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From BIWPA we can only show total satisfaction with the direction our summer campus is taking. We haven’t stopped growing and receiving praise from our participants, a success in which our partner brands have played an important and indispensable role, and we believe we should justifiably remark on.


There is nothing to comment on a brand that speaks for itself. Undoubtedly, it’s number 1 in the world in the field of water polo. With material like shirts, caps and top quality balls, they have equipped our campus with prestige, offering a total wellbeing to all our participants.


For another year its contribution has been essential in giving our players strength and proper hydration throughout the day. Above all, the energy bars! A classic to get energy back between sessions.


A loyal brand to BIWPA from our first campus, which always takes care of our water polo players’ hair after hours in the pool. The shampoo and conditioners worked great, our players love you!


One of the best agrifood brands known in the world that formed part of our campus again. In particular, Chocapics these weeks have triumphed. We ran out! A major boon for our boys and girls’ breakfast.



How these snacks will be missed before dinner… Great debut among our partner brands – Quely, with their bread sticks they have been the delight of all attendees.


Another addition this season, essential to refresh all participants during the tremendous heat wave that Barcelona had these days. The Catalan company is a classic nationally, and from BIWPA we are proud to have their cooperation.


The leading company in distribution of homeopathic pharmaceuticals joined our campus this year too. Fundamental to take care of the eyes of our swimmers after sessions, with eyedrops. They all have appreciated its presence.


One of the most representative companies in terms of stationery, like some brands above, debuted with us this summer. With their pens participants could update in their note pads and jot down everything necessary in language classes.


An important part of our campus is outdoors, so that in addition to being refreshing, it has been essential sun protection. Ladival helped us with their sunscreen, especially during training on the beach and at the outdoor pool.

Also noteworthy is the invaluable help of other collaborators throughout these weeks, of which it seems important to mention. We’re talking about the nutritionist Juana González (Alimmenta), our physiotherapist Cristian Fernández and those responsible at the CAR de Sant CugatClub Natació Barcelona and the BCN Sports Hostel.

To all of you, thanks for helping BIWPA to grow!

By Xabi Gómez.

The first campus of the year are already a reality and we would not want to miss this opportunity to thank the companies who have joined us in training we offer promising young waterpolo. Without them, none of this would be possible so I took the opportunity to also thank them for their effort and confidence in BIWPA.


It takes a lifetime dedicated to the sport. It is one of the best known brands in the world textile. Swimsuits, shirts, backpacks … everything. Pays attention to their products to offer athletes the best possible quality.


The athlete has the need to balance your body during and after completion of training, so Isostar is one of the leading companies in nutrition for athletes. Energy bars, protein … everything related to the physical preparation has Isostar.

Punt Fresc

Since 2001, when it resurfaces with this name, lead betting offer fresh, quality products to the public. The fruit is essential for athletes of all vitamins offered and therefore Punt Fresc was an essential BIWPA entity.



A company dedicated to the beauty that among its products can find shampoos and conditioners. An important hair care after every workout in the pool element.


It is a Spanish brand of milkshake and cocoa, which since 2011 belongs to the company Damm. It is considered the first industrial manufacturing shake the world.


Probably one of the best known brands in the world agrifood. The product range offered by Nestlé includes bottled mineral water and food to animals, to chocolate products, cereals and milk. It has more than 330,000 employees worldwide.


Barcos Azules

Company founded in 1975, Blue Boats has many years of experience in conducting maritime excursions north coast of Mallorca.
Thanks to this company attendees BIWPA campus in Sóller will enjoy a small boat trip to one of the most amazing places in the Balearic Islands, Sa Calobra.

Posture Mugiment

Nerea Gomez graduated in physiotherapy from the Ramon Llull University of Barcelona will be responsible for educating young people in the stretching and posturology. His company, located in the Basque town of Leioa begins to take shape thanks to their knowledge and craftsmanship.

Fruit Shoot

Property Britvic is already present in over 10 countries around the world where, they say, “is achieving great success creating and boosting the category of drinks for children.” And is that drinks like juice, are also important for the athlete for their vitamin content item.

Frit Ravich

This multinational, contributed to BIWPA nuts that are concentrated in calories compounds of unsaturated fats and vegetable protein foods. They also have a high content of vitamins, minerals (potassium, magnesium and phosphorus) and complex carbohydrates. Also, make carbohydrates reduce absorption. As have much energy, they are perfect for take before or after performing physical activity.