Carlo Silvestre (California, 1996), participant of BIWPA‘s Full Program, begins this weekend the season at his new club: Unio Esportiva d’Horta. Silvestre, who arrived in Barcelona on September 1st, is the first participant in a 10-month program that combines intensive water polo training and studies.

Carlo  contacted BIWPA a few months ago to participate in the Full Program, as his greatest desire is to improve his athletic performance to qualify for an athletic scholarship at an American university. The player has come to Barcelona to get ready, and could not have chosen a better academy for this than BIWPA.

BIWPA has customized the Full Program according to the needs of the player. That is why, in addition to attending Spanish classes and have two weekly reinforcement sessions with a BIWPA tutor, Carlo trains in the morning in the Club Natació Barcelona to improve his individual technique and tactics, and in the evenings, he joins his new team, the UE Horta, to compete in the Spanish Water Polo league.

Silvestre has only been in the program for a month, and he could not be more pleased with the results. “The level of water polo here is very high,” he says, “but I’m improving fast, and before the end of the program I’m sure I’ll have reached the level to get the athletic scholarship to facilitate my admission to college.” Carlo is very grateful for the good reception given to his arrival, both BIWPA an his teammates. “Everyone here is very friendly and there is always someone willing to help me improve,” he adds.

In BIWPA we are delighted to have him with us, and we hope he continues enjoying his stay in Barcelona. Cristina Marin, General Manager of BIWPA, states that “the most important thing right now is to help Carlo achive his dream to enter a university with a good water polo program, in order to grow as a student and as a water polo player. He has the necessary skills to be a good player, and I think that with our methodology, the means at his disposal and his effort, Carlo will go far. “