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Winter Academy January 2018

The Winter Academy is launched as an opportunity for external water polo players to experience the BIWPA Academy day-to-day


The BIWPA water polo academy runs from September to June. That is, ten months during which the athletes participate in a program of high-level training, focused on the technical, tactical and physical aspects. But now, a new concept called Winter Academy has popped up.

But the Academy is not just an exclusive experience for internal students. BIWPA also offers the possibility of registering for intensive short programs at the Academy. Through this program, athletes can live the day-to-day of the Academy, with two sessions of daily training and complementary activities, combined with free hours such as tourism or language classes.

Winter Academy 2018, the first of many

The Waterpolo Askartza (Basque Country) technical director, Javi Cortés, and six players from the 16 and under team, have already enjoyed this experience. The seven members of Askartza took part in the Winter Academy 2018, a program that took place during the first week of the year 2018.

The experience consisted of four intense days of training, with more than 6 hours a day of practices at the facilities of the high performance center ‘CAR de Sant Cugat‘. Almost 30 players from both the BIWPA academy and several Catalan and Spanish clubs participated in the Winter Academy. Unlike the camps, the short program consists of high-level training and maximum demand, with the best coaches team led by Quim Colet and also formed by Ferran Pascual, Yuri Colet and Sergi Clols as the physical trainer.

In addition, the athletes also get the chance to correct their body positioning and egg beater with the Walitcam, a high-tech underwater camera that allows the coaches to see above and underneath the water surface.

Besides to the Winter Academy, BIWPA also offers this program during other times of the year, such as the Summer Academy during the month of June. In addition, throughout the ten months that the Academy runs, it is possible to enroll in short programs.

After being in one of our Water Polo Summer Camps, Lauren Dundee, born in 2000, has come to Barcelona to do a Short Water Polo Program with BIWPA. The Scottish player has had a personal water polo training program, with one-to-one trainings in the morning and team trainings in the evening with the Club Natació Catalunya. She also had the opportunity to train with a Dutch team (WOC Zuid), that was having a Team Training Camp with BIWPA the same week.

We had the chance to talk to Lauren last week, to know a little more about her water polo experience with BIWPA and Barcelona. And here’s what she said.

When did you start playing Water Polo?
I started playing waterpolo two years ago, when I lived in France, because It was compulsary for all the swimmers who were there, so I played two times a week. I choosed to continue because I like swimming anyway, the ball skills are quite easy to pick up, and it was good.

What values have you learned from water polo?
Most of all, team work and awareness, being aware whats going on around you and all the values of being on a team.

Why did you choose BIWPA’s Short Program?
Because I ‘m going to the Great Britain trials next year, and I would like to get in to Great Britain’s national squad. Biwpa’s training may help me (and anyone) to get into a national squad, and I would love to get in so I just want to try and become the best player that I can be. Also because I love water polo, and every opportunity that I can get to play it, is great, specially when you train in Barcelona.

Which are the main differences between the trainings in Barcelona and in Scotland?
There is a lot of differences, some of them I can’t say (laughs). Over here they focus, when I was at Biwpa  last summer we had a day for each aspect to the game, so we’ve got more attention to detais whereas in Scotland there is kind of everything together.

In the Short Program you’ve been working with Enric Arnella, but last summer you were able to meet more BIWPA coaches. What do you think about them?
I though they were great, they were really good and they really care about this sport. All of them really want to do well,  so they tried to do everything in their power to make you the best you could be.


What do you think of the Spanish players? 
I think the Spanish players are amazing really, really good. They have a goal and they work really hard, they keep going until they achieve it.

You had also the opportunity to play with some Dutch players, are they different?
They are good but I think they are a bit more tense in the water than the Spanish players. Anyway, it was a great experience to be able to train with them.

How was your Barcelona experience?
It’s awesome, I love that, It is so much fun! It was great to play with all the different teams, because I really only played with Scottish people before so It was great to find people from Brasil, Barcelona and the United States of America, making friends… It was really great and I really enjoyed it.

Did you learned something?
I learned a lot really, even things you always need to know. This is kind of an obvious one, but before I came I didn’t really focus as much as I did in the game. I need to know exactly where the ball is, and exactly where my players are, I need to also know where my team is around me, and all of the people that I could be potentially passing to. I ‘ve learned also how much the left hand is used, though I wasn’t using that hand all the time.

Does that mean that your water polo level has improved while being at BIWPA?
Yes, definitely, before I came to Biwpa my head position was all wrong, and my passing wasn’t great. I think everything wasn’t finished off, my shooting was a mess… But then I went to BIWPA, and I got my shoot fix by one-on-one. One of the coaches we got said ‘Come along, go passing with four or five girls’. Passing with people that have a better level than me was great, I was just a little behind, but I just got to their level slowly, and that made me try harder and keep on training, so definitely I’ve improved.

I hope that means you’ll come back to BIWPA anytime soon…
Yes, I would definetely repeat. It was great fun being able to play with people better than me, and I’m definitely a better player. I was playing with people that were also teaching me too as well as the coaches. And I’ve just loved training here, it’s been a wonderful experience.

Thank you Lauren!
Thank you!