We´ve talked with Marwan Riad, who was with us in our water polo camp. He is a nice guy and loves water polo.

Marwan Riad is an athlete who has participated in our 2015 Summer camp who is from Slovenia and lives in Cairo, Egypt. Marwan has improved tremendously since BIWPA as he says “My Playing style has developed magnificently since BIWPA. Water Polo has been my passion for the past 4 years… I fell in love with this game”. Marwan will be competing in the national tournament, which he says “We will hopefully win”. Marwan and his team competed in the international tournament in Cegled, Hungry, which they placed third in an intense semi-final, with the other team only winning by one goal”. He has mentioned that after BIWPA “I have developed better skills in the Centre forward position”. 

This is great to hear that Marwan has taken the skills we have taught him and is using them in order to be a better player. Marwan has high hopes and dreams as he would like “to make the Egyptian National Team and get a scholarship to a University in the UK or US to pursue my dreams”. It is amazing and admirable the dedication Marwan has for the sport, as he mentions “I train daily because if I don’t, I feel like my day has been wasted”. We hope to see Marwan back at BIWPA to further develop his talent within water polo and help him make his dreams come true.


About BIWPA:

Barcelona Waterpolo Life is a lifestyle, is the passion for water polo and the city of Barcelona, the home of some of the greatest water polo teams and, of course, a place where you can find the most prepared facilities for training this sport. Thanks to BIWPA tutorship, this will become the best water polo experience of your life.