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In general, what do you think about the team training camps (facilities, accessibility, organization)?

The facilities were outstanding. The convenience of walking to CN Barcelona for training and taking the Metro to our competitions made preparations very easy. As I discussed with you in Spain, I would have preferred more formal competitions, rather than the scrimmage type of activities we had at most places. CN Rubi was the closest to what I would have wanted at each place. Meditterani was the least productive activity for us.

What did you and your team think about the level of the Catalan teams?

I was very impressed with the sound fundamentals of each team we played. The level of competition was very appropriate for our team. We were required to play hard and be prepared to compete. Any team from the United States would be able to find competition at the appropriate level.

What did you and your team think about the city of Barcelona?

We loved Barcelona! It is beautiful and very easy to manage. The Metro is very convenient and clean. The city is diverse in food and culture. The people were very friendly and helpful. Our group’s collective ability to speak Spanish was low, but we found that it was fairly easy to get around due to the citizens proficient English.

What did you think about BIWPA as a service?

I enjoyed working with you very much. I wish I would have started the conversation earlier to have more time to really reap all of the benefits of what BIWPA and Barcelona had to offer. I very much appreciated your response and service after the Meditterani issues. I thought overall it was a tremendous experience for our time. Your service was a large reason.

From the 22nd to the 28th of November, Indiana Water Polo University girls were with BIWPA for our Team Training service. The Americans, coached by Barry King, made a total of six intensive days of training with two sessions in the morning and afternoon.
The first in the morning with two hours of preparation in the water at the Club Natació Barcelona facilities and afternoon preparatory scrimmages with different Catalan sports clubs. Among those who were CE Mediterrani, CN Mataro, CN Rubi and Sant Feliu.
These trainings are an added value to your stay in Barcelona because it serves as an opportunity to measure your level with the level of the European professional clubs. In addition, this serves as an opportunity to gauge their potential in the face of competition in the United States.
 The joint address by Barry King, has shown in social networks that Indiana was very pleased with this expedition to Barcelona. Their journey was published in a blog on their website where they wrote about their everyday experiences.
Although the visit served as sports training, it was also the first time many of the players have visited Barcelona and therefore have taken the opportunity to learn more about the secrets behind this city. Thus, they were able to see different places and were able to enjoy the excellent Mediterranean food.