave that Barcelona had these days. The Catalan company is a classic nationally, and from BIWPA we are proud to have their cooperation.


The leading company in distribution of homeopathic pharmaceuticals joined our campus this year too. Fundamental to take care of the eyes of our swimmers after sessions, with eyedrops. They all have appreciated its presence.


One of the most representative companies in terms of stationery, like some brands above, debuted with us this summer. With their pens participants could update in their note pads and jot down everything necessary in language classes.


An important part of our campus is outdoors, so that in addition to being refreshing, it has been essential sun protection. Ladival helped us with their sunscreen, especially during training on the beach and at the outdoor pool.

Also noteworthy is the invaluable help of other collaborators throughout these weeks, of which it seems important to mention. We’re talking about the nutritionist Juana González (Alimmenta), our physiotherapist Cristian Fernández and those responsible at the CAR de Sant CugatClub Natació Barcelona and the BCN Sports Hostel.

To all of you, thanks for helping BIWPA to grow!

We are retaking this session in relation to the BIWPA Camp Manel Estiarte that will be held in the end of June in the facilities of Club Natació Barcelona.

Manel Estiarte is, if not the best, then one of the best water polo players that this sport has ever seen. For his merits he was inducted to the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 2007. He was the Olympic Champion in Atlanta 1996 and won Olympic silver in Barcelona 1992, he was the World Champion in Perth 1998, got silver in Perth 1991 and Rome 1994, he won silver in the European Championship in Athens  1991 and bronze in Sheffield 1993.

On the club level he obtained two European Cups – one with CN Barcelona and another one with an Italian club, Pescara. Among his merits are also found 9 national leagues (5 with CNB and 4 with Pescara), 11 national cups (5 in Spain and 6 in Italy), and the Prince of Asturias Award in sports, along with other individual titles… oh! And the world’s best water polo player 7 years consecutively… next to nothing.


Manel Estiarte was born in Manresa (Catalonia) in 1961. He started practicing swimming early, and from there moved to water polo. From his early years he showed remarkable skills at ball possession. During his sport career he formed part of the Spanish senior national water polo team on 580 occasions and scored over 1.500 goals for Spain in international competitions. With 19 years he debuted in the Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980, and since then he did not miss any Olympics till Sydney 2000 where he bore the flag of the Spanish delegation during the opening ceremony. After the Olympic Games in Sydney Manel Estiarte decided to finish his career.

Since his retirement from the swimming pool his life has been being connected with sports through clubs, such as FC Barcelona and, currently, FC Bayern Münich, always together with his friend Pep Guardiola.

The club of his life is CN Barcelona, on the facilities of which will take place the Camp that is named after him. Manel Estiarte certainly possesses the widest variety of personal and team awards  and is considered to be the best of all times for his talent and dexterity. For all that, a chance to visit the Camp and to meet personally the greatest athlete is a unique opportunity for all the promising waterpolo players who are forming the future of our sport.

By Xabi Gómez.

This weekend was  the XXIX edition of the Copa del Rey (King’s Cup) in the beautiful facilities of CN Barcelona. How could it be otherwise, BIWPA has been present in parties and among others in BIWPA, were able to watch the games the Dutch teams that have participated in training of modernization of BIWPA.

The draw for the Copa del Rey left the following matches for quarterfinals: Atlètic-Barceloneta Vs CE Mediterrani with a clear victory by Chus Martin; CN Sabadell Vs Terrassa which ended with the victory of the latter before a seasoned Sabadell always led by Chava Gómez, who testified that despite having more limited than their neighbors, always try to give the best resources.


CN Mataró Vs Poblenou left us several readings, one of which is undoubtedly the good work of Mataró coach, Bob Fernandez I take the premiere of his rivals for the first time ever in a quote from this level. But surely the party of choice for these quarterfinals was the great match we left Barcelona hosted the CN and the Real Canoe. A hotly contested clash that ended in penalties and served for Toni Esteller be classified for the next round to the delight of the home crowd, he had in his young goalkeeper Star game.

The semifinals also left large parties. On the one hand the anticipated final between Terrace and Barceloneta. A disputed crash that ended with the victory of the sailors by a tight 8-6. On the other hand, the other ‘semi’ between CN Mataro and Barcelona was also a nice game to be concluded, not without controversy that if, with a tight 9-7. For both teams, highlight the French Medhi Marzouki and Brazilian Oneto Gomes, author of three goals each.


The end was decanted advance. The Atlètic-Barceloneta was much higher than your opponent and win was 11-5. Thus, the sailor club wins his third consecutive Cup title and enlarges further his legend on the national scene.

Perhaps one of the best readings leaving us this Copa del Rey 2015 is the good reception of the public who has had, and is to do this type of event in Barcelona is synonymous with success. The organizers of the CNB made public at all times were hooked to the show.

Our  Water Polo Summer Camp at the Club Natació Barcelona is really close,  so we’ve decided it’s time to meet the coaches.

The campus at the CNB is supervised by Toni Esteller, one of the biggest names in Spanish water polo. Esteller has been coach of the national absolute team, and his career has been linked to the trajectory of the CNB, where he has been for more than 20 years.


We’ll have  Yuri Colet, Joao Cancela, Joel Esteller  and Joan Basté as coaches. Their background’s prove their professional value and their experience, but we want you know them a little more.

THIS IS ME….Yuri Colet, coach


Age: 23
You live in Barcelona
But if you could choose would you live in: Menorca
When I was a child I wanted to become: a Soccer player
Your childhood cartoon: Dragon Ball
A school memory: When I took 100% points in a math exam
Where did you use to seat in class, first or last row? First row, but something changed…
Beach or mountain? Beach
What is your most valuable possession? Family and friends
If you were an animal, you would be: A bird so I could fly, it would be cool .
A book: ‘Play with your heart’ written by Xesco Espar 
A movie: ‘ Running Scared ‘
A music group or singer: ‘Tots and the mythals’
Favorite meal: Gratin macaroni
Favorite drink: Guaraná
A virtue: Patience
A defect: Messy
A fixation: Bitting nails
Your fear: Open sea
You started with the water polo due to: My family, they encouraged me
You’ve played with : C.E. Mediterrani and a year in the A. E. Santa Eulalia.
What you like about training is: The feeling of being part a group of friends which wants to achieve common goals and get collective satisfaction.
If water polo wouldn’t exist, your sport would be: Handball
Cristiano Or Messi? Messi
Another hobby: Bicycle
On TV you watch …: Game of Thrones . But also football , the NBA, and sports channels.
Tip: ” You can always learn “

THIS IS ME…. Joao Cancela, coach


Age: 26
You live in Barcelona
But if you could choose would you live in: There’s still a lot to know about Barcelona
When I was a child I wanted to become: an engineer
Your childhood cartoon: Asterix
A school memory: My friends
Where did you use to seat in class, first or last row? In the middle
Beach or mountain? Beach
What is your most valuable possession? Family
If you were an animal, you would be: A dolphin
A book: ‘“No principio estava o mar” Gonçalo Cadilhe
A movie: “The Drifter”
A music group or singer: John Butler Trio
Favorite meal: Duck rice
Favorite drink: Water
A virtue: Tolerant
A defect: impatient
A fixation: Controlling
Your fear: Reptiles
You started with the water polo due to: I was a swimmer, but it felt lonely, and I changed.
What you like about training is: The friends you make
If water polo wouldn’t exist, your sport would be: Surf
Cristiano Or Messi? Rob Machado
Another hobby: Surf
On TV you watch …: The news
Tip: ”Do what makes you happy, because life is about it!”

THIS IS ME…. Joel Esteller, assistant coach

joelblogAge: 26
You live in Barcelona
But if you could choose would you live in: Barcelona, it’s the best city
When I was a child I wanted to become: a water polo player
Your childhood cartoon: Disney
A school memory: My friends
Where did you use to seat in class, first or last row? Last row
Beach or mountain? Beach
What is your most valuable possession? My family
If you were an animal, you would be: A wolf
A book: ‘‘Play with your heart’ written by Xesco Espar 
A movie: “The Wolf of Wall Street”
A music group or singer: Earth wind & fire/ Michael Jackson
Favorite meal: T-bone steak
Favorite drink: Water
A virtue: Friendly
A defect: Impulsive
A fixation: The sun
Your fear: Injuries
You started with the water polo due to: It was a family tradition
What you like about training is: The peer environment
If water polo wouldn’t exist, your sport would be: Handball
Cristiano Or Messi? Messi (of course)
Another hobby: Music
On TV you watch …: Sports

THIS IS ME…. Joan Basté,  assistant coach


Age: 22
You live in Caldes de Montbuí
But if you could choose would you live in: Hawaii
When I was a child I wanted to become: sportman
Your childhood cartoon: Son Goku
A school memory: The soccer games
Where did you use to seat in class, first or last row? Last row
Beach or mountain? Beach
What is your most valuable possession? Family
If you were an animal, you would be: A tiger
A book: ‘“All my brothers”  Manel Estiarte
A movie: “Shutter Island”
A music group or singer: Bob Marley
Favorite meal: Rice
Favorite drink: Coke
A virtue: Friendly
A defect: Stubborn
A fixation: Make noises with my mouth
Your fear: Losing what I need
You started with the water polo due to: My mum.
What you like about training is: Suffering
If water polo wouldn’t exist, your sport would be: Surf
Cristiano Or Messi? Messi
Another hobby: Surfing
On TV you watch …: The news
Tip: ” If you fight for what you want, you’ll have everything you want!”