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 Hi, my name is Paula Abellan and I am currently studying and playing waterpolo at CSUN (California State University of Northridge). This is my second year and the truth is that is been much easier to be here, away from my family, than last year. Last year was hard because all the changes that I had to make such as language, culture, food, and people. Everything got much better this second year, and the biggest change is where I am living this year. I am living in an apartment so that lets me eat healthier than last year.
About our practices, this year our practices are a little bit different from last year. Last year we spent the first 2 months of school JUST SWIMMING, and as a waterpolo player, we kind of hate that. This year has been more waterpolo skills and I am excited for that. Next week, we start practicing 20 hours per week, and the whole team is excited about it because that means that we are going to play more waterpolo, and that’s good, because we are not playing in any type of tournament or official game until January.
Last year I had my complications, and I thought about leaving and going back home with my family, but I didn’t. I realized that here my team is my second family, and that the education that I am getting here, I am not going to get it over there. I am so grateful that I decided to stay and I am so happy that two years ago, I decided to look for a scholarship in the United States. So my recommendation for everyone is, DO IT. If you have the opportunity to do it, to come here, to study here, DO IT. Because this experience is awesome.

By Xabi Gómez.

What were your beginnings in sport?

I started very late. It was swimming in Sabadell and went through premium when I started. I tried it and the next day I did not want to return. But three months I tried again and definitely stayed there.

And as you went there?

In fry and then they took me to school Santa Clara, which is a kind of CAR but the club Sabadell. There I collate studios to 4 of ESO and gave way to the CAR.

Have any studies and high performance sport is compatible?

I think both Santa Clara and in the CAR help you a lot with both and you lend a hand to move forward. I do not see life without education or water polo.

How the possibility of going to America from?

There were many people who were marching Paula Chillida, Alba Domínguez … and when I was little I had this dream of how to do that scholarships. I contacted with AGM Sports because I had a long time. Coach Cal State University of Northridge contacted me and in two or three months because we had all done.

What is a normal day of yours studies and trainings?

It is very different depending on the season. When I came was to train a normal day at 05:45 AM to 08:45 AM collect the pool to train for being freshman (Novato). Then I went to the room and gym 15:00 to 16:00. After studying or doing homework … Now for the season is more bearable but are difficult preseason.


What is Hell Week?

When you come from winter break (Christmas), since January is a free week before school started. The coach can say 20 hours of training. Was incredible. Trained them from 8:00 to 11:00 and 13:00 to 17:00 and weights were fatal.

How will the season?

Well. Started badly because the coach is new and the girls are getting used but every time we win more games.

Have you met with most Spanish girls?

Yes. With Clara Espar, Roser Tarragó, Claudia, Blanca and Alba. In Spain you do not talk much but here is different. It’s weird because we are rivals in Spain but we are here as friends.

Do you think being 4 years in USA?

I do not know. I have to take the chance truth. Clara gave me lots of advice, told me that the family would always be in Barcelona and here the second year things were better and be more comfortable.

Do you recommend this experience to other girls in Spain?

Yes. I recommend it even for one year. Lots of people are telling me it will air next year and I tell them to come. The opportunity and the experience is unique.

Still follow water polo here?

What I can because the schedule is complicated. I followed the Copa de la Reina. And I’m not much selection between duties and training because I have no time. I have to say that, in part, sees came here because once I left the CAR knew my aspirations are not passed by going to your selection.