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At the end of October, BIWPA made an undeniable leap of quality. The participation of a crew of BIWPA in the International Tournament, organized by the historic Greek NO Vougliameni in their own home, has been & is a milestone.

The fact that fourteen young Catalans, from different clubsfour of them from our own Academy-, had the opportunity to travel & compete with renowned sports organizations in Europe, is something extraordinary & unique until now. Not only because of the experience they have had, but because it makes us grow beyond sports.

The idea of creating a water polo project rose up after London 2012. A project where the young from all over the world could come to Barcelona to progress & improve their water polo, had a giant step at the end of the indicated date. Now, BIWPA is not just a company that is dedicated through the campus & the Academy to accompany the promises with their performance in this sport. We have demonstrated that we have the ability to reinvent ourselves and to go to a tournament with the mentioned characteristics as an own entity. Over there, where the clubs haven’t been able to reach due to different circumstances, we have tried to cover the void.

In this way, we also try to give back, within our possibilities, the work that clubs do in the training & formation of the players, the effort & talent of the players with a certain future and, above all, to return to this sport and to the people who have helped us in this process, all kindness and care we have received over these years from those who have formed part of this project directly and indirectly.

The preparation for the tournament

 As the result of which, the trip was a complete sporting & institutional success. The congratulatory messages received by the organizers and other participating teams was all a praise & compliment. In addition to the good play demonstrated & the exemplary behavior of our players, we were also recognized for having the ability of joining different players of great quality from different clubs to BIWPA: CN Catalunya, CN Molins de Rei, Cn Sant Feliu, CN Montjüic, CN Rubí, CN Poble Nou & CN Olot. Here we express our gratitude to them for their facilities.

The challenge was enormous from the very first moment.  Under the direction of our Technical Director, Quim Colet, we wanted to make this quality leap in the best possible way. Result of his previous period of life, as the Technical Director of the Catalan Swimming Federation & of a whole life dedicated to this sport, Quim Colet knew perfectly, for one reason or another, which players could fit within a strong & competitive team and could take advantage of this opportunity. Added to his water polo knowledge at an international level, he was the most indicated person to lead this team and obtain the best possible result.

First and foremost, competitives

The chosen players were: ten players added to the four that belong to our Academy. Captained by Víctor Andrade from CN Molins de Rei & directed by Quim Colet, the tournament was complicated since the very first match against the historic Greek Olympiakos. A benchmark in the Hellenic country and in Europe. A result of 14-9 led the rest of rivals to believe that BIWPA presented a competitive team. The mini-league of classification followed the same pattern as the rest of competitions. Victorias against el Faliro (8-6), Vougliameni B (1-19) y Hellas SK (1-16). But the Cross brackets were a different story.

The semifinal against the strong Savona, one of the most ´piu forte´ teams of Italia, directed by an entire institution in the Pallanuoto, like is Claudio Mistrangelo, got us out of the final. With a result of 7-9, the BIWPA team were combative until the end, facing one of the strongest of the tournament, and finally, won the competition.

The fight for the third place was also complicated, facing the Olympiakos. Despite falling by a single goal (9-8), the fact of having placed against the difficult situation, facing one of the European clubs whose reserve of young players is recognized for its prestige, was already, by itself, meritorious.

Víctor Fernández (14), Alex Royo (13), Jordi Gascón (11) and Albert Ponferrada (10), were the team´s top scorers. The two goalkeepers, Eric Domíngues & Ahmad Perez had minutes in equal parts and stood out of the safety they gave the team in every moment.

To conclude, thank the Organization of the tournament and specially, to the coach of N.O. Vouliagmeni, Spiros Boulougouras.

Last weekend, the First Edition of the Barcelona International Turbo Cup -Youth U18 category-, organized by BIWPA, was successfully carried out in the Montjuïc Olympic pool.

Ferencvárosi TC was the winner of the tournament after beating the CN Granollers 7-6. CN Rubí and CN Barcelona took the third and fourth places respectively. The individual awards went to Pitu Puig, of the CN Granollers, as the best player of the tournament and to Miklos Jokai, of the Ferencvárosi, as the best goalkeeper.

The tournament counted on the participation of a total of 16 teams. Many of them,  arriving from the different European countries, such as: the Exeter WPC (Great Britain), the NC Monza (Italy), the Szeged VE (Hungary), the SSV Esslingen (Germany) or the Portuguese team under-18, plus 5 more catalan teams which participated too: CN Barcelona, CN Catalunya, CN Rubí, CN Sant Feliu y CN Granollers.

Nonstop waterpolo 

During three days, the Montjuïc Olympic Pool turned into an authentic waterpolo party where players, coaches and fans enjoyed the morning and afternoon matches, and where a good music- which was borne by Red Bull and made it all even more pleasant-was not missing between the matches.

All of that in an unbeatable scene, offering spectacular views of the city of Barcelona, which captivated all foreign teams who also enjoyed the good weather.

A big success

The organizers are very pleased with the great reception of the First Edition of this tournament and they are planning for the next editions.

Quim Colet, the BIWPA Sports Director, assures that “it’s a luxury being able to carry out a tournament of this kind in Barcelona and specially, in a symbolic and emblematic facility of the city. All teams have expressed their desire to participate in future editions, enjoying the waterpolo of this marvelous city”.

On his behalf, Joel Esteller, the tournament coordinator, acknowledges that “we are very satisfied with the results. Coaches, players and families have encouraged us to repeat the event next year. We accept the challenge and we get to work for the next edition”.