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Trieste preolympic has finished and it’s time to collect some impressions about what has happened in this appointment that gave the pass to the Olympic games. The first good news are definitely that the Spanish national team will be at Rio 2016. With a good team gaming despite they started badly the event.

Other good news are the good sensations that Canada national team have left along all the preolyimpic and they showed clear signs of the good health of the waterpolo in north America. The tie with only a few seconds left that they got against Hungary will remain for the posterity of this sport.

But for BIWPA, if there is a national team that has been the surprise team –with permission of the rest-, that has been the Holland national team. Their game has been praised for most of the experts and the brash that they have showed when fronting the rivals without caring about their level, even if they were superior a priori.

Guided by the Olympic champion Robin Van Galen, that won the Olympic Games with the woman national team, the squad has taken an undeniable leap of quality. This is in part because of the large agreement that BIWPA has with the dutch federation. There are a few points to focus in, but we will analyze two of the most importants.

The first of them are the stages that the senior national team and the lower grades realize in Barcelona, looking for a place to compete and grow as a team having in front top rivals.

This plan was created in 2014 as a consequence of two matches that in may of the same year BIWPA organized for the Dutch team. The Catalan coaches were invited and the result was magnificent. Thanks to this four Dutch players were incorporated to the Spanish competitions, being Club Natació Barcelona and Club Natació Sabadell the host clubs.

The second point is maybe one of the most noteworthy that can explain the evolution and growth of the Dutch waterpolo directed by Van Galen. In this new season 2015/2016 there are up to seven players in the Spanish top division, a very interesting aspect that has allowed, as Van Galen has recognized, to adapt the players to an extraordinary competitive level that seems to be the mainstay of his team. “We see a streamlined development in technical, tactical, physical and mental aspects in our players in Barcelona that lets them reach a better level than they had playing in Holland” , recognized the “orange” coach few months ago.

For BIWPA this preolympic has been a satisfaction as a company. When we started with the collaboration with the dutch federation, we established a Olympic program thinking in Tokio 2020, without forgetting Rio was at the corner and was a good opportunity too. We won’t deny that the non-qualification of our dutch friends has been something sad, but observing the development and knowing that is a young team, we are sure that if we continue with the same dynamic and we keep cooperating, Tokio will see the renaissance of a competitive team that can become a referent for the waterpolo in the north of Europe.

The last time ‘Orange’ (Holland water polo men’s team) played at the Olympics was in Sydney 2000. To maximize our chances on qualification for Rio 2016 and – definitely – Tokyo 2020 we created an ambitious plan in 2014, with a key role for BIWPA and Barcelona water polo clubs.

Part of our plan is to have as much as possible ‘Orange’ men playing for Barcelona club teams in the top division of Spanish water polo. It gives them the opportunity to be part of a full time weekly program, managed by experienced club coaches, comprising some nine training sessions plus a match on top level. This is impossible in today’s Holland (club) water polo.

After we had our initial contact with BIWPA, they organized two test matches against Barcelona club teams in May 2014. All Barcelona club coaches were invited to see both test matches. It resulted in four of our ‘Orange’ players performing in the Spanish top division, season 2014/2015 (2 x CN Barcelona and 2 x CN Sabadell). This season 2015/2016, seven players are playing for Barcelona club teams (2 x Mataró, 2 x CN Sant Andreu, 2 x CN Rubí and 1 x CN Sabadell).

We see a faster technical, tactical, physical and mental development of our players in Barcelona compared to when they were active in Holland, thus increasing our chances on qualification for the Olympics. Rio 2016 might still come to soon, but we aim to be present again in Tokyo 2020.

We believe in our collaboration with Barcelona clubs and we are happy to have BIWPA as our agent from the start of our project. BIWPA keeps close contact with both Barcelona clubs & coaches and our ‘Orange’ players in Barcelona, so they can feel at home.

Besides being our agent, BIWPA organizes waterpolo bootcamps in Barcelona for us, both our National senior and youth teams. Our water polo bootcamp with some 80 ‘Orange’ youth players in February 2015, flawlessly organised by BIWPA, was the highlight of our collaboration so far.

Inspired by, and through positive experiences of our ‘Orange’ (youth) players active in Barcelona, more and more clubs and talent centers from all over Holland find their way to BIWPA to organize waterpolo bootcamps for them in Barcelona. Their reactions are without exception positive, on both content as well as BIWPA’s organizer role.

In a short period of time BIWPA established to become known throughout Holland water polo as a reliable and pleasant partner to work with. We look forward to have a long and strong relationship with BIWPA, and value your contribution in realizing our ‘Orange’ ambitions and dreams.

Management Water polo team Holland (men)
Robin van Galen, Hans Nieuwenburg and Ed van Es