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Could you imagine having the opportunity to live in Barcelona and train water polo with some of the best coaches? This is what all our Academy students are doing thanks to BIWPA. Our young athletes come from all around the world with the same goal: to improve their water polo skills while enjoying a new cultural experience far from their home.

· Alison Doherty, 13 years old (California, USA)

“Ever since my first day at BIWPA Academy I feel like I’ve been improving my skills a lot. My goals are to improve my water polo skills and at the same time my ability to speak and understand Spanish and Catalan fluently”

I love this experience here in Barcelona. I’m here with my mom and my sister Kelly and I wish I could stay here forever; it’s amazing, I love it so much!”

· Kelly Doherty, 16 years old (California, USA)

“My goals are to improve as a player; as a more technical player and be able to read offense and defense. Just to improve all around. By now I feel like I’ve definitely improved my water polo skills

“I am really enjoying this experience. It’s a different lifestyle from the United States and I really enjoy everything about it”

· Eleni Kokinos, 17 years old (California, USA)

“My main two goals are to get on the ODP team which is the American Olympic Development team and to hopefully play water polo in college”

“I think that my swimming has improved the most. Since I’m a fairly slow swimmer and now I’m actually beginning to progress in that aspect, so it’s been very positive”

“I’ve made lots of friends in the Blume residence and I really enjoy my time going to school here. I really enjoy having the freedom to go out and explore Barcelona

Water polo is a sport that to a greater or lesser extent practiced worldwide. Asia is, in that sense, one of the forgotten along with Africa. However, work is ongoing and in recent years there have been great strides in Asian countries.
Singapore is a case in point. The great successes in the Asian Games were in the fifties for this country and in the eighties with bronze. Since then little has been done until recently. Of course, in the Games of the Southeast they are clear favorites.
Lee Sai Meng, the national coach does not hide his intention to medium term is to become the fourth power of the region with work and discipline.
In BIWPA we have known this reality in the hands of two players who were with us recently at the Academy. Matthew (2000) and Brandon (2002). Both with great potential and disciplined but as usual at their age, with much room for improvement.
The first, Ferran Pascual our Academy Coach stressed that is a physical marvel. “He has a lot of resistance out and swimming with good movement and footwork. He has good shot but lacks precision. It is noted that his country has no water polo basics work but has potential and could become a good player with hard work and discipline, “says Ferran Pascual.
About Brandon, our Academy Coach points out that for his age he is very strong and that his shooting is spectacular. “He’s left-handed and the truth is that I was surprised with his shot. He lacks coordination with his legs and in individual technical aspects but we have suggested ways to improve this and if he works more with us he could become a very good player. He is disciplined and that helps a lot, “says Ferran Pascual on Matthew.
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What can you tell us of the time with the Riptides Water Polo?

It was my first time in high school, I´ve trained much to improve, I´ve met new people…    It´s been very fun. I´m still not playing because I´m the yougest and I have to work hard to improve my position in the team.

What do you think are your strenghts and your weaknesses?

As a weak point, I´m not very agressive, which is essential in water polo. On the other hand, I value my technique for swimming and defend.

How would you define as a player?

Practically I have just started playing, I have only 2 years. I´m someone who have the desire to learn and to have fun.

What you´ve discovered during these 2 years of initiation?

I like to work in a team. Before I swam and now I am able to train hard with a group where I have more fun.

What has helped you to jump into the water polo from swimming?

Above all in the technique when it comes to swimming, having started with a good domain has been very important.

Where you see in the future?

I´d like to become a first team player, and then if I improve much, I would like to play at the college level and also to get a scholarship at the University.

Do you think that BIWPA can help you to get it?

Yes, because the summer is a good time to improve, and also in my case it helps me to prepare the Junior Olympics, that i´m going to play soon.

As a sporting level I have improved the pass and the shot, because I don´t have a hard shot and thanks to practice i´m perfecting it.

You´ve signed up to do a short program, but would you like to be able to carry out a full program?

Yes while I could combine it with the school.

How did you learn about BIWPA?

My mother looked for a water polo campus in Barcelona and she came across BIWPA, which was good because I could learn the language and the Spanish culture.

What skills do you want to develop in the academy?

Ball handling; we work a lot with the ball and we improve both on offesnse and defense.

Why did you choose Barcelona for your training?

My mother wanted me to learn Spanish and I believed that Barcelona would be the best place for me to improve my skills.


And is it?

Yes, I came last year and this year I decided to repeat because it is a great experience. I learned many things during this time. I believe that it is a good way of integrating a new style of playing water polo with the style of the USA.

How important is meeting new people and learning languages during this process?

It is very important, the more relations I have the better I get along with them. The language can help you to function in other countries and have some additional resource to English.

Spending your second year in BIWPA, do you already feel as a veteran?

(Laughs) A little, but there is still much work to do.

Do you believe that training in BIWPA might help you to get a university scholarship?

I am going to try it, yes. If I obtained a scholarship I would feel that I have been successful in water polo, and this program is helped me to reach this goal.


How did you learn about BIWPA?

I was looking for a program that included water polo in order to finish my high school career. I searched water polo in Europe and BIWPA was one of the first results that I had found. I have studied Spanish before, so an option to pursue my water polo career in Spain really helped me make my decision.

What skills do you want to develop in the academy?

I hope to gain experience a lot of experience at the academy. The athletes who study at the university – that is where I want to play – have much more experience than I do. It takes 5 or 6 years of playing water polo in order to gain this type of knowledge. I hope to gain this type of experience with BIWPA. Also, my position is a center, so I would like to improve my defensive play.

Why did you choose Barcelona for your training?

Like I have mentioned earlier, I am familiar with the Spanish language and it seems to be a beautiful city.



What does it mean to come to Barcelona as a young water polo player?

I am not familiar with the history of water polo that exists in Spain since it is my first time here. When I came, Yuri and Cristina explained to me the long tradition of water polo that exists in Catalonia and the area of Barcelona.

And what are your first impressions?

Coming to play with BIWPA in Barcelona was a big change. It was definitely a challenge in a new city. Also, the demand for the sport was something that I had to adjust to. I was accustomed to training 2 hours for 4 days a week. When I came to Spain I training 5 hours every day.  So yes, it has been a big change for me.

How important is it to meet new people and learn a new language during this process?

Meeting new people was not the most important during this process; rather learning a new language wasthe most important to me. Knowing a different language can help you find work in the future, now I can speak Spanish!

Could you say anything in Spanish now?

(Laughs) Ask me a question.

Do you believe that BIWPA might have helped you choose a university with a scholarship?

(In Spanish) I believe that yes, after 10 months I have the experience to play a higher level than ever before.

Carlo Silvestre (California, 1996), participant of BIWPA‘s Full Program, begins this weekend the season at his new club: Unio Esportiva d’Horta. Silvestre, who arrived in Barcelona on September 1st, is the first participant in a 10-month program that combines intensive water polo training and studies.

Carlo  contacted BIWPA a few months ago to participate in the Full Program, as his greatest desire is to improve his athletic performance to qualify for an athletic scholarship at an American university. The player has come to Barcelona to get ready, and could not have chosen a better academy for this than BIWPA.

BIWPA has customized the Full Program according to the needs of the player. That is why, in addition to attending Spanish classes and have two weekly reinforcement sessions with a BIWPA tutor, Carlo trains in the morning in the Club Natació Barcelona to improve his individual technique and tactics, and in the evenings, he joins his new team, the UE Horta, to compete in the Spanish Water Polo league.

Silvestre has only been in the program for a month, and he could not be more pleased with the results. “The level of water polo here is very high,” he says, “but I’m improving fast, and before the end of the program I’m sure I’ll have reached the level to get the athletic scholarship to facilitate my admission to college.” Carlo is very grateful for the good reception given to his arrival, both BIWPA an his teammates. “Everyone here is very friendly and there is always someone willing to help me improve,” he adds.

In BIWPA we are delighted to have him with us, and we hope he continues enjoying his stay in Barcelona. Cristina Marin, General Manager of BIWPA, states that “the most important thing right now is to help Carlo achive his dream to enter a university with a good water polo program, in order to grow as a student and as a water polo player. He has the necessary skills to be a good player, and I think that with our methodology, the means at his disposal and his effort, Carlo will go far. “