Powerade, Coca Cola and Estrella Damm, among others, are some of the collaborators


Less than one month before the first edition of the Beach Polo Costa Brava kicks off in Palamós, there is already a large presence of brands and institutions that will collaborate during the three days of competition.

The local government of Palamós, as part of the promotion of sporting events, has become a great ally for Barcelona International Water Polo Academy (BIWPA) in the organization and preparation of the tournament. With the focus on the revitalization of Palamós with aquatic sports, the local government has showed a great interest in the Beach Polo, making all the communications fluid and effective between both parts.

As for the beverages, The Coca Cola Company will collaborate with several of its brands, being Powerade the main product, since it is a sporting event. Apart from the Powerade hydration drink, the brand will also be present with several marquees and other merchandising materials such as banners, bar tops or refrigerators. In addition, there will also be other products of the company such as Coca Cola or Fanta.

The other biggest partner in the Beach Polo is the Catalan company Damm, which will contribute with two types of products. On the one hand, its flagship drink, Estrella Damm beer. On the other hand, water, which will be provided through its brand Veri. The company based in Barcelona will also collaborate with some merchandising and furniture for the competition area and the bar.

Another remarkable Catalan brand, Freixenet, will play an important role in the Beach Polo with two different kinds of products. Cava Mini Black for the bar and Cava Freixenet Ice for the awards ceremony on Sunday 3.

Quely, regular on the BIWPA camps, will also be present in the Beach Polo with breadsticks. Another company that will take care of the snacks is the famous Frit Ravich, which will collaborate with chips. In addition, La Fleca de l’Empordà, one of the best bakeries in Costa Brava, will provide different kinds of products for breakfast. Athletes, staff and volunteers will get croissants, brioches and ‘ensaimadas’, among others, early in the morning.

Since the tournament will be played in the sea, there’s a high chance that the athletes have problems with the salty water on their eyes. Thus, Boiron will supply Euphralia eye drops, just like it did during the BIWPA camps.

The world leading brand for water polo, Turbo, will have a stand with BIWPA apparel such as swimwear, the official T-shirt of the event and other items that will be available for purchase.