After the success of the two weeks of our water polo Easter Camp, BIWPA has prepared a great experience for those who want to improve their level of water polo this summer. In order to do this, we have available two very special Summer Camps!

Both camps maintain Biwpa’s philosophy, sports empowerment through individual athlete development.

This sports program is directed by Biwpa’s coaches, who apply the methodology, the technification, the intensity and rigor that characterizes all of our programs. It is also a perfect opportunity to improve your language skills, as this camp offers the possibility of taking English or Spanish classes for players who wish so.

On one hand, you have the opportunity to sign up at the Water Polo Summer Camp to be held in Club Natació Barcelona (CNB). This campus, which will take place from June 30th to July 13th, is perfect for all those athletes (boys and girls) born between 1998 and 2003 who love the beach. CNB facilities allow this campus to do certain leisure activities related to the beach. Those attending the campus will not only improve their water polo level but they will also enjoy beach sports during their stay on campus. You can find more information here.

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From July 14th to August 10th , we have a Water Polo Summer Camp to be held in the CAR of Sant Cugat. This campus is designed for boys and girls born between 1997 and 2002. In it, the athletes will not only improve their game, but will have the opportunity to live the experience of elite athletes, enjoying facilities of sporting excellence and an unique sporting environment. If you want to know more about this campus, you will find more information here.

The summer camps, available for attendees  in half and full board, are made with the help of Kap7-Turbo and Isostar. It is a unique opportunity to take advantage of the summer, as they enhance sport and  linguistic and cultural immersion, creating friendships and relationships without borders in a playfu , fun and very friendly atmosphere.

If you want to sign up at our Water Polo Summer Camps, you can do so here. And if you have any question, please mail to