Last week, BIWPA, represented by Yuri Colet, participated in some conferences dedicated to the training of water polo technicians, thanks to the invitation of the Swedish Federation.

Yuri Colet attended the conference as a guest, invited to a symposium in Stockholm, organized by the Swedish Swimming Federation for all aquatic disciplines. The National Body was pursuing the goal of deepening the required knowledge in forming water polo basis, at technical and tactical level, for collective and individual games.

The day was a real success. Among the public there were different profiles, from the technician with many years of experience behind them, to young ones who were beginning to be trained and formed. “The truth is that the dynamic was very positive, in every moment there was a good participation and any doubt and question of the attendees was dissipated”, describes Yuri Colet who values very well the opportunity of this offered knowledge &, who doesn’t discard at all the possibility of the repetition of this invitation for the BIWPA.

The appointment to which attended Yuri Colet as the co-founder of BIWPA, had its origins in the Team Train Camp that the Swedish team SK Neptune carried out 2 years ago. The Greek technician, Alexandros Vlastos was delighted and as its results, a professional relationship was established.

It also coincides, with an important moment for BIWPA, as this summer, continuing with the implemented philosophy in our Academy which helps the players to grow their skills in the game, the horizon that the technicians can also participate in our programs has been opened. In this way, they can continue to grow and increase in their knowledge and therefore, professionally in their respective areas in which they can carry out their task.

The interships are an innovative instrument in its field which is already bearing its fruit as could be seen this summer with the participation of different technicians. Following this training methodology, Yuri Colet went to Stockholm trying to transfer the knowledge which is being applied in different services of which BIWPA is making use.