As you know, BIWPA‘s philosophy is based on excellence and technical development of the athlete. In the same way, our programs focus on the psychological and emotional preparation of the players, a factor with great impact on individual and collective sports achievements. And if anyone is an expert in this area, that’s Xesco Espar .

Xesco will do a lecture to all the players registered in the BIWPA Easter Camp in 2014, entitled ‘How to stay motivated all year’, and it would include, among others, the following issues:

  • What are the main points of personal performance ?
  • What routines can make us perform at our best all year round ?
  • How can we increase our psychological talent?
  • What is and what is the purpose of invisible training?

Espar claimed during an interview in a Spanish newspaper that you have to ignore our feelings, even when we talk about sport: “You can only grow if you are thinking of your goals with your heart and not your head, because it limits you” .

For those of you who are not enrolled in the Easter Camp 2014, but want to attend the lecture, feel free to write to and we will give you more information on how to get a valid acreditation to attend the presentation .

About Xesco Espar

Francesc «Xesco» Espar (Barcelona , 1963) began as a player in the youth teams of FC Barcelona. He spent two seasons on the senior handball team which won a Cup Winners Cup and a King’s Cup in the 1984-1985 season.

Later, he coached the youth team of FC Barcelona (1985-1991), the junior team (1991-1997), and was the senior team fitness coach and assistant coach to Valerio Rivera ( 1997-2004). He became the coach of the senior team of 2004-2007, winning his first season the handball European Cup.

Currently, Espar has begun a new career as a sports coach off the field. He has created the Coaching Academy , where courses on planning, exercise and motivation to sports teams are offered, and in 2010 he published the book ‘Play with your heart’ .

Xesco is also the father of two great water polo players: Anni and Clara Espar. In addition to Anni as an ambassador for our Easter Camp 2014, we are pleased to announce that Xesco Espar will also be on campus.