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By Xabi Gómez.

This weekend was  the XXIX edition of the Copa del Rey (King’s Cup) in the beautiful facilities of CN Barcelona. How could it be otherwise, BIWPA has been present in parties and among others in BIWPA, were able to watch the games the Dutch teams that have participated in training of modernization of BIWPA.

The draw for the Copa del Rey left the following matches for quarterfinals: Atlètic-Barceloneta Vs CE Mediterrani with a clear victory by Chus Martin; CN Sabadell Vs Terrassa which ended with the victory of the latter before a seasoned Sabadell always led by Chava Gómez, who testified that despite having more limited than their neighbors, always try to give the best resources.


CN Mataró Vs Poblenou left us several readings, one of which is undoubtedly the good work of Mataró coach, Bob Fernandez I take the premiere of his rivals for the first time ever in a quote from this level. But surely the party of choice for these quarterfinals was the great match we left Barcelona hosted the CN and the Real Canoe. A hotly contested clash that ended in penalties and served for Toni Esteller be classified for the next round to the delight of the home crowd, he had in his young goalkeeper Star game.

The semifinals also left large parties. On the one hand the anticipated final between Terrace and Barceloneta. A disputed crash that ended with the victory of the sailors by a tight 8-6. On the other hand, the other ‘semi’ between CN Mataro and Barcelona was also a nice game to be concluded, not without controversy that if, with a tight 9-7. For both teams, highlight the French Medhi Marzouki and Brazilian Oneto Gomes, author of three goals each.


The end was decanted advance. The Atlètic-Barceloneta was much higher than your opponent and win was 11-5. Thus, the sailor club wins his third consecutive Cup title and enlarges further his legend on the national scene.

Perhaps one of the best readings leaving us this Copa del Rey 2015 is the good reception of the public who has had, and is to do this type of event in Barcelona is synonymous with success. The organizers of the CNB made public at all times were hooked to the show.

The Atlètic Barceloneta yesterday was proclaimed Europe champion for the first time in its history by defeating, for a low (6-7), the Radnicki of Serbia in the Final Six. With the victory, the “sailors” become the third Spanish team to win the Champions League after the CN Barcelona (1982) and the CN Catalunya (1995).

The success of these athletes is another example of high-level water polo that Barcelona offers to all teams and players who choose Barcelona as the place to do their Training Camps. In fact, Barcelona and the surrounding area host the largest number of water polo teams in the Honor Division, both male and female teams .

The Final Six, a competition that will also host Barcelona in 2015, took place in the pools Bernat Picornell. These facilities were opened in 1969 to house the European Swimming Championships in 1970 and has since hosted Olympic Games, World and European Championships.

The high level of these facilities and the players who have won this competition is another example of the prestige of the Spanish water polo, which has established itself over the last 25 years. The successes of the Spanish men’s team since the Olympic Games of Barcelona ’92, and the explosion of women’s water polo with the silver medal at London 2012 and gold in Barcelona 2013, demonstrate the high level of water polo in our country.

We want to congratulate Atlètic Barceloneta for the great competition that have been made, to the Martin brothers, Chus and David for the excellent work they’ve done, the MVP Albert Español and, in particular, Felipe Perrone, our campus ambassador, who did a great championship. Congratulations guys! You are already champions of Europe!