By Xabi Gómez.

The XXII Central American and Caribbean Games that have recently taken place in Veracruz (Mexico), was a special edition for BIWPA have since been several ‘ambassadors’ we’ve had participated in the competition. Among them are the players Francisco Vargas (Puerto Rico), Nelson Bejarano (Colombia) and Alejandra Flores (Mexico).

It has been one of the most contentious years in recent times and have had several selections aspiring to choose the most precious metal. In men, the competition has been mainly characterized among countries for introducing a young squad but whose main burden lay on the seniority of repescados by the selectors as has been the case in Mexico, Cuba, Colombia … In the women’s competition the greater involvement of selections has been one of the greatest satisfactions for water polo. In 2010 there were three and this year, has had five countries. Among them, the Puerto Ricans who were from the beginning, the team to beat.

Through the following lines we will be shelling how was your path in Veracruz and our athletes how they have lived their victories and defeats.


Alejandra Flores (Mexico, 1991)

This young player of Ruby, who recently landed in the Spanish league, we recognize that much has been learned and that his arrival in Catalonia, helped him to acquire a unique experience. “You want it all live the same“, she said. Before leaving for Veracruz, she and her team were glad “to celebrate these Central American Games at home with our people” and that certainly was the ideal opportunity to “prove that the Mexican waterpolo going forward.”

The premiere ended with a loss to the then champions of last year, the girls in Puerto Rico. “It had its complications, were very even at first, but then in the third quarter, there were moments of concentration”. Circumstance that was used by Puerto Rico that ended up taking the match.

Subsequent victories against Venezuela, Cuba and Guatemala, biding did their best to host, but the crossover semifinals against Venezuela local team lost by a goal and dream of gold foiled to Mexico and our water polo Alejandra Flores. Nevertheless, our ambassador recognizes that improvement in the game of Mexico has been evident and teams who have won four years ago did not win.


Francisco Vargas (1992, Puerto Rico)

The selection tica was presented at the Aquatic Center Leyes de Reforma with a team with previous experience in the Central. Furthermore, the contribution of several coaches training matters reputation as Joan Jané, Aparicio or self Iván Pérez have been of great help to equalize over other countries.

The parties disputed Puerto Rico resulted in defeats. “We struggled to react, you could tell that we lacked physical work,” said Puerto Rican player. And it is so, in the partial can be seen as less were more and have been continuously focused from the beginning happened bill.

Nevertheless, Vargas feels the game selection policy has improved in recent years and he, personally, especially appreciates his game since playing in Spain. In that sense, Vargas says that BIWPA if we could “do a good job in Latin America to give growth and a higher level.”


Nelson Bejarano (1984, Colombia)

Colombia was one of the favorites to take gold. The coffee press was the days before the competition the high expectations that opened the squad Vladimir Lopez. The team, with lots of Antioquia essentially Bejarano had as one of its determinants for their experience players who contributed four years ago was key to win the gold.

However, as recognized Bejarano, “in this tournament selection was renewed with the participation of 6 players under 20 years. A new process is being created for new generations for the upcoming international events “.

Throughout the Games selection competed as equals to all opponents. They lost against those who would runners by a single goal, beat Puerto Rico and tied against Cuba. The bronze was close but an arbitration decision shattered metal and Colombia finished fourth.

Nevertheless, as mentioned Colombian player, “qualification for the Toronto 2015 Pan and my individual performance was achieved was very good providing goals, giving assistance and expertise to younger”. Also during the competition, prior stay in Barcelona with CE Mediterrani caused him“a plus to face the competition.”