By Xabi Gómez.

The next April, days 7,8 and 9 will mark the first time in Euskadi waterpolo campuses thanks to the collaboration of BIWPA and the Basque Swimming Federation. During those days players will have double training session to deepen or improve the knowledge already acquired through our coaches Xavi BIWPA Balaguer, Joan Albella and timely collaboration of Luis Reigadas. In addition, the clinic will attend a national referee to guide young people in the rules and facilitate their understanding. Also be noted that during two days the players on the advice of the physiotherapist Nerea Gomez to learn how to perform pre- and post-exercise stretching in water.


Xavi Balaguer: It takes an entire linked to swimming pools, mainly in the CN Sabadell where he coached the senior team of girls between 2003 and 2007 and was subsequently set by the male life. His proven experience makes the technical direction of BIWPA campus is in good hands.

Joan Albella: forged as a player in the quarry of CN Olot, soon went to the bench after his retirement. After a period in the quarry of the Club, received the offer of Askartza Waterpolo where for five seasons is the Technical Director and also coach of Euskal Herria.


Luis Reigadas: The current coach of Maristak, Basque club that competes in Euskal Herria leagues and a connoisseur of waterpolo in Bizkaia. Their work will be complemented by Balaguer address and Albella.

Nerea Gomez: Graduated in Physiotherapy and Master Posturology Ramón Llull University of Barcelona. His family is linked to the sport for years. His brother is water polo player and his father on a regular calls for the Spanish team in the medical device. Its function will be oriented to the postural education and primary education stretches a water polo player must perform.

As it is established, the technical team will be part BIWPA on the campus of Leioa has considerable experience in the field will undoubtedly help young players in their progression through training of technical improvement of BIWPA. All technical luxury box is wishing that date arrives for the campus.