One of the features of our camps is the large number of companies that care about the world of sport and that wish to contribute to each of our initiatives that involves young people desiring to improve.

In the camps that we have organized this Easter Vacation in Barcelona and Mallorca we have much to be grateful for to all the companies that have helped us by donating their products.

Brands linked to the sport

The relation between BIWPA and the Turbo brand is one of the most consolidated, since the beginning we have been provided with their support and collaboration in all our camps. For us it is very important that all of our participants have the chance to use some of the leading products in the world of swimming and water polo, like Turbo.

Further, Isostar, a company specializing in sports nutrition, has provided its products to our young water polo players in all the camps. From isotonic drinks to energy bars providing a faster recovery of the mind and body after their trainings.

Veri is another company that has given us their support. By providing us with their natural mineral water and offering the proper hydration of athletes, they are strengthening their tie between sport and health.

New collaborators in 2016

This year we also have 2 new collaborators: Danone and Nocilla. Both brining much happiness to our athletes at snack time. The kids enjoyed vanilla and chocolate flavors of Danet, Actimel, and Nocilla Sticks.

These are the small details that give our camps an extra edge and more importantly it is something that the participants are very grateful for. The young athletes who have repeated our camps have mentioned the importance of these brands and their products.

In this moment we want to mention all of the companies that have taken part: Turbo, Isostar, BiC, Quely, Veri, Danone, Nocilla and Laboratories Stada, to whom we are very grateful that they have put their trust in us.

For us, a company supports a sport like water polo is more of an incentive for us to keep on working towards the advancement of this sport and people who shape it.

Lastly, we want to thank our contributors once again for their help and we hope that we can continue to collaborate with you in the future. We believe that with your support there is more opportunity for success of our young water polo athletes.