Winter Academy January 2018

The Winter Academy is launched as an opportunity for external water polo players to experience the BIWPA Academy day-to-day


The BIWPA water polo academy runs from September to June. That is, ten months during which the athletes participate in a program of high-level training, focused on the technical, tactical and physical aspects. But now, a new concept called Winter Academy has popped up.

But the Academy is not just an exclusive experience for internal students. BIWPA also offers the possibility of registering for intensive short programs at the Academy. Through this program, athletes can live the day-to-day of the Academy, with two sessions of daily training and complementary activities, combined with free hours such as tourism or language classes.

Winter Academy 2018, the first of many

The Waterpolo Askartza (Basque Country) technical director, Javi Cortés, and six players from the 16 and under team, have already enjoyed this experience. The seven members of Askartza took part in the Winter Academy 2018, a program that took place during the first week of the year 2018.

The experience consisted of four intense days of training, with more than 6 hours a day of practices at the facilities of the high performance center ‘CAR de Sant Cugat‘. Almost 30 players from both the BIWPA academy and several Catalan and Spanish clubs participated in the Winter Academy. Unlike the camps, the short program consists of high-level training and maximum demand, with the best coaches team led by Quim Colet and also formed by Ferran Pascual, Yuri Colet and Sergi Clols as the physical trainer.

In addition, the athletes also get the chance to correct their body positioning and egg beater with the Walitcam, a high-tech underwater camera that allows the coaches to see above and underneath the water surface.

Besides to the Winter Academy, BIWPA also offers this program during other times of the year, such as the Summer Academy during the month of June. In addition, throughout the ten months that the Academy runs, it is possible to enroll in short programs.